Volume 4

November 2015, Volume 4, Number 3/4

Document Selection Using Mapreduce
Yenumula B Reddy and Desmond Hill, Grambling State University, USA

A New Framework for Securing Personal Data Using the Multi-Cloud
Hassan Saad Alqahtani1, Paul Sant1 and Ghita Kouadri-Mostefaoui2, 1University Campus Milton Keynes, UK and
2University College London, UK

"Context, Content, Process" Approach to Align Information Security Investments with Overall Organizational Strategy
Pankaj Pandey, Gjøvik University College, Norway

A Novel DNA Encryption System Using Cellular Automata
G.Shanmugasundaram1, P.Thiyagarajan2 and S.Pavithra1, 1Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, India and 2Mahindra
Ecole Centrale, College of Engineering, India

May 2015, Volume 4, Number 2

Measuring Privacy in Online Social Networks
Swathi Ananthula, Omar Abuzaghleh, Navya Bharathi Alla, Swetha Prabha Chaganti, Pragna chowdary kaja and Deepthi
Mogilineedi, University of Bridgeport, USA

February 2015, Volume 4, Number 1

Automated Verification of Role-Based Access Control Policies Constraints Using Prover9
Khair Eddin Sabri, The University of Jordan, Jordan

A Novel Hash Based Least Significant Bit (2-3-3) Image Steganography In Spatial Domain
G.R.Manjula and Ajit Danti, JNN College of Engg, India

SQLAS: Tool To Detect And Prevent Attacks In Php Web Applications
Vandana Dwivedi, Himanshu Yadav and Anurag Jain, RITS, Bhopal, India

Intrusion Detection System - A Study
S.Vijayarani1 and Ms. Maria Sylviaa.S, Bharathiar University, India

Environment Based Secure Transfer of Data In Wireless Sensor Networks
B. Vidhya, Mary Joseph, D. Rajini Girinath and A. Malathi, Anand Institute of Higher Technology, India