Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 2, Number 5, 2012

The First International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies & Applications ( ICAITA 2012 ), December 28 ~ 29, 2012, Dubai, UAE, Proceedings
Volume Editors: Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Dhinaharan Nagamalai
ISBN : 978-1-921987-06-9

Prediction of Malignancy in Suspected Thyroid Tumour Patients by Three Different Methods of Classification
in Data Mining
Saeedeh Pourahmad, Mohsen Azad, Shahram Paydar and Hamid Reza Abbasi, Shiraz University of Medical
Sciences, Iran

A Synchronized Distributed Denial of Service Prevention System 
Metasebia Kassa1 and Mulugata Libsie2, 1 ZTE University Ethiopian Branch, Ethiopia and 2Addis Ababa
University, Ethiopia

Park's Vector Approach to detect an inter turn stator fault in a doubly fed induction machine by a neural network 
Amel Ourici and Ahmed Ouari, Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria

Homogeneous Multistage Architecture for Real-Time Image Processing 
Hanen Chenini, Jean Pierre Derutin, Romuald Aufrere and Roland Chapuis, Blaise Pascal University, France

SEALMS: Semantically Enhanced Adaptive Learning Management System 
M.Farida Begam1 and Gopinath Ganapathy2, 1Manipal University Dubai, U.A.E and 2Bharathidasan University,

Content Based Image Retrieval Approach Based on Top-Hat Transform And Modified Local Binary Patterns 
Mohammad Saberi, Farshad Tajeripour and Shervan Fekri-Ershad, Shiraz University, Iran

Contemporary Challenges for a Social Signal processing 
T.KishoreKumar1 and K.Sunilkumar2, 1NIT - Warangal, India, 2VITS, India

NACSVMPred: A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of NAC Proteins in Rice Using Support Vector Machines 
Hemalatha N1, Rajesh M. K2 and Narayanan N. K3, 1St. Aloysius College, India, 2Central Plantation Crops
Research Institute, India and 3Kannur University, India

Reliability Estimation Framework - Complexity Perspective 
Amitabha Yadav1 and R.A. Khan2, 1SRMGPC, India and 2BBA University, India

A New Improved Weighted Association Rule Mining with Dynamic Programming Approach for Predicting
a User's Next Access
S. A. Sahaaya Arul Mary1 and M. Malarvizhi2, 1Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology, India and
2J.J. College of Engineering and Technology, India

Integrating Naive Bayes and K-Means Clustering with Different Initial Centroid Selection Methods in the
Diagnosis of Heart Disease Patients
Mai Shouman, Tim Turner and Rob Stocker, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence
Force Academy, Australia

Text Data Mining of English Books on Environmentology 
Hiromi Ban1 and Takashi Oyabu2, 1Fukui University of Technology, Japan and 2Kanazawa Seiryo University, Japan

Developing A Novel Multidimensional Multigranularity Data Mining Approach for Discovering Association Rules 
Johannes K. Chiang, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

A Simple Process to Speed Up Machine Learning Methods: Application to Hidden Markov Models 
Khadoudja Ghanem, Mentouri University, Algeria

Developing A Knowledge Management Spiral for the Long-Term Preservation System on Semantic Grid 
Johannes K. Chiang and Eric Yen, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

An Optimized Weight Based Clustering Algorithm in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 
Babu.N.V1, Boregowda S B2, Puttamadappa C3 and Shivaraj.S.Davanakatti1, 1SJB Institute of Technology,
India, 2Manipal Institute of Technology, India and 3Sapthagiri College of Engineering, India

Investigation of Artificial Neural Network Based Direct Torque Control for PMSM by Numerical Simulations 
Fatih Korkmaz, M.Faruk Cakır, Ismail Topaloglu and Rıza Gurbuz, Cankırı Karatekin University, Turkey

Dynamic and Realtime Modelling of Ubiquitous Interaction 
Imen Ismail and Faouzi Moussa, Manouba University, Tunisia

Optimal Trajectory of Robot Manipulator for Energy Minimization with Quartic Polynomial Equation for
Link-Joint Angle
Luping Luo, Kyoosik Shin and Changsoo Han, Hanyang University, Korea

Generation and Departability of GVG for Car-Like Robot 
Quan Yuan, Ji Yeong Lee and Changsoo Han, Hanyang University, Korea

Cloud Computing: A New Vision of the Distributed System 
Taha Chaabouni and Maher Khemakhem, University of Sfax, Tunisia

An Improved Frequent Itemset Generation Algorithm Based On Correspondence 
Ajay R Y, Sharath Kumar A, Preetham Kumar and Radhika M. Pai, Manipal University, India

Secure Services : Integrating Security Dimension Into the SA&D 
Mehdi Snene, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Distributed Traffic By Load-Balancing Approach for AOMDV in AD-HOC Networks 
Mahamed Abdelmadjid Allalili1, Zoulikha Mekkakia Maaza2, Ali Kies2, Redouane Belbachir2, 1University Hassiba
Ben Boualiof, Algeria and 2University of Sciences and the Technology of Oran, Algeria