Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 2, Number 2, 2012

The Second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (CCSEA-2012), May 26 ~ 27, 2012, Delhi, India, Proceedings
Volume Editors: David C. Wyld, Jan Zizka, Dhinaharan Nagamalai
ISBN : 978-1-921987-03-8

Resource Allocation Technique Using Load Matrix Method in Wireless Cellular Systems 
S. Prabhakar1, Banda Sreenivas2, D. Karunakar Reddy3 and S. Ramesh Babu4, 1RRSCET - Hyderabad, India,
2Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology & Science, India, 3JNTU - Hyderabad,India and 4Nigama
Engineering College Sambhayapally, India

Detection Techniques of Selective Forwarding Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks : A Survey 
Preeti Sharma1, Monika Saluja1 and Krishan Kumar Saluja2, 1SBSCET Ferozpur, India and 2PIT Kapurthala, India

Trust Oriented Security Framework for Ad Hoc Network 
Amandeep Verma1 and Manpreet Singh Gujra2, 1Punjabi University Regional Centre for IT & Mgmt., India
and 2University College of Engineering, Punjabi University, India

Dynamic Network Anomaly Intrusion Detection Using Modified SOM 
Aneetha.A.S., Revathi.S and Bose.S, Anna University, India

Ingress Filtering at Edge Network to Protect VPN Service from DOS Attack 
S.Saraswathi and P.Yogesh, Anna University, India

QoS Issues In Underwater Sensor Networks 
Vivekanand Jha, Preeti Gupta and Urvashi Ahuja, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India

Analytical Study of Hexapod MIRNAs using Phylogenetic Methods 
A.K. Mishra and H.Chandrasekharan, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India

Information Security Through Image Watermarking Using Least Significant Bit Algorithm 
Puneet Kr Sharma and Rajni, SBSCET, Ferozepur

An Emerging Trend of Feature Extraction Method in Video Processing 
R.Revathi and M.Hemalatha, Karpagam University, India

A Modified Directional Weighted Cascaded-Mask Median Filter for Removal of Random Impulse Noise 
J.K. Mandal and Aparna Sarkar, University of Kalyani, India

Steganography Using Adaptive Pixel Value Differencing(APVD) of Gray Images Through Exclusion of Overflow/
J. K. Mandal and Debashis Das, University of Kalyani, India

Energy Optimisation Schemes for Wireless Sensor Network 
Vivekanand Jha, Elisha Chauhan, Harshpreet Kaur and Neeharika Taneja,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, India

A Survey on Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition using OCR Techniques 
M. Antony Robert Raj and S.Abirami, Anna University, India

Object-Oriented Database Model for Effective Mining of Advanced Engineering Materials Data Sets 
Doreswamy, Manohar M G and Hemanth K S, Mangalore University, India

Impact of Error Filters on Shares in Halftone Visual Cryptography 
Sunil Agrawal and Anshul Sharma, Panjab University, India

Combining Jpeg Steganography and Substitution Encryption for Secure Data Communication 
Shamim Ahmed Laskar and Kattamanchi Hemachandran, Assam University, India

Digital Image Steganalysis for Computer Forensic Investigation 
Nanhay Singh, Bhoopesh Singh Bhati and R. S. Raw, Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication
Technologies and Research, India

Monogenic Scale Space Based Region Covariance Matrix Descriptor for Face Recognition 
M. Sharmila Kumari1, B H Shekar2 and G Thippeswamy3, 1P A College of Engineering, India, 2Mangalore
University, India and 3Sir MVIT, India

Visual Attention Based Keyframes Extraction and Video Summarization 
P.Geetha, S.Thiruchadai Pandeeswari and SonyMohanan, Anna University, India

Simulator for Energy Efficient Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 
Amit Kumar, Dhirendra Srivastav and Suchismita Chinara, National Institute of Technology, India

A Review on - Comparative Study of Issues in Cellular, Sensor and Adhoc Networks 
Jayashree V. Shiral and Bhushan N. Mahajan, G.H.R.C.E, India

Forensic Computing Models: Technical Overview 
Gulshan Shrivastava, Kavita Sharma and Akansha Dwivedi, Dronacharya College of Engineering, India

Detection of Application Layer DDOS Attacks Using Information Theory Based Metrics 
S. Renuka Devi and P. Yogesh, Anna University, India

A Novel Approach for Feature Extraction and Selection on MRI Images for Brain Tumor Classification 
V.P.Gladis Pushpa Rathi and S.Palani, Sudharsan Engineering College Sathiyamangalam, India

Efficient Utilization of Channels Using Dynamic Guard Channel Allocation with Channel Borrowing Strategy
in Handoffs
Alagu S and Meyyappan T, Alagappa University, India

Performance analysis of clustering based image segmentation and optimization methods 
Jaskirat kaur, Sunil Agrawal and Renu Vig, UIET, Panjab University, India

Tuning Of Cost-231 hata Model for Radio Wave Propagation Predictions 
Chhaya Dalela1, M V S N Prasad2 and P K Dalela3, 1JSS Academy of Technical Education, India, 2National Physical
Laboratory, India and 3C-DOT, India

Neural Network Approach for Eye Detection 
Vijayalaxmi, P.Sudhakara Rao and S Sreehari, VITS,Hyderabad, India

Current Trends and Future Aspects in Cross-Layer Design for the Wireless Networks 
Sandeep Sharma, Rajesh Mishra and Karan Singh, Gautam Buddha University, India

Analysis of Watermarking Techniques for Medical Images Preserving ROI 
Sonika C. Rathi and Vandana S. Inamdar, Pune University, India

A novel Ant Colony Algorithm for multicast routing in wireless ad hoc networks 
Sunita Prasad1, Zaheeruddin2 and D.K.Lobiyal3, 1Center for Development of Advanced Computing, India,
2JMI, India and 3JNU, India

An Comparison with Property Based Resource Attestation to Secure Cloud Environment 
Ravindra K. Gupta1, Rajat Pali2, Shailendra Singh3, Gajendra Singh2 and Ashutosh k. Dubey4, 2SSSIST, India,
3NITTTR, India and 4TITR, India

An Efficient Approach for Data Gathering and Sharing with Inter Node Communication in Mobile-Sink 
Ravindra K. Gupta1, Shashank Saxena2, Shailendra Singh3, Gajendra Singh3 and Ashutosh k. Dubey4,
2SSSIST, India, 3NITTTR, India and 4TITR, India

SubGraD- An Approach for Subgraph Detection 
Akshara Pande1, Vivekanand Pant2 and S. Nigam1, 1Human Resource Development Group, India and 2IBM, India

CloudPass - a passport system based on Cloud Computing and Near Field Communication 
Adethya Sudarsanan, Mobile Testing Centre of Excellence Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., India

Analysis of Bayes, Neural Network and Tree Classifier of Classification Technique in Data Mining using WEKA 
Yugal kumar1 and G. Sahoo2, 1Hindu College of Engineering, India and 2Birla Institute of Technology, India

Emotion Detection from Text 
Shiv Naresh Shivhare and Saritha Khethawat, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India

Exploring the Current Trends and Future Prospects in Terrorist Network Mining 
Nisha Chaurasia, Mradul Dhakar, Astha Chharia, Akhilesh Tiwari and R. K. Gupta, MITS Gwalior, India

A Hybrid Clustering Algorithm for Data Mining 
Ravindra Jain, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, India

Analysis of XSS attack Mitigation techniques based on Platforms and Browsers 
Ravi Kanth Kotha, Gaurav Prasad and Dinesh Naik, National Institute of Technology, India

Generation and Optimization of Test cases for Object-Oriented Software Using State Chart Diagram 
Ranjita Kumari Swain1, Prafulla Kumar Behera2 and Durga Prasad Mohapatra3, 1Rourkela Institute of Mgt.
Studies,India, 2Utkal University, India and 3National Institute of Technology, India

A Novel Approach for Exception Handling in SOA 
Prachet Bhuyan1, Tapas Kumar Choudhury1 and Durga Prasad Mahapatra2, 1KIIT University, India and 2NIT, India

FPGA Implementation of Pipelined CORDIC Sine Cosine Digital Wave Generator 
Navdeep Prashar and Balwinder Singh, C-DAC, India