Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 3, Number 5, 2013

Third International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications ( ICCSEA 2013), May 24~26, 2013, Delhi, India.
Volume Editors: David C. Wyld, Dhinaharan Nagamalai, Natarajan Meghanathan
ISBN : 978-1-921987-13-7

Security Policy Enforcement in Cloud Infrastructure 
Arijit Ukil1, Ajanta De Sarkar2 and Debasish Jana2, 1Tata Consultancy Services, India and 2Birla Institute of
Technology, India

A New Paradigm in Fast BCD Division Using Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics Sutras 
Diganta Sengupta1, Mahamuda Sultana2, Atal Chaudhuri3, 1Future Institute of Engineering and Management,
India, 2Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science and Technology, India and 3JadavpurUniversity, India

Security Analysis of Generalized Confidential Modulation 
Hidema Tanaka, National Defense Academy, Japan

Experimental Study of Minutiae Based Algorithm for Fingerprint Matching 
Cleopas Officer Angaye1, Oluwole Charles Akinyokun2 and Gabriel Babatunde Iwasokun2, 1National Information
Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Nigeria and 2Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Automatic Short Mail Construction to Enhance Email Storage 
Nijin.V, Kaushik.Ra, Swathika.R and Mohanavalli.S, SSN College of Engineering, India

OpenCL programming using Python syntax 
Massimo Di Pierro, DePaul University, USA

Formalization & Data Abstraction During Use Case Modeling in Object Oriented Analysis & Design 
Meena Sharma1 and Rajeev G Vishwakarma2, 1Devi Ahilya University, India and 2Rajiv Gandhi Technical
University, India

Review of Access Control Models for Cloud Computing 
Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA

Automatic Identification of Silence, Unvoiced and Voiced Chunks in Speech 
Poonam Sharma and Abha Kiran Rajpoot, Sharda University, India

Performance Analysis of Transmission of 5 Users Based on Model B Using GF (5) with Varying Bit Rates for
3D OCDMA System
Shilpa Jindal and N Gupta, PEC University of Technology, India

A Survey on Dynamic Energy Management at Virtualization Level in Cloud Data Centers 
T.Veni and S. Mary Saira Bhanu, National Institute of Technology - Tiruchirappalli, India

Detection of Hard Exudates Using Simulated Annealing Based Thresholding Mechanism in Digital Retinal
Fundus Image
Diptoneel Kayal and Sreeparna Banerjee, West Bengal University of Technology, India

Extended Hybrid Region Growing Segmentation of Point Clouds with Different Resolution from Dense Aerial
Image Matching
Mohammad Omidalizarandi1 and Mohammad Saadatseresht2, 1University of Stuttgart, Germany and
2University of Tehran, Iran

Computing Semantic Similarity Measure Between Words Using Web Search Engine 
Pushpa C N, Girish S, Nitin S K, Thriveni J, Venugopal K R and L M Patnaik, University Visvesvaraya College
of Engineering, India

PSO Based Optimized Security Scheme for Image Authentication and Tamper Proofing 
K. Kuppusamy and K. Thamodaran, Alagappa University, India

Contourlet-Based Fingerprint Antispoofing 
Shankar Bhausaheb Nikam1 and Suneeta Agarwal2, 1Government Polytechnic - Pune, India and 2Motilal Nehru
National Institute of Technology, India

Visible Watermarking within the Region of Non-Interest of Medical Images Based on Fuzzy C-Means and
Harris Corner Detection
Debalina Biswas1, Poulami Das1, Prosenjit Maji1, Nilanjan Dey1 and Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri2, 1JIS College of
Engineering, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

Internal Security on an IDS Based on Agents 
Rafael Paez, Mery Yolima Uribe and Miguel Torres, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

USB Based Secure E-Mail 
Rakesh Shukla, Garima Kuchhal, R.Phani Bhushan, S. Venkataraman and Geeta Varadan, ADRIN, India

HAQR: The Hierarchical ANT Based QOS Aware On-Demand Routing for MANETS 
Debajit Sensarma and Koushik Majumder, West Bengal University of Technology, India

A Novel Cache Resolution Technique for Cooperative Caching in Wireless Mobile Networks 
Preetha Theresa Joy and K. Poulose Jacob, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

Modified Golden Codes for Improved Error Rates Through Low Complex Sphere Decoder 
K.Thilagam and K.Jayanthi, Pondicherry Engineering College, India

Optimal Path Identification Using ANT Colony Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network 
Aniket. A. Gurav and Manisha. J. Nene, Defence Institute of Advance Technology, India

A Novel Cluster Based Wormhole Avoidance Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Networks 
Subhashis Banerjee and Koushik Majumder, West Bengal University of Technology, India

A Survey on Trust Based Secure Routing in Manet 
Mousumi Sardar and Koushik Majumder, West Bengal University of Technology, India

A Research Survey: RFID Security & Privacy Issue 
Monika Sharma and P. C. Agrawal, Mewar University, India

Improving Image Resolution Through the CRA Algorithm Involved Recycling Process to Image Reconstruction  
S. N. Tazi, Deepika Verma, Vinesh Jain, A. K. Dubey and Rakesh Rathi, Govt. Engineering College Ajmer, India

Automatic Dominant Region Segmentation for Natural Images 
A. Kalaivani1, S. P. Surender Nath2 and S. Chitrakala2, 1Easwari Engineering College, India and
2Anna University, India

A Comprehensive Study on Classification of Passive Intrusion and Extrusion Detection System 
J.Lekha and G.Padmavathi, Avinashilingam Institute of Home Science and Higher Education for Women, India

Apply Hibernate to Model and Persist Associations Mappings in Document Version System 
Neetu Gupta, Amity University, Noida

Applications of Spatial Features in CBIR : A Survey 
R. Priyatharshini1 Surendernath S.P2 and S.Chitrakala2, 1Easwari Engineering College, India and 2Anna University,

Heuristic Based Adaptive Step Size CLMS Algorithms for Smart Antennas 
Y Rama Krishna1, PV Subbaiah2 and B Prabhakara Rao3, 1PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, India,
2Amrita Sai Institute of Science & Technology, India and 3JNT University Kakinada, India

An Adaptive Threshold Segmentation for Detection of Nuclei in Cervical Cells Using Wavelet Shrinkage Algorithms  
B. Savitha and P. Subashini, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for
Women University, India

Neural Network Based Identification of Multimachine Power System 
Sheela Tiwari1, Ram Naresh2 and Rameshwar Jha3, 1Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India,
2National Institute of Technology, India and 3IET Bhaddal Technical Campus, India

Security Issues and Solutions in Vehicular Adhoc Network : A Review Approach 
Ram Shringar Raw, Manish Kumar and Nanhay Singh, Ambedkar Institute of Advanced communication
Technologies & Research, India

Performance Comparison on Java Technologies - A Practical Approach 
Priyanka Dutta, Vasudha Gupta and Sunit Rana, Centre for development of Advanced Computing, India

Influence of Channel Fading Correlation on Performance of Detector Algorithms for V-Blast Architecture 
Bindu. E and B.V. R. Reddy, GGS Indraprastha University, India

Secure & Fault Tolerance Handoff in Vanet Using Special Mobile Agent 
Shivani Jain1, HimanshuTyagi2 and Charu Gupta3, 1Meerut Institute of Engineering &Technology, India,
2Rajkumar Goel Institute of Technology for Women, India and 3ABES Engineering College, India

ARM Based Automatic Control System of Nano Positioning Stage for Micromanufacturing 
Gaurav Singh Naruka1, Niharika Jha1 and Himanshu Dutt Sharma2, 1International Institute of Information
Technology, India and 2Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, India

SAR Ice Image Classification Using Parallelepiped Classifier Based on Gram-Schmidt Spectral Technique 
A. Vanitha, P. Subashini and M. Krishnaveni, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education
for Women University, India

Simulation of Snooze Attack in Leach 
Meenakshi Tripathi, M.S. Gaur and V. Laxmi, Malviya National Institute of Technology, India

Novelty Detection via Topic Modeling in Research Articles 
S. Sendhilkumar, Nachiyar S Nandhini and G.S. Mahalakshmi, Anna University, India

Citation Semantic Based Approaches to Identify Article Quality 
S. Sendhilkumar, E. Elakkiya and G.S. Mahalakshmi, Anna University, India

On the Utility of a Syllable-Like Segmentation For Learning a Transliteration from English to an Indic Language 
Sowmya V. Balakrishna1 and Shankar M. Venkatesan2, 1University of Tuebingen, Germany and 2Philips Research
India, India

Tensor Voting Based Binary Classifier 
Mandar S. Kulkarni, Shankar M. Venkatesan and M. Arunkumar, Philips Research India, India

Adaptive, Scalable, Transformdomain Global Motion Estimation for Video Stabilization 
Sushanth G. Sathyanarayana1, Ankit A. Bhurane2 and Shankar M.Venkatesan1, 1Philips Research India, India
and 2Indian Institute of Technology - Mumbai, India