Volume 4

November 2014, Volume 4, Number 6

Novel Analysis of Transition Probabilities in Randomized K-Sat Algorithm   
Abolfazl Javan1, Mohsen Jamalabdollahi2 and Ali Moeini1, 1University of Tehran, Iran and 2Michigan Technological University,

Analyzing Consistency Models for Semiactive Data Replication Protocol in Distributed Systems   
Alireza Souri1 and Saeid Pashazadeh2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2University of Tabriz, Iran
Erratum:Due to a serious case of plagiarism this paper has been retracted.

Enhancing Network Security and Performance Using Optimized ACLS   
Kuldeep Tomar and S.S Tyagi, MRIU, India

A Framework to Performance Analysis of Software Architectural Styles   
Vahid Rafe and Mohsen Rahmani, Arak University, Iran

DNA Data Compression Algorithms Based on Redundancy   
Subhankar Roy1 and Sunirmal Khatua2, 1Academy of Technology, India and 2University of Calcutta, India

Web Image Annotation by Diffusion Maps Manifold Learning Algorithm   
Neda Pourali, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Analysis of Quality of Service in Cloud Storage Systems   
Hamed Alizadeh1 and Jaber Karimpour2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2University of Tabriz, Iran

Migration Strategies for Object Oriented System to Component Based System   
Chahat Monga, Aman Jatain and Deepti Gaur, ITM University, India

September 2014, Volume 4, Number 5

Providing a Model for Selecting Information Security Control Objectives Using Fuzzy Screening Technique with a
Case Study
Somayyeh Mokhtari Salar, Nasser Modiri and Mehdi Afzali, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Α-Nearness Ant Colony System With Adaptive Strategies for the Traveling Salesman Problem   
Jin-qiu Lv, Xiao-ming You and Sheng Liu, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

A Hybrid Approach of Stretching and Filtering for Enhancing Underwater Gray Scale Image   
Rekha Rani1, Ashish Verma2, Shiv Kumar Verma1 and Upma Bansal1, 1Chandigarh University, India and 2Sri Sukhmani
Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

A Scalable, Lexicon Based Technique for Sentiment Analysis   
Chetan Kaushik and Atul Mishra, YMCA University of Science & Technology, India

A Hybrid Fuzzy-Ann Approach for Software Effort Estimation   
Sheenu Rizvi1, S.Q. Abbas2 and Rizwan Beg3, 1Amity University,India, 2Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology,
India and 3Integral University, India

Verification of the Protection Services in Antivirus Systems by Using Nusmv Model Checker   
Monire Norouzi1 and Saeed Parsa2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

Web Personalization Using Clustering of Web Usage Data   
Bhawesh Kumar Thakur1, Syed Qamar Abbas1 and Mohd.Rizwan Beg2, 1Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India and
2Integral University, India

Soft Computing Based Cryptographic Technique Using Kohonen's Selforganizing Map Synchronization for Wireless Communication (KSOMSCT)   
Arindam Sarkar and J.K.Mandal, University of Kalyani, India

July 2014, Volume 4, Number 4

Particle Swarm Optimized Power Consumption of Trilateration   
Hussein S.Al-Olimat1, Robert C. Green II2, Mansoor Alam1, Vijay Devabhaktuni1 and Wei Cheng3, 1University of Toledo, USA,
2Bowling Green State University, USA and 3Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Robust 3D Face Recognition in Presence of Pose and Partial Occlusions or Missing Parts   
Parama Bagchi1, Debotosh Bhattacharjee2 and Mita Nasipuri2, 1RCC Institute of Information Technology, India and
2Jadavpur University, India

Real-Time Human-Computer Interaction Based on Face and Hand Gesture Recognition   
Reza Azad1, Babak Azad2, Nabil Belhaj Khalifa3 and Shahram Jamali2, 1Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Iran,
2University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran and 3Blaise Pascal University, France

Secure Multipath Routing Scheme Using Key Pre-Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks   
Kamal Kumar1, A.K. Verma2and R. B. Patel3, 1M.M. Engineering College, India, 2Thapar University, India and 3G.B.Pant
of Engineering, India

Real-Time Eventual Consistency   
Jan Lindström1 and Mawahib Musa Elbushra21, 1SkySQL – The MariaDB Compary, Finland and 2Sudan University of Science & Technology, Sudan

Defragmentation of Indian Legal Cases With Specific Reference to Consumer Protection Act Using Knowledge
Based System
Goldi Soni1, Jyoti Singh2 and Richa3, 1C.V. Raman University, India, 2Directorate of Technical Education, India and
3National Institute of Technology - Raipur, India

Study of Computer Network Issues and Improvising Drop Rate of TCP Packets Using NS2  
Shweta Gambhir1 and Kuldeep Tomar2, 1NGF Engineering College & Technology, India and 2Manav Rachna International
University, India

Pronominal Anaphora Resolution in Punjabi Language  
Priya Lakhmani, Smita Pratistha Mathur and Sudha Morwal, Banasthali University, India

May 2014, Volume 4, Number 3

A Framework for the Evaluation of Saas Impact   
Virginia Maria Araujo, José Ayude Vázquez and Manuel Perez Cota, University of Vigo, Spain

From Requirements to Ready to Run Software: A Brief Thought on How to Mechanize The Software Development
Alexandre R.S. Correia1 and Juliano M. Iyoda2 and Carla T.L.L. Silva2, 1The Federal Institute of Technology at Sertao
Pernambucano, Brazil and 2The Federal University at Pernambuco State, Brazil

Analysis of Software Cost Estimation Using Fuzzy Logic  
Isa Maleki, Laya Ebrahimi, Saman Jodati and Iraj Ramesh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Tracking Number Plate From Vehicle Using Matlab  
Manisha Rathore and Saroj Kumari, Banasthali University, India

Methodological Societies  
Ammar LAHLOUHI, University of Batna, Algeria

Mapping Using Multithreading In Graph Search  
Pooja Devi, Shalini Gupta and Sunita Choudhary, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

A New Approach for Formal Behavioral Modeling of Protection Services in Antivirus Systems  
Monire Norouzi1, Saeed Parsa2 and Ali Mahjur3, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran, 2Iran University of Science and Technology
(IUST), Iran and 3Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Iran

Mining of Product Reviews at Aspect Level  
Richa Sharma, Shweta Nigam and Rekha Jain, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

Green Computing in Developed and Developing Countries  
S.Taruna, Pratibha Singh and Soshya Joshi, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

March 2014, Volume 4, Number 2

Modelling of Walking Humanoid Robot With Capability of Floor Detection and Dynamic Balancing Using Colored
Petri Net
Saeid Pashazadeh and Saeed Saeedvand, University of Tabriz, Iran

Comparative Performance Analysis of Two Anaphora Resolution Systems  
Smita Singh, Priya Lakhmani, Pratistha Mathur and Sudha Morwal, Banasthali University, India

Enhancement of Genetic Image Watermarking Robust Against Cropping Attack  
Seyed Sahand Mohammadi Ziabari, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Iran

Multiprocessor Scheduling of Dependent Tasks to Minimize Makespan and Reliability Cost using NSGA-II  
M.Rathna Devi and A.Anju, KCG College of Technology, India

Opinion Mining In Hindi Language: A Survey  
Richa Sharma,Shweta Nigam and Rekha Jain, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

January 2014, Volume 4, Number 1

Generating Data Warehouse Schema   
Reyan Abdalaziz Ahmedl and Tarig Mohamed Ahmed, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan

Automated Fabric Defect Inspection: A Survey of Classifiers   
Md. Tarek Habib1, Rahat Hossain Faisal2, M. Rokonuzzaman3 and Farruk Ahmed3, 1Prime University, Bangladesh,
2Barisal University, Bangladesh and 3Independent University, Bangladesh

Intelligent Image Watermarking Using New Anti Arnold Transform   
Seyed Sahand Mohammadi Ziabari, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Iran