Current Issue

May 2019, Volume 8, Number 2

Support Vector Machine-Based Fire Outbreak Detection System
Uduak Umoh, Edward Udo and Nyoho Emmanuel, University of Uyo, Nigeria

February 2019, Volume 8, Number 1

Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis of Amazon.Com Reviews and Ratings
Nishit Shrestha and Fatma Nasoz, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

Innovative Bi Approaches and Methodologies Implementing A Multilevel Analytics Platform Based on Data Mining and
Analytical Models: A Case of Study in Roadside Assistance Services

Alessandro Massaro, Angelo Leogrande, Palo Lisco, Angelo Galiano and Nicola Savino, Dyrecta Lab, IT Research
Laboratory, Italy.

Gradient Omissive Descentis A Minimization Algorithm
Gustavo A. Lado and Enrique C. Segura, Universidad de Buenos Aires