• 1. A Framework for Secure Healthcare Systems Based on Big Data Analytics in Mobile Cloud Computing Environments

    Ahmed E. Youssef
    June 2014 | Cited by 8

    In this paper we introduce a framework for Healthcare Information Systems (HISs) based on big data analytics in mobile cloud computing environments. This framework provides a high level of integration, interoperability, availability and sharing of healthcare data among healthcare providers, patients, and practitioners. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) of patients dispersed among different Care Delivery Organizations (CDOs) are integrated and stored in the Cloud storage area, this creates an Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for each patient. Mobile Cloud allows fast Internet access and provision of EHRs from anywhere and at any time via different platforms. Due to the massive size of healthcare data, the exponential increase in the speed in which this data is generated and the complexity of healthcare data type, the proposed framework employs big data analytics to find useful insights that help practitioners take critical decisions in the right time. In addition, our proposed framework applies a set of security constraints and access control that guarantee integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of medical information.We believe that the proposed framework paves the way for a new generation of lower cost, more efficient healthcare systems.