June 2024, Volume 14, Number 2

Special Issue - 3rd International Conference of Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary Bioscience (MIBIO 2024)

The Relationship between Concept Perception and Student Achievement in the Subject Area of Chemistry in Science
Ven B.Siri Sumedha, Sri Lanka

March 2024, Volume 14, Number 1

Special Issue - 2nd International conference on Health Informatics (HEIN 2024)

AI Powered Echocardiography
Joshua Hopkins and Datonye B. Omunguye-George, Northwood University, USA

AI Scribes: Boosting Physician Efficiency in Clinical Documentation
Omosalewa Itauma1 and Itauma Itauma2, 1Wayne State University, USA, 2Northwood University, USA