International Journal of Fuzzy Logic Systems (IJFLS)

Volume 5

October 2015, Volume 5, Number 4

A Fuzzy Logic Based Scheme for the Parameterization of the Inter-Tropical Discontinuity for Use in Numerical Weather
Prediction Models Over Nigeria   
Okpara Okechukwu Dominic, National Weather Forecasting and Climate Research Centre (NWFCRC), Nigeria
Comparison of Different Approximations of Fuzzy Numbers   
D. Stephen Dinagar and K.Jivagan, T.B.M.L. College, India
Approximate Controllability Results for Impulsive Linear Fuzzy Stochastic Differential Equations Under Nonlocal Conditions   
S.Narayanamoorthy and S.Sowmiya, Bharathiar University, India
Design Of Observer Based Quasi Decentralized Fuzzy Load Frequency Controller for Inter Connected Power System   
G. Anand1, R Vjaya Santhi2 and K. Rama Sudha2, 1Dr L B College of Engineering(W), India and 2A U College of Engineering (W),
Adaptive Fuzzy Kernel Clustering Algorithm   
Weijun Xu, Northeast Petroleum University at Qinhuangdao, China

July 2015, Volume 5, Number 2/3

α - Anti Fuzzy New Ideal of Pualgebra   
Samy M.Mostafa, Mokhtar A.Abdel Naby, Alaa Eldin I.Elkabany, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Cubic Structures of Medial Ideal on BCI -Algebras   
Samy M.Mostafa and Reham Ghanem, Ain Shams University, Egypt

January 2015, Volume 5, Number 1

Doubt Intuitionistic Fuzzy Deals In BCK/BCI-Algebras   
Tripti Bej and Madhumangal Pal, Vidyasagar University, India
On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Hexagonal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers   
A.Thamaraiselvi and R.Santhi, NGM College, India