Volume 4

December 2014, Volume 4, Number 6

Effects of Missing Observations on Predictive Capability of Central Composite Designs
Yisa Yakubu1, Angela Unna Chukwu2, Bamiduro Timothy Adebayo2, Amahia Godwin Nwanzo2, 1Federal University of
Technology and 2Nigeria, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Data Analysis By Using Machine Learning Algorithm On Controller for Estimating Emotions
Tanu Sharma and Bhanu Kapoor, Chitkara University, India

An Efficient Recovery Mechanism With Checkpointing Approach for Cluster Federation
Manoj Kumar, Bhagwant University, India

Motion Detection Applied To Microtectonics Modelling
M.A.J.Guerra and Vania V.Estrela, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis Using Image Processing Techniques A Survey
A.Valli, G. Wiselin Jiji, Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering, India

Classification of Retinal Vessels, Into Arteries And Veins - A Survey
S.Maheswari and S.V.Anandhi, Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering, India

Quantifying the Impact of Flood Attack on Transport Layer Protocol
Tyagi.S, Manav Rachna International University, India

An Insight View of Digital Forensics
Neha Kishore, Chetna Gupta and Dhvani Dawar, Chitkara University, India

October 2014, Volume 4, Number 5

Distributed Mixed reality for diving and underwater tasks using Remotely Operated Vehicles
Mehdi Chouiten, Christophe Domingues, Jean-Yves Didier, Samir Otmane and Malik Mallem, IBISC Laboratory
University of Evry, France

Recognition of Optical Images Based on the Feature Spectrum Entropy
Matthew, University of Liverpool, UK

An Approach to Decrease Dimensions of Drift Hetero-Bopolar Transistors
E.L.Pankratov1,3 and E.A.Bulaeva1,2, 1Nizhny Novgorod State University,Russia, 2Nizhny Novgorod State University of
Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia and 3Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia,

Assessment Of Wind Resource And Production In Oran, Algeria
Z. Bouzid, N. Ghellai and M.Belarbi, University of Abou Bekr Belkaid-Tlemcen, Algeria

Computational Science Guided SoftComputing Based Cryptographic TechniqueUsing Ant Colony Intelligence For WirelessCommunication (Acict)
Arindam Sarkar And J. K. Mandal, University of Kalyani, India

Integrating Fuzzy and Ant Colony System ForFuzzy Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Sandhya and V.Katiyar, Maharishi Markandeswar University, India

An Experimental Evaluation of Performance of a Hadoop Cluster on Replica Management
Muralikrishnan Ramane, Sharmilakrishnamoorthy and Sasikala Gowtham, University College of Engineering
- Villupuram, India

A Countermeasure For Flooding Attack In Mobile Wimax Networks
Deva Priya and Pradeep Kumar, Sri Krishna College of Technology, India

August 2014, Volume 4, Number 4

Thematic and Self-Learning Method for Persian, English and Penglish Spams Identification
Seyyed Yasser Hashemi and Khalil Monfaredi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Scene Classification Using Pyramid Histogram of Multi-Scale Block Local Binary Pattern
Dipankar Das, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

State of the Art Realistic Cryptographic Approaches for RC4 Symmetric Stream Cipher
Disha Handa and Bhanu Kapoor, Chitkara University, India

Performance Analysis of Logic Coverage Criteria Using Mumcut and Minimal Mumcut
Usha Badhera and Annu Maheshwari, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

Polarity Detection of Movie Reviews in Hindi Language
Richa Sharma, Shweta Nigam and Rekha Jain, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

Mining Sequential Patterns for Interval Based Events by Applying Multiple Constraints
M.Kalaivany and V.Uma, Pondicherry University, India

June 2014, Volume 4, Number 3

Labview With DWT for Denoising The Blurred Biometric Images
Fadhil A. Ali, Oklahoma State University, USA

Quality Estimation of Machine Translation Outputs Through Stemming
Pooja Gupta, Nisheeth Joshi and Iti Mathur, Banasthali University, India

Using Inhomogeneity of Heterostructure and Optimization of Annealing to Decrease Dimensions Multyemitter

E.L. Pankratov and E.A. Bulaeva , Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

Robust Face Recognition by Applying Partitioning Around Medoids Over Eigen Faces and Fisher Faces
Aruna Bhat, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Nocs Performance Improvement Using Parallel Transmission Through Wireless Links
Shokoofeh Bakhtiari and Midia Reshadi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Modeling Cassava Yield: A Response Surface Approach
A.O.Bello, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Anaphora Resolution in Hindi Language Using Gazetteer Method
Smita Singh, Priya Lakhmani, Pratistha Mathur and Sudha Morwal, Banasthali University, India

An AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)/FCE (Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation)-Based Multi-Criteria Decision
Approach for Looking for the Best All Time College Coaches

Jin-qiu Lv, Xiao-ming You, Wenjie Shen and Sheng Liu, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, India

3D Single Gaas Co-Axial Nanowire Solar Cell for Nanopillar-Array Photovoltaic Device
Khomdram Jolson Singh1, Chelsea Leiphrakpam1, Nongthombam Palbir Singh1, N.Basanta Singh1 and Subir Kumar
Sarkar2, 1Manipur Institute of Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

Artificial Neural Network Approach for More Accurate Solar Cell Electrical Circuit Model
Khomdram Jolson Singh1, K L Rita Kho1, Sapam Jitu Singh1, Yengkhom Chandrika Devi1, N.Basanta Singh1
and S.K.Sarkar2, 1Manipur Institute of Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

Effect of Mesh Grid Structure In Reducing "Hot Carrier Effect" of Nmos Device Simulation
Khomdram Jolson Singh1, Terirama Thingujam1, Laishram Bidyapati Devi1, N.Basanta Singh1 and Subir Kumar Sarkar2, 1Manipur Institute of Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

April 2014, Volume 4, Number 2

Feed Forward Neural Network for Sine Function With Symmetric Table Addition Method Using Labview and Matlab

Fadhil A. Ali, Oklahoma State University, USA

Efficient Lung Air Volume Estimation Using Human Respiratory Image Sequences
P.Deepak and T.Kumesh, PSN Engineering College, India

Decreasing of Quantity of Radiation Defects in Implanted-Junction Heterorectifiers by Using Overlayers
E.L. Pankratov and E.A. Bulaeva, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

A Scenario Based Approach for Dealing With Challenges In A Pervasive Computing Environment
Divyajyothi M G1, Rachappa1 and D H Rao2, 1Jain University,India and 2Jain College of Engineering, India

Evaluation the Efficiency of Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm
Elham Shadkam and Mehdi Bijari, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Background Subtraction Algorithms
Deepjoy Das and Sarat Saharia, Tezpur University, India

Segmentation, Tracking and Feature Extraction for Indian Sign Language Recognition
Divya S, Kiruthika, S Nivin Anton A L and Padmavathi S, Amrita University, India

Accelerating the ANT Colony Optimization By Smart ANTs, Using Genetic Operator
Hassan Ismkhan, University of Bonab, Iran

Web Log Data Analysis by Enhanced Fuzzy C Means Clustering
V.Chitraa1 and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani2, 1CMS College of Science and Commerce, India and 2Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, India

February 2014, Volume 4, Number 1

Expert System Design for Elastic Scattering Neutrons Optical Model using BPNN
Fadhil A. Ali, Oklahoma State University, USA

Hybrid HMM/DTW based Speech Recognition with Kernel Adaptive Filtering Method
Siva Prasad Nandyala1 and T.Kishore Kumar2, 1Research Scholar, India and 2NIT Warangal, India

Persian/Arabic Document Segmentation Based on Hybrid Approach
Seyyed Yasser Hashemi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Automatic Speech Emotion and Speaker Recognition Based on Hybrid GMM and FFBNN
J. Sirisha Devi1, Y. Srinivas2 and Siva Prasad Nandyala3, 1Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology,
India, 2Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management University, India AND 3NIT Warangal, India

Modeling of Manufacturing of a Field-Effect Transistor to Determine Conditions to Decrease Length of Channel
E.L. Pankratov and E.A. Bulaeva, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia

Some Alternative Ways to Find M-Ambiguous Binary Words Corresponding to a Parikh Matrix
Amrita Bhattacharjee and Bipul Syam Purkayastha, Assam University, India

Special Issue on "Security in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SCNDS)":

Augmented Split �protocol; An Ultimate DDoS Defender
Bharat Rawal1, Harold Ramcharan1 and Anthony Tsetse2, 1Shaw University, USA and 2University of New York, USA

Security & Privacy issues of Cloud & Grid Computing Networks
Kamal Kant Hiran1, Ruchi Doshi2, Rakesh Rathi3, 1Sikkim Manipal University, India, 2BlueCrest College, West Africa
and 3Govt. Engineering College, India

Intelligent interaction for smart work
Anil K Dubey, Khushbu Gulabani, Rohit Saxena, Ashish Guwalani and Rakesh Rathi, Govt. Engineering College, India

Basic survey on Malware Analysis, Tools and Techniques
Dolly Uppal1, Vishakha Mehra1 and Vinod Verma2, 1Rajasthan Technical University, India and 2Govt. Engineering
College, India

Vulnerability Scanners: A Proactive Approach to Assess Web Application Security
Sheetal Bairwa, Bhawna Mewara and Jyoti Gajrani, Government Engineering College, India

A Survey on Cloud Security Issues and Techniques
Garima Gupta, P.R.Laxmi and Shubhanjali Sharma, 1Government Engineering College, India

Vulnerabilities and Attacks Targeting Social Networks and Industrial Control Systems
Dharmendra Singh1, Rakhi Sinha1, Pawan Songara2 and Rakesh Rathi1, 1Govt. Engineering College,India and 2Aricent
Group of Industries, India

Model Based Testing of Website
Sumit Machra1 and Narendra Khatri2, 1Jodhpur National University, India and 2C.I.T., India

Energy Efficient MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
Shweta Agarwal, Varsha Jain and Kuldeep Goswami, Government Women Engineering College, India

Emerged Computer Interaction with Humanity: Social Computing
Anil K Dubey1, Dilip Sisodia1, Dinesh Khunteta1, Amara Ram Saini1 and Vikas Chaturvedi2, 1Govt. Engineering College,
India and 2Laxmi Institute of Technology Sarigam, India

Extended Online Graph Edge Coloring
Lata Naharwal and Dalpat Songara, Govt. Mahila Engineering College, India

Security Issues in Grid Computing
Neha Mishra, Ritu Yadav and Saurabh Maheshwari, Govt. Women Engineering College, India

Computation Grid As A Connected World
Ayushi Mathur, Megha Jain and Saurabh Maheshwari, Govt. Women Engineering College, India

Experimental Analysis of Channel Interference in Ad Hoc Network
Anup Bhola, Uma Sharma and CK Jha, Banastahli Univeristy, India