Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

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October 2022, Volume 12, Number 4

PAPR Reduction Techniques and Their BIT Error Rate Measurement at OFDM in LTE System
Md. Milon Rana1, Tajkuruna Akter Tithy1, Nefaur Rahman1 and Md.Mehedi Hasan2, 1Hajee Mohammad
Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, 2World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Uncovering Fake News by Means of Social Network Analysis
Prashant Kumar Shrivastava1, Mayank Sharma2, Megha Kamble1, Vaibhav Gore4 and Avenash Kumar3, 1Lakshmi
Narain College of Technology Excellence, India, 2ITM university Gwalior, India, 3Govt. Engineering college, India
Sensor Signal Processing using High-Level Synthesis and Internet of Things with a Layered Architecture
CS Reddy1 and Krishna Anand2, 1VTU University, India, 2Anurag University, India

July 2022, Volume 12, Number 1/2/3

PAPR Reduction and Bit Error Rate Evaluation in OFDM System using Hybrid Techniques
Md. Dulal Haque, Md. Milon Rana and Tajkuruna Akter Tithy, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and
Technology University, Bangladesh