Volume 7

December 2016, Volume 7, Number 6

A Fluxgate Sensor Application : Coin Identification
Hakan Citak, Mustafa Coramik and Yavuz Ege, Balikesir University, Turkey

A Novel Probabilistic Based Image Segmentation Model for Realtime Human Activity Detection
D.Ratna kishore1, M. Chandra Mohan2 and Akepogu. Ananda Rao1, 1JNTUA, India and 2JNTUH, India

Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Fourier Descriptor for Indian Sign Language
Archana Ghotkar, PujashreeVidap and Santosh Ghotkar, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

A Minimum Reconfiguration Probability Routing Algorithm for RWA in all Optical Networks
Mohan Kumar S1 and Jagadeesha S N2, 1Jawaharalal Nehru National College of Engineering, India and 2PES Institute of Technology and Management, India

October 2016, Volume 7, Number 5

Formant Analysis of Bangla Vowel for Automatic Speech Recognition
Tonmoy Ghosh, Subir Saha and A. H. M. Iftekharul Ferdous, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Determination of Buried Magnetic Materials Geometric Dimensions
Yavuz Ege1, Adnan Kakilli2, Hakan «ıtak1 and Mustafa «oramık1, 1Balıkesir University, Turkey and 2Marmara
University, Turkey

August 2016, Volume 7, Number 4

Objective Quality Assessment of Image Enhancement Methods in Digital Mammography - A Comparative Study
Sheba K.U1 and Gladston Raj S2, 1BPC College, India and 2Government College - Nedumangad, India

June 2016, Volume 7, Number 3

A Binary to Residue Conversion Using New Proposed Non-Coprime Moduli Set
Mansour Bader1, Andraws Swidan1, Mazin Al-hadidi2 and Baha Rababah3, 1Jordan University, Jordan,
2Al-Balqa'a Applied University, Jordan and 3University of Portsmouth, UK

Multiple Objects Tracking in Surveillance Video Using Color and Hu Moments
Chandrajit M1, Girisha R2 and Vasudev T1,
1Maharaja Institute of Technology, India and 2PES College of Engineering, India

Identification of Suited Quality Metrics for Natural and Medical Images
Kirti V. Thakur, Omkar H. Damodare and Ashok M. Sapkal, Collage of Engineering - Pune, India

Compression Based Face Recognition Using DWT and SVM
Sujatha B M1, Chetan Tippanna Madiwalar2, Suresh Babu K2, Raja K B2 and Venugopal K R2, 1Acharya Institute
of Technology, India and 2University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

April 2016, Volume 7, Number 2

Efficient Reversible Data Hiding Algorithms Based on Dual Prediction
Enas N. Jaara and Iyad F. Jafar, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Routing in All-Optical Networks Using Recursive State Space Technique
Mohan Kumar S and Jagadeesha S N, Jawaharalal Nehru National College of Engineering, India

An Innovative Moving Object Detection and Tracking System by Using Modified Region Growing Algorithm
G. Sharmila Sujatha and V. Valli Kumari, Andhra University, India

Optimized Biometric System Based on Combination of Face Images and Log Transformation
Sateesh Kumar H C1, Raja K B2 and Venugopal KR2,
1Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, India and 2University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

Development and Hardware Implementation of an Efficient Algorithm for Cloud Detection From Satellite Images
Pooja Shah, Dharmsinh Desai University (DDIT), India

February 2016, Volume 7, Number 1

RGBEXCEL : An RGB Image Data Extractor and Exporter for Excel Processing
Peter A. Larbi1,2, 1Arkansas State University, USA and 2University of Arkansas, USA

Brain Portion Extraction Using Hybrid Contour Technique Using Sets for T1 Weighted MRI of Human Head Scans
K. Somasundaram and P. A. Kalaividya, Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed University, India

A Hybrid Approach Based Segmentation Technique for Brain Tumor in MRI Images
D. Anithadevi and K. Perumal, Madurai Kamaraj University, India

NIRS-Based Cortical Activation Analysis by Temporal Cross Correlation
Raul Fernandez-Rojas1, Xu Huang1, and Jehu Lopez-Aparicio2, 1University of Canberra, Australia and 2National
Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Inhibition and Set-Shifting Tasks in Central Executive Function of Working Memory : An Event-Related Potential
(ERP) Study

Pankaj, Jamuna Rajeswaran and Divya Sadana, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India