Volume 7

October 2017, Volume 7, Number 4

An Intelligent Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network Tracking System for Monitoring Rhinos and Elephants in Tanzania
National Parks : A Review

Erick Alphonce Massawe1, Michael Kisangiri1, Shubi Kaijage1 and Padmanabhan Seshaiyer2, 1Nelson Mandela
African Institution of Science and Technology, Tanzania and 2College of Science George Mason University, USA

July 2017, Volume 7, Number 2/3

Optimal Clustering and Routing for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Cuckoo Search
Soumitra Das1, Barani S1, Sanjeev Wagh2 and S.S. Sonavane3, 1Sathyabama University, India, 2Government College of Engineering - Karad, India and 3Dr. D.Y. Patil School of Engineering, India

January 2017, Volume 7, Number 1

Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Digital Hand-Pushed Penetrometer
Alireza Rezaee, University of Tehran, Iran