Volume 10

December 2019, Volume 10, Number 6

Efficient Method to find Nearest Neighbours in Flocking Behaviours
Omar Adwan, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Deep Learning Based Target Tracking and Classification Directly in Compressive Measurement for Low Quality Videos
Chiman Kwan1, Bryan Chou1, Jonathan Yang2 and Trac Tran3, 1Applied Research LLC, USA, 2Google, Inc., USA and
3Johns Hopkins University, USA

Textons of Irregular Shape to Identify Patterns in the Human Parasite Eggs
Roxana Flores-Quispe and Yuber Velazco-Paredes, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa, Perú

October 2019, Volume 10, Number 5

Free- Reference Image Quality Assessment Framework Using Metrics Fusion and Dimensionality Reduction
Besma Sadou1, Atidel Lahoulou2, Toufik Bouden1, Anderson R. Avila3, Tiago H. Falk3 and Zahid Akhtar4, 1Non Destructive Testing Laboratory, University of Jijel, Algeria, 2LAOTI laboratory, University of Jijel, Algeria, 3University of Québec, Canada and 4University of Memphis, USA

Test-cost-sensitive Convolutional Neural Networks with Expert Branches
Mahdi Naghibi1, Reza Anvari1, Ali Forghani1 and Behrouz Minaei2, 1Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Iran and 2Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

Robust Image Watermarking Method using Wavelet Transform
Omar Adwan, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Improvements of the Analysis of Human Activity Using Acceleration Record of Electrocardiographs
Itaru Kaneko1, Yutaka Yoshida2 and Emi Yuda3, 1&2Nagoya City University, Japan and 3Tohoku University, Japan

August 2019, Volume 10, Number 4

The Study on Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics of Jonswap Spectrum Sea Surface
Xiaolin Mi, Xiaobing Wang, Xinyi He and Fei Dai, Science and Technology on Electromagnetic Scattering Laboratory, China

Ransac Based Motion Compensated Restoration for Colonoscopy Images
Nidhal Azawi and John Gauch, University of Arkansas, USA

June 2019, Volume 10, Number 3

Machine-Learning Estimation of Body Posture and Physical Activity by Wearable Acceleration and Heartbeat Sensors
Yutaka Yoshida2, Emi Yuda3, 1, Kento Yamamoto4, Yutaka Miura5 and Junichiro Hayano1, 1Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Science, Japan, 2Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design and Architecture, Japan, 3Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering, Japan, 4University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Japan and 5Shigakkan University, Japan

Method for the Detection of Mixed QPSK Signals Based on the Calculation of Fourth-Order Cumulants
Vasyl Semenov, Pavel Omelchenko and Oleh Kruhlyk, Delta SPE LLC, Ukraine

Rain Streaks Elimination Using Image Processing Algorithms
Dinesh Kadam1, Amol R. Madane2, Krishnan Kutty2 and S. V. Bonde1, 1SGGSIET, India and 2Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., India

A Novel Data Dictionary Learning for Leaf Recognition
Shaimaa Ibrahem1, Yasser M. Abd El-Latif2 and Naglaa M. Reda2, 1Higher Institute for Computer Sciences and Information System, Egypt and 2Ain Shams University, Egypt

Application of A Computer Vision Method for Soiling Recognition in Photovoltaic Modules for Autonomous Cleaning Robots
Tatiani Pivem1, Felipe de Oliveira de Araujo2, Laura de Oliveira de Araujo2, Gustavo Spontoni de Oliveira2, 1Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul - UFMS, Brazil and 2Nexsolar Energy Solutions, Brazil

April 2019, Volume 10, Number 2

Perceptually Lossless Compression with Error Concealment for Periscope and Sonar Videos
Chiman Kwan1, Jude Larkin1, Bence Budavari1, Eric Shang1, and Trac D. Tran2, 1Applied Research LLC, USA and
2The Johns Hopkins University, USA

February 2019, Volume 10, Number 1

Compression Algorithm Selection for Multispectral Mastcam Images
Chiman Kwan, Jude Larkin, Bence Budavari, and Bryan Chou, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Characterizing Human Behaviours Using Statistical Motion Descriptor
Eissa Jaber Alreshidi1 and Mohammad Bilal2, 1University of Hail, Saudi Arabia and 2Comsats University, Pakistan

Facial Expression Detection for video sequences using local feature extraction algorithms
Kennedy Chengeta and Serestina Viriri, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa