Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 12, Number 22, December 2022

Signal Processing and Vision
International Conference on Signal Processing and Vision (SIGV 2022)
December 17 ~ 18, 2022, Dubai, UAE
Volume Editors : David C. Wyld, Dhinaharan Nagamalai (Eds)
ISBN : 978-1-925953-82-4

Alpha Stable Random Fields and Additive Error  
Rachid Sabre, University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, France

Comparison of Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning for
Plant Classification in Smart Agriculture Applications
Esmael Hamuda1, Ashkan Parsi2, Martin Glavin2 and Edward Jones2,
1Elmergib University, Libya, 2University of Galway, Ireland

Visually Similar Products Retrieval for Shopsy 
Prajit Nadkarni and Narendra Varma Dasararaju, Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd, India

A Memory Based Approach for Digital Implementation of Tanh using LUT and RALUT 
Samira Sorayassa and Majid Ahmadi, University of Windsor, Canada

Predictions in Pre-Hospital Emergency Transport in France: A State of the Art 
Christophe Guyeux

A Cyber Threat Intelligence Management Platform for Industrial Environments 
Alexandros Papanikolaou1, Aggelos Alevizopoulos1, Christos Ilioudis2,
Konstantinos Demertzis2, Konstantinos Rantos2, 1Innovative Secure
Technologies P.C., Greece, 2International Hellenic University, Greece

Streamline Border Control with Blockchain Towards Self-Sovereign Identity 
Pekka Koskela, Anni Karinsalo, Jori Paananen and Laura Salmela,
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland

A Deep Learning Framework for Predicting Signals in OFDM-NOMA with various Algorithms 
Bibekananda Panda and Poonam Singh, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India

Object-Oriented Design of Learning Apps 
Shahajd and K. Mustafa, Jamia Millia Islamia University, India

Word Embedding Interpretation using Co-Clustering 
Zainab Albujasim1, Diana Inkpen2 and Yuhong Guo2, 1Carleton University, Canada,
2University of Ottawa, Canada

Reduce++: Unsupervised Content-Based Approach for Duplicate Result Detection
in Search Engines
Zahraa Chreim1, Hussein Hazimeh1, 2, Hassan Harb1, Fouad Hannoun2, Karl Daher2,
Elena Mugellini2 and Omar Abou Khaled2, 1Lebanese University, Lebanon,
2University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Switzerland

Efficient Stochastic Computing-based Circuits for Servomotor Controllers 
Nasrin Imanpour1 and Sayed Ahmad Salehi2, 1University of South Carolina, USA,
2University of Kentucky, USA

Historical Dynamic Modeling (Simulation Experience) 
Olegs Carkovs, dr. oec, Baltic Information Security Centre, Latvia

A Distributed Arithmetic Based Approach for the Realization of the Signed-Regressor
LMS Adaptive Filter
Matcha Surya Prakash1 and Rafi Ahamed Shaik2, 1NITC, Kozhikode, Kerala, India,
2IIT Guwahati, India

Hardware Acceleration of Lane Detection Algorithm: A GPU Versus FPGA Comparison 
Mohamed Alshemi1, Sherif Saif2 and Mohamed Taher3, 1Ain Shams University,
Egypt, 2Electronics Research Institute, Egypt