Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 3, Number 2, 2013

National Conference on Advancement of Computing in Engineering Research (ACER 13) Krishnagar, West Bengal, India, 2013
Volume Editors: Rupak Bhattacharyya, Arup Kr. Bhaumik
ISBN : 978-1-921987-11-3

Preface      Table of Contents

An Advanced Approach for Rule Based English to Bengali Machine Translation 
Chandranath Adak, University of Kalyani, India

Segmentation of Characters Without Modifiers from a Printed Bangla Text 
Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India

Fuzzy-Controlled Power-Aware Proactive-Acknowledgement Based Broadcasting (Fp2b) for Mobile Ad Hoc
Anuradha Banerjee, Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, India

Possibilistic Sharpe Ratio Based Novice Portfolio Selection Models 
Rupak Bhattacharyya, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India

Mixed 0−1 Goal Programming Approach to Interval-Valued Bilevel Programming Problems Via Bio-Inspired
Computational Algorithm
Debjani Chakraborti1 and Papun Biswas2, 1Narula Institute of Technology,India and 2JIS College of
Engineering, India

On Soft Computing Techniques in Various Areas 
Santosh Kumar Das1, Abhishek Kumar2, Bappaditya Das1 and A.P.Burnwal3, 1B. C. Roy Engineering College,
India, 2Vinoba Bhave University, India and 3Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society's Technical Campus,India

Online Bangla Handwritten Compound Word Recognition Based on Segmentation 
Sumanta Daw, Hooghly Engineering & Technology College, India

Health Care Data Warehouse System Architecture for Influenza (Flu) Diseases 
Rajib Dutta, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India

Mathematical Modelling of Epidemiology in Presence of Vaccination and Delay 
Uttam Ghosh1, Sourav Chowdhury2 and Dilip Kumar Khan3, 1Nabadwip Vidyasagar College, India,
2Global Institute of Management and Technology, India and 3University of Kalyani, India

Comparative Study of Distance Metrics for Finding Skin Color Similarity of Two Color Facial Images 
Abul Hasnat1, Santanu Halder1, D. Bhattacharjee2, M. Nasipuri2 and D. K. Basu2 1Government College of
Engineering and Textile Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University,India

Domain Keyword Extraction Technique: A New Weighting Method Based on Frequency Analysis  
Rakhi Chakraborty, Global Institute Of Management and Technology, India

Entropy-Cost Ratio Maximization Model for Efficient Stock Portfolio Selection Using Interval Analysis 
Mainak Dey1 and Rupak Bhattacharyya2, 1Camellia Institute of Engineering, India and 2Global Institute of
Management & Technology, India

Satisfiability Methods for Colouring Graphs 
Munmun Dey1 and Amitava Bagchi2, 1Sanaka Educational Trust's Group of Institutions, India and 2Heritage
Institute of Technology, India

A Numerical Method Based Encryption Algorithm With Steganography 
Amartya Ghosh and Anirban Saha, Regent Education & Research Foundation, India

Data Compression Using Neural Networks in Bio-Medical Signal Processing 
Mandavi, Prasannjit, Nilotpal Mrinal, Kalyan Chatterjee and S. Dasgupta, Bengal College of Engineering
& Technology, India

Heated Wind Particle's Behavioural Study by the Continuous Wavelet Transform as Well as the Fractal Analysis 
Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay1, Sanmoy Mandal1, P. K. Panigrahi1 and Asish Mitra2, 1Physical Sciences
Department at IISER, India and 2College of Engineering & Management, India

Design of Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network (Wsn) Using Pascal Graph 
Deepali Panwar and Subhrendu Guha Neogi, Sir Padampat Singhania University, India

A Proposed Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Adult Asthma Disease Diagnosis 
Somdatta Patra and Gour Sundar Mitra Thakur, Lovely Professional University, India

Uml Based Modeling of Ecdsa for Secured and Smart E-Governance System 
Abhishek Roy and Sunil Karforma, The University of Burdwan, India

A Brief Review Along With a New Proposed Approach of Data De Duplication  
Suprativ Saha1 and Avik Samanta2, 1Global Institute of Management and Technology, India and 2JIS College of
Engineering, India

Dynamic Congestion Control in Wdm Optical Network 
Sangita Samajpati1, Abhisek Daw2 and Swapan Kumar Mondal3, 1Regent Education & Research Foundation,
India, 2Tata Consultancy Services and 3Kalyani Govt.Engg.College, India

A New Technique Involving Data Mining in Protein Sequence Classification 
Avik Samanta1 and Suprativ Saha2, 1JIS College of Engineering, India and 2Global Institute of Management
and Technology, India

A Case Study on Developing an Effective Information Based Healthcare Services - India's Scenario 
A. Pathanjali Sastri1, A. Sanatsujatha Misra2, G. Ramakoteswara Rao1 and B. D. C. N. Prasad3, 1V. R. Siddhartha
Engineering College, India, 2TATA Consultancy Services, India, and 3Potluri V Prasad Siddhartha Institute of
Technology, India

Design of Intelligent Control System Using Acoustic Parameters for Grinding Mill Operation  
Sonali Sen1 and Arup Kr. Bhaumik2, 1St. Xaviers, College (Autonomous), India and 2GIMT, India

An Alternative Approach for Selection of Pseudo Random Numbers for Online Examination System 
Shilpi Kumari Shaw, Aakash Sharma, Shoubhik Chowdhury, Aritra Biswas and Arnab Mitra, Adamas Institute
of Technology, India

Sales Based Data Extraction for Business Intelligence 
Sukanta Singh, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India

Towards Reduction Of Data Flow in A Distributed Network Using Principal Component Analysis 
Devadatta Sinha1 and Anal Acharya2, 1Calcutta University,India and 2St. Xavier's College,India

Trust Assessment Through FTA Approach in Ad-Hoc Network 
Ananya Banerjee, Sutanu Ghosh and Anirban Neogi, Dr.Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College, India

Ultra High Speed Factorial Design in Sub-Nanometer Technology 
Arindam Banerjee, Rajan Ghosh, Mainuck Das, Aniruddha Ghosh, Subham Ghosh and Samayita Sarkar,
JIS College of Engineering, India

Comparative Study On Bending Loss Between Different S-Shaped Waveguide Bends Using Matrix Method 
Koushik Bhattacharya and Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, GIMT, India

Surveying Best Suitable Scheduling Algorithm for Wimax- Wi-Fi Integrated Heterogeneous Network 
Poulomi Das, Siladitya Sen, Arindam Banerjee, Heritage Institute of Technology, India

Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch With And Without Considering Transmission Loss  
Pratyush Das1, Raju Patwary2 and S.C. Konar3, 1Global Institute of Management and Technology, Krishnagar,
India, 2Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology, India and 3Bengal Engineering and Science University, India

Design of A Two-Bit Positive Clock-Edge Triggered Counter Utilizing Threshold Logic Unit Based on Perceptron
Learning Algorithm
Ratnadip Dey1, Debdut Biswas1 and Pijush Dutta2, 1Institute of Engineering & Management, India and
2National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, India

Single Layer Monopole Hexagonal Microstrip Patch Antenna For Satellite Television  
Supriya Jana1, Bipadtaran Sinhamahapatra1, Sudeshna Dey1, Arnab Das1, Bipa Datta1, Moumita Mukherjee2
and Samiran Chatterjee3, 1West Bengal University of Technology, India, 2University of Calcutta, India and
3University of Kalyani, India

Study Of Transient Stability By Transient Energy Function  
1C. M. Khan, 2C .K. Chanda and 3S. C. Konar, 1Global Institute of Management and Technology, India and
2,3Bengal Engineering and Science University, India

Efficient And Cost Effective Model For An Eco-Friendly Solar Colony  
Abhijit Kundu1, Soumyajit Nath2, Saheli Nag2, Saikat Bhattacharyya2, Bap Sadhukhan2 and M. Ray Kanjilal2
, 1Abacus Institute of Engineering and Management,India, 2Narula Institute of Technology, India

A 2d Modelling Of Thermal Heat Sink For Impatt At High Power Mmw Frequency  
Sohom Kumar Mitra1 and Moumita Mukherjee2, 1Sabita Devi Education Trust- Brainware group of Institutions,
India and 2University of Calcutta, India

Better Scalable Routing Protocol For Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network  
Debraj Modak1 and Dipankar Saha2, 1Abacus Institute of Engineering and Management, India and 2Global
Institute of Management and Technology, India

Novel Band-Reject Filter Design Using Multilayer Bragg Mirror At 1550 Nm  
Krishanu Nandy, Suhrid Biswas, Rahul Bhattacharyya, Soumendra Nath Saha and Arpan Deyasi,
RCC Institute of Information Technology, India

Harmonics And Interharmonics Estimation Of A Passive Magnetic Fault Current Limiter Using Morlet Wavelet
Raju Patwary1 and Pratyush Das2, 1Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology, India and 2Global Institute
of Management and Technology

Tomography Of Human Body Using Exact Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm  
Sayantika Saha, Gargi Pal, Subarna Pyne and Sudip Mandal, Global Institute of Management & Technology,
Krishnagar, India

Promotion and Suppression of Thermal Aggregation of β-Lactoglobulin by Arginine: A Concentration
Dependent Mechanism
Jishnu Chakraborty1 and Umesh Chandra Halder2, 1Camellia Institute of Engineering and Technology,
India and 2Jadavpur University, India

Kinetic Study of Chromium (III) - PVP Complex by using Radio-Tracer Technique  
Ayan Das, Aniruddha Roy and Nirmal Paul, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India

Studied on a Multicladded Erbium Doped Dispersion Compensating Fiber Amplifier  
Mithun De, Indranil Mondal and Amit Kumar Das, Global Institute of Management and Technology, India

Danger of Hexavalent Chromium and Strategy for the Remeditation  
Aniruddha Roy, Ayan Das and Nirmal Paul, Global Institute of Management & Technology, India