Current Issue

April 2019, Volume 10, Number 2

Perceptually Lossless Compression with Error Concealment for Periscope and Sonar Videos
Chiman Kwan1, Jude Larkin1, Bence Budavari1, Eric Shang1, and Trac D. Tran2, 1Applied Research LLC, USA and
2The Johns Hopkins University, USA

February 2019, Volume 10, Number 1

Compression Algorithm Selection for Multispectral Mastcam Images
Chiman Kwan, Jude Larkin, Bence Budavari, and Bryan Chou, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Characterizing Human Behaviours Using Statistical Motion Descriptor
Eissa Jaber Alreshidi1 and Mohammad Bilal2, 1University of Hail, Saudi Arabia and 2Comsats University, Pakistan

Facial Expression Detection for video sequences using local feature extraction algorithms
Kennedy Chengeta and Serestina Viriri, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa