Volume 1

December 2010, Volume 1, Number 4

Integration of an RFID Reader to a Wireless Sensor Network and its use to Identify an Individual Carrying RFID Tags
Bolivar Torres1, Qing Pang2, Gordon W. Skelton2, Scott Bridges2 and Natarajan Meghanathan2, 1Polytechnic University
of Puerto Rico, USA and 2Jackson State University, USA

Intelligent Lighting System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
A. A. Nippun Kumaar, Kiran. G and Sudarshan TSB, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham School of Engineering, India

Energy-Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Modified Ant Colony Algorithm
Salma Begum, Nazma Tara and Sharmin Sultana, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Generate a key for MAC Algorithm using Biometric Fingerprint
R. Seshadri and T. Raghu Trivedi, S. V. University, India

Performance Comparison and Analysis of Preemptive-DSR and TORA
V. Ramesh1, P. Subbaiah 2, N. Koteswar Rao3, N. Subhashini4 and Narayana. D5, 1Sathyabama University, India,
2Veerabrahmendra Institute of Technology & Sciences, India, 3BVRIT, India, 4Narayana Engg. College, India
and 5CMRCET, India

Analysis on Identity Management Systems with Extended State-of-the-art IDM Taxonomy Factors
Madhan Kumar Srinivasan1 and Paul Rodrigues2, 1Infosys Technologies Limited, India and 2Hindustan University, India

Disconnection Tolerance in Reliable Timeout Based Commit Protocol.
Bharati Harsoor and S. Ramachandram, Osmania University, India

Optimizing On Demand Weight -Based Clustering Using Trust Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
V. G. Rani1 and M. Punithavelli2, 1Bharathiar University, India and 2Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science
for women, India

Design of Transport Layer Based Hybrid Covert Channel Detection Engine
Anjan K1, Jibi Abraham2 and Mamatha Jadhav V1, 1M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India and 2College of
Engineering - Pune, India

Data Gathering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
K. Ramanan and E. Baburaj, Sun college of Engineering and Technology, India

A Cost Effective Compressive Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Y. Mohamed Yacoab1, V. Sundaram2 and A. Thajudeen3, 1Karpagam University, India, 2Karpagam College of
Engineering, India and 3Measi Institute of Information Technology, India

September 2010, Volume 1, Number 3

Survey of Trust Models in Different Network Domains
Mohammad Momani1 and Subhash Challa2, 1UTS, Australia and 2University of Melbourne, Australia

Efficient Knowledge Base Management in DCSP
Hong Jiang, Benedict College, USA

An Analysis of Various Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Adaptive FEC Technique
M. R. Ebenezar jebarani1 and T. Jayanthy2, 1Sathyabama University, India and 2Panimalar Institute of Technology, India

Secured Preemptive DSR(S-PDSR): An integration of SRP and SMT with Preemptive DSR for Secured Route Discovery
V. Ramesh1, P. Subbaiah2, N. Sandeep Chaitanya3 and P. Bhaktavastalam4, 1Sathyabama University, India, 2Veerabrahmendra Institute of Technology & Sciences, India, 3SreeKavitha Engineering College, India and 4Govt. Polytechnic College, India

Adaptive QoS Multicast Routing with Mobility Prediction in MANETs
G. Santhi and Alamelu Nachiappan, Pondicherry Engineering College, India

A Low Overhead Reachability Guaranteed Dynamic Route Discovery Mechanism for Dense MANETs
Sharmila Sankar and V. Sankaranarayanan, BSA University, India

Area Efficient & Cost Effective Pulse Shaping Filter for Software Radios
Rajesh Mehra and Swapna Devi, NITTTR, India

A Fair and Efficient Packet Scheduling Scheme for IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Systems
Prasun Chowdhury and Iti Saha Misra, Jadavpur University, India

A Quality of Service Architecture for Resource Provisioning and Rate Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Venkatasubramanian1 and N. P. Gopalan2, 1Saranathan College of Engineering, India and 2NIT - Tiruchirapalli, India

A New Approach in Packet Scheduling In The VANET
Sayadi Mohammad Javad and Fathy Mahmood, Iran University of Science and Technology

Localization Algorithm Using Varying Speed Mobile Sink for Wireless Sensor Networks
B. Amutha 1, M. Ponnavaikko1, N. Karthick2 and M. Saravanan1, 1SRM University, India and 2Anna University, India

June 2010, Volume 1, Number 2

Improve Energy Efficiency Routing In WSN By Using Automata
Elham Hajian, Kamal Jamshidi and Ali Bohlooli, Isfahan University, Iran

Secured Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Samundiswary1, D. Sathian1 and P. Dananjayan2, 1Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, India and
2Pondicherry Engineering College, India

Performance Analysis Of Broadcasting In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Cluster Approch
D. Sivaganesan1 and R. Venkatesan2, 1Karpagam College of Engineering, India and 2PSG College of Technology, India

A Top-down Hierarchical Multi-hop Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
M. P. Singh1 and Md. Zair Hussain2, 1NIT - Patna, India and 2MACET - Patna, India

Hybrid TOA/AOA Schemes for Mobile Location In Cellular Communications Systems
Chien-Sheng Chen1, Yi-Jen Chiu2, and Jium-Ming Lin3 , 1University of Technology ,Taiwan, 2Diwan College,Taiwan and
3Chung-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

March 2010, Volume 1, Number 1

A Faster Routing Scheme for Stationary Wireless Sensor Networks - A Hybrid Approach
Jasmine Norman1 , J.Paulraj Joseph2 and P.Prapoorna Roja3, 1Measi Institute of Information Technology, India,
2Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India and 3Jerusalem College of Engineering, India

Shadowing Effects on Routing Protocol of Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
Md. Anwar Hossain, Mohammed Tarique and Rumana Islam, American International University-Bangladesh