Volume 4

November 2013, Volume 4, Number 6

The Study About the Analysis of Responsiveness Pair Clustering Tosocial Network Bipartite Graph
Akira Otsuki1 and Masayoshi Kawamura2, 1Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and 2MK future software, Japan

Behavioural Biometrics and Cognitive Security Authentication Comparison Study
Karan Khare1, Surbhi Rautji2 and Deepak Gaur3, 1Gradestack Pvt. Ltd, India, 2Oracle Technologies, India and 3AMITY University, India

The Students Demand Fulfillment and Personality in Using Blackberry
Chairiawaty.,MSi, Yenni Yuniaty.,MSi, Anne Maryani.MSi and Nurahmawaty.MSi, Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia

September 2013, Volume 4, Number 5

Text Classification for Authorship Attribution Analysis
M. Sudheep Elayidom1 , Chinchu Jose2 , Anitta Puthussery2 and Neenu K Sasi2, 1Cochin University, India and
2Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

July 2013, Volume 4, Number 4

Design an AR Application in Finding Preferred Dining Place With Social Network Capability (ARAFEPS)
Farhat, Avinanta Tarigan and Remi Senjaya, Gunadarma University, Indonesia

Effective Ways Cloud Computing Can Contribute to Education Success
BV Pranay kumar, Sumitha kommareddy and N.Uma Rani, CJITS, Jangaon, Warangal

May 2013, Volume 4, Number 3

CUDA Based Performance Evaluation of the Computational Efficiency of the DCT Image Compression Technique on
Both the CPU and GPU

Kgotlaetsile Mathews Modieginyane, Zenzo Polite Ncube and Naison Gasela, North West University, South Africa

A Model to Compare the Degree of Refactoring Opportunities of Three Projects Using A Machine Algorithm
Gauri Khurana and Sonika Jindal, Punjab Technical University, India

The Verification of Virtual Community Member's Socio-Demographic Profile
Fedushko Solomia1, Peleschyshyn Oksana2, Peleschyshyn Andriy1 and Syerov Yuriy1, 1Lviv Polytechnic National
University, Ukraine and 2Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

Performance Evaluation of Ontology and Fuzzybase CBIR
Tajman sandhu and Parminder Singh, Chandigarh Engineering College, India

March 2013, Volume 4, Number 2

Symmetric-Key Based Privacy-Preserving Scheme For Mining Support Counts
Yu Li and Sheng Zhong, University at Buffalo, USA

Method-Level Code Clone Modification using Refactoring Techniques for Clone Maintenance
E. Kodhai and S. Kanmani, Pondicherry Engineering College, India

Rsa Signature: Behind The Scenes
Dragan Vidakovic1, Dusko Parezanovic1, Olivera Nikolic2 and Jelena Kaljevic2, 1Gimnazija Ivanjica, Serbia and
2Singidunum University Belgrade, Serbia

Scaling Transform Methods For Compressing a 2D Graphical image
A. J. Rajeswari Joe and N. Rama, Bharathiyar University, India

Path Finding Solutions For Grid Based Graph
R.Anbuselvi , Bishop Heber College, India

January 2013, Volume 4, Number 1

Veritas Mouseion 3d - Technology and Museum Information
Janaina Mello and Irla Rocha, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

Secure Cloud Architecture
Kashif Munir and Sellapan Palaniappan, Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Malaysia

Design and Implementation of an IP based authentication mechanism for Open Source Proxy Servers in Interception

Tejaswi Agarwal and Mike Leonetti, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Two Phase Clandestain Image Encryption
V Hemanth and R Praveen Kumar, Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, India

Speaker Verification Using Acoustic and Prosodic Features
Utpal Bhattacharjee and Kshirod Sarmah, Rajiv Gandhi University, India

Do New Mobile Devices in Enterprises Pose A Serious Security Threat?
Ali A Altalbe, Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education-King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia