Volume 2

December 2011, Volume 2, Number 4

A Simulation Model for the Life-Time of Wireless Sensor Networks  
Abdelrahman Elleithy and Gonhsin Liu, University of Bridgeport, USA

Significant Storage on Sensor Storage Space, Energy Consumption and Better Security Based on Routing in Hybrid
Sensor Networks
K. Nageswara rao1, D. Rajya Lakshmi1, T. Venkateswara rao2, 1GITAM University, India and 2KL University, India

A Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Atmospheric Aggressiveness in Metals 
Pablo Pancardo, Ebelia del Angel and Miguel A. Wister, Juarez Autonomous University of Tabasco, Mexico

Z-MAC an Analytical Model for Wireless Sensor Networks  
Ramchand V. and D. K. Lobiyal, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Impact of Variable Transmission Range on MANET Performance  
C. K Nagpal, Maninder Kaur, Shailender Gupta and Bharat Bhushan, YMCA University, India

Analysis of MANET routing Protocols Using Random waypoint Model in DSR  
M. Sreerama Murty, C. Dastagiraiah and R. Ashok Kumar, Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology, India

Hybrid Routing Protocols for Ad hoc Wireless Networks  
Dilli Ravilla1, V. Sumalatha1 and Chandra Shekar Reddy Putta2, 1Manipal Institute of Technology, India and
2JNT University, India

A Dynamic Approach for Anomaly Detection in AODV  
P. Vigneshwaran1 and R. Dhanasekaran2, 1Anna University of Technology - Coimbatore, India and 2Syed Ammal
Engineering College, India

ETX Metric for Extremely Opportunistic Routing to Improve the Performance of Hybrid Wireless Networks  
Sumathy S and R Saravanan, VIT University, India

Analysis of Query Based Attack in the Delay/Fault Tolerant Mobile Sensor Network  
Rahul Johari, GGSIP University, India

Routing Protocol Behaviour with Multiple Cluster Head Gateway in Mobile Ad Hoc Network  
Ashish Bagwari1, Pankaj Joshi2, Vikas Rathi2 and Vikram Singh Soni2, 1Dehradun Institute of Technology, India and
2Graphic Era University, India

September 2011, Volume 2, Number 3

Design Analysis of Mathematical Model for Collision Affected Environment in Wireless Sensor Network  
Kanika Sharma1, T. S Kamal2, R. S Kaler 3, 1National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, India,
2Doaba Institute of Engineering and Technology, India and 3Thapar University, India

An Quantitative Study on the Impact of N-Tiers in the Performance of Topology Control Algorithms for Wireless Sensor
S. Emalda Roslin and C. Gomathy, Sathyabama University, India

An Adaptive Design Methodology for Reduction of Product Development Risk  
Hara Gopal Mani Pakala1, PLH Varaprasad2, Raju KVSVN3 and Ibrahim Khan4, 1Vignana Bharathi Institute of
Technology, India, 2AUCE(A), India, 3Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology & Sciences, India and 4RGUKT, India

Clustering Algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks - A Brief Survey  
A. MeenaKowshalya1 and A. Sukanya2, 1Amrita School of Engineering, India and 2Sri Krishna College of Engineering
and Technology, India

A Review Paper on Cooperative Blackhole and Grayhole Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Networks  
Sweta Jain, Jyoti Singhai and Meenu Chawla, MANIT, India

A New Energy Efficient Approach Towards WASN Routing with Modified QCS Protocol  
Debaditya Ghosh, Pritam Majumder and Ayan Kumar Das, CIEM, India

Zone Based Routing Protocol for Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Network  
S. Taruna, Jain Kusum Lata and Purohit G. N, Banasthali University, India

Header Compression Scheme in Point To Point Link Model Over Hybrid Satellite WIMAX Network  
Yung-Wey Chong1 and Tat-Chee Wan1,2,1National Advanced IPv6 Centre, Malaysia and 2School of Computer Sciences,

A Study of Bandwidth Measurement Technique in Wireless Mesh Networks  
Ajeet Kumar Singh1 and Jatindra Kr Deka2,1Samsung Electronics Bangalore, India and 2Indian Institute of Technology,
Guwahati, India

Enhanced Multipath Routing with Congestion Avoidance for 802.11E Based Mobile Adhoc Networks  
Sujatha P. Terdal1, V. D. Mytri2, A. Damodaram3 and Uday S. B1,1PDA College of Engineering, India, 2GND College of
Engineering, India and 3JNTU, India

June 2011, Volume 2, Number 2

A Cooperative Broadcasting Method for a Sensor Network  
Wataru Uemura and Masashi Murata, Ryukoku University, Japan

QOS Routing and Performance Evaluation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using OLSR Protocol  
Mohamed Amnai1,Youssef Fakhri1,2 and Jaafar Abouchabaka11, 1LARIT, Maroc and 2LRIT Unite Associee au CNRST,

Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Maximizing the Minimum Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network: A Review  
Praveen Kaushik and Jyoti Singhai, MANIT, India

Vehicular Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks: Principles and Challenges  
Mohammad Jalil Piran1, G. Rama Murthy2 and G. Praveen Babu1, 1JNT University, India and 2 IIIT Hyderabad, India

Data Aggregation and Privacy for Police Patrols  
Sumalatha Ramachandran, Uttara Sridhar, Vidhya Srinivasan and J. Jaya Jothi, Anna University-Chennai, India

Performance Comparison of QOS Metrics for a Distributed Pricing Scheme  
S. S. Prasad, Rithika Baruah and Siddharth. A, National Institute of Technology - Jamshedpur, India

New Generation Routing Protocol over Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks based on Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Paradigm  
Siddesh G. K.1 and K. N. Muralidhara2, 1Jain University, India and 2P. E. S. College of Engineering, India

March 2011, Volume 2, Number 1

Message Propagation in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks under free flow and congested flow Scenarios  
Sara Najafzadeh, Norafida Ithnin, Shukor Abd Razak and Ramin Karimi, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Achieving Enhanced Throughput in Mobile ADHOC Network Using Collision Aware MAC Protocol  
M Abdul Gafur1, Niraj Upadhayaya2 and Syed Abdul Sattar3,1Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India,
2JB Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 3Royal Institute of Technology & Science, India

A Reference Based, Tree Structured Time Synchronization Approach and its Analysis in WSN  
Surendra Rahamatkar1 and Ajay Agarwal2, 1Nagpur Institute of Technology, India and 2Krishna Inst. of Engg. &
Technology, India

Performance Evalution of MANET Routing Protocols using Reference Point Group Mobility and Random WayPoint
M. Sreerama Murty1 and M. Venkat Das2, 1Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology, India and 2Osmania University, India

High-Energy-First (HEF) Heuristic for Energy-Efficient Target Coverage Problem  
Manju and Arun K Pujari, Sambalpur University, India

Security Architecture for AT-HOME Medical Care Using Body Sensor Network  
S. S. Mohanavalli1 and Sheila Anand2, 1Tagore Engineering College, India and 2Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India

Trust Based Participant Driven Privacy Control in Participatory Sensing  
Ramaprasada R. Kalidindi1, KVSVN Raju2 V. Valli Kumari2 and C. S. Reddy2, 1S. R. K. R. Engineering College, India and
2Andhra University, India

Impedance Matched Compact ZIGZAG Multiband Inverted-F Antenna for WI-FI, Mobile Wimax, Bluetooth and WLAN Operations in Portable Devices  
S. M. Shibbir Alam1, Md. Selim Hasan1, Bulbul Ahmed2, Md. Kafil Uddin2, 1Khulna University of Engineering and
Technology, Bangladesh and 2Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

Exploiting Wireless Networks, through creation of Opportunity Network - Wireless-Mobile-Adhoc-Network (W-MAN)
Hemal Shah1 and Yogeshwar P. Kosta2, 1Ganpat University, India and 2Marwadi Education Foundation - Rajkot, India

Intelligent Infromation Dissemination in Vehicular AD HOC Networks  
M. S. Kakkasageri1 and S. S. Manvi2, 1Basaveshwar Engineering College, India and 2Reva Institute of technology and
Management, India

Adaptive AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile ADHOC Networks  
Shobha. K. R and K. Rajanikanth, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India

Energy Efficiency in AD HOC Networks  
Subhankar Mishra, Sudhansu Mohan Satpathy and Abhipsa Mishra, National Institute of Technology - Rourkela, India

Context Aware Multisensor Image Fusion for Military Sensor Networks using Multi-Agent system  
Ashok V. Sutagundar1 and S. S. Manvi2, 1Basaveshwar Engineering College, India and 2REVA Institute of Technology and Management, India

Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks Deployments Using Vertical Variance Trimming and the Analytic Hierarchy Process  
Carlos E. Otero1, Ivica Kostanic2, Luis D. Otero3, Scott L. Meredith2, Matthew Whitt1, 1University of Virginia's College
at Wise, Virginia, 2Florida Institute of Technology, FL and 3Florida Institute of Technology, FL