Current Issue

November 2018, Volume 10, Number 6

Performance of OLSR MANET Adopting Cross-Layer Approach Under CBR and VBR Traffics Environment
Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn1, Sanika K.Wijayasekara2 and Sugino Nobuhiko3
1Asian Institute of technology, Thailand, 2Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and 3Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Improvement of False Report Detection Performance Based on Invalid Data Detection Using Neural Network in WSN
Sanghyeok Lim and Taeho Cho, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea

Scalable and Energy Efficient Task Offloading Schemes for Vehicular Cloud Computing
Mohammad Pasha1 and Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan2, 1MJCET - Hyderabad, India and 2ACE - Hyderabad, India

A Novel Adaptive Caching Mechanism for Video on Demand System Over Wireless Mobile Network
Saleh Ali Alomari, Jadara University, Jordan

Availability Aspects Through Optimization Techniques Based Outlier Detection Mechanism in Wireless and Mobile Networks
Neeraj Chugh, Adarsh Kumar and Alok Aggarwal, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies - Dehradun, India

Improvement of Multiple Routing Based on Fuzzy Clustering and PSO Algorithm In WSNs to Reduce Energy Consumption
Gholamreza Farahani, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Iran

A Proactive Flow Admission and Re-Routing Scheme for Load Balancing and Mitigation of Congestion Propagation in SDN Data Plane
Sminesh C. N1, Grace Mary Kanaga E2, and Ranjitha K3, 1&3 Govt. Engineering College - Thrissur, India, 2Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India

Ensemble of Probabilistic Learning Networks for IoT Edge Intrusion Detection
Tony Jan and A.S.M Sajeev, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

September 2018, Volume 10, Number 5

A New Approach to Stochastic Scheduling in Data Center Networks
Tingqiu Tim Yuan, Tao Huang, Cong Xu and Jian Li, Huawei Technologies, China

Enhancing and Measuring the Performance in Software Defined Networking
Md. Alam Hossain1, Mohammad Nowsin Amin Sheikh1, Shawon S. M. Rahman2, Sujan Biswas1, and Md. Ariful Islam Arman1
1Jessore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh and 2University of HawaiiHilo, USA

Multi-Constraints Adaptive Link Quality Index Based Mobile-RPL Routing Protocol for Low Power Lossy Networks
Sneha K1 and B G Prasad2, 1BNM Institute of Technology, India and 2BMS College of Engineering, India

Packet Size Optimization for Energy Efficiency in Multipath Fading for Wireless Body Area Network
Nattkorn Promwongsa and Teerapat Sanguakotchakorn, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

A Future Mobile Packet Core Network Based on Ip-In-Ip Protocol
Mohammad Al Shinwan1 and Kim Chul-Soo2, 1Amman Arab University, Jordan and 2Inje University, Republic of Korea

Energy Splitting for SWIPT in QoS-Constraint MTC Network: A Non-Cooperative Game Theoretic Approach
Kang Kang, Zhenni Pan, Jiang Liu and Shigeru Shimamoto, Waseda University, Japan

Modelling and Qos-Achieving Solution in Full-Duplex Cellular Systems
Ali Y. Al-Zahrani, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

July 2018, Volume 10, Number 4

Performances of Ad Hoc Networks Under Deterministic and Probabilistic Channel Conditions : Cases for Single Path and
Multipath Routing Protocols

Mohammed Tarique and Rumana Islam, Ajman University-Fujairah Campus, United Arab Emirates

Routing Protocols Performance in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Millimeter Wave
Mustafa S. Aljumaily, The University of Tennessee, USA

New Interconnection Topology for Network on Chip
Laxminath Tripathy and Chitta Ranjan Tripathy, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, India

A Hybrid Modulation Method for Dimming in Visible Light Communication
Wataru Uemura and Takahiro Kitazawa, Ryukoku University, Japan

Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Void Avoidance in UWSN Using Residual Energy and Depth Variance
Gulista Khan and R.K. Dwivedi, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, India

A Security Analysis of IoT Encryption : Side Channel Cube Attack on SIMECK32/64
Alya Geogiana Buja1,2, Shekh Faisal Abdul-Latip1 and Rabiah Ahmad1, 1Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia and 2Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

An Efficient Bandwidth Optimization and Minimizing Energy Consumption Utilizing Efficient Reliability and Interval Discrepant
Routing (ERIDR) Algorithm

Sivashanmugam.N1 and Jothi Venkateshwaran.C2, 1Madras University, India and 2St. Peter's Institute of Higher Education
and Research, India

May 2018, Volume 10, Number 3

DPI-Based Congestion Control Method for Servers and Network Lines
Shin-ichi Kuribayashi, Seikei University, Japan

Deployment of Intrusion Prevention System on Multi-Core Processor Based Security Hardware
Swetha K V1 and Ravi Dara2, 1CMR Institute of Technology, India and 2Nevis Networks(I) Pvt.Ltd., India

Chained Displays : Configuration of Multiple Co-Located Public Displays
Amir E. Sarabadani Tafreshi, Milan Bombsch and Gerhard Troster, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Efficient PAPR Reduction Approach for Selective Mapping in a STBC MIMO-OFDM System
VijayaLakshmi M and K Rama Linga Reddy, GNITS - Hyderabad, India

An Effective Privacy-Preserving Data Coding in Peer-To-Peer Network
Ngoc Hong Tran1, Cao Vien Phung2, Binh Quoc Nguyen1 and Leila Bahri3, 1Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam, 2Technical University Braunschweig, Germany and 3KTH, Sweden

Improved Handover Algorithm to Avoid Duplication AAA Authentication in Proxy MIPV6
Hewei Yu1 and Meiling Zhou2, 1South China University of Technology, P.R.China and 2GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., P.R.China

Proposed Load Balancing Algorithm to Reduce Response Time and Processing Time on Cloud Computing
Nguyen Xuan Phi, Cao Trung Tin, Luu Nguyen Ky Thu and Tran Cong Hung, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Robot Human Interface for Housekeeper Robot with Wireless Capabilities
Suhad Faisal Behadili, University of Baghdad, Iraq

March 2018, Volume 10, Number 2

Path Splitting for Virtual Network Embedding in Elastic Optical Networks
Badr Oulad Nassar and Takuji Tachibana, University of Fukui, Japan

The Development and Study of the Methods and Algorithms for the Classification of Data Flows of Cloud Applications in the
Network of the Virtual Data Center

Irina Bolodurina and Denis Parfenov, Orenburg State University, Russia

Improvements in Routing Algorithms to Enhance Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
D. Naga Ravikiran1 and C.G. Dethe2, 1Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET), India and2RTM Nagpur University, India

Task Allocation and Path Planning for Network of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Bychkov Igor, Kenzin Maksim and Maksimkin Nikolay, Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory, Russia

Performance Evaluation of Blowfish Algorithm on Supercomputer IMAN1
Mahmoud Rajallah Asassfeh, Mohammad Qatawneh and Feras Mohamed ALAzzeh, University of Jordan, Jordan

A System for Visualization of Big Attributed Hierarchical Graphs
Victor N. Kasyanov and Timur A. Zolotuhin, Institute of Informatics Systems, Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Lightweight Cryptography for Distributed PKI Based MANETS
N. Chaitanya Kumar, Abdul Basit, Priyadarshi Singh, and V. Ch. Venkaiah, University of Hyderabad, India

Constructing a Fuzzy Network Intrusion Classifier Based on Differential Evolution and Harmonic Search
I. A. Hodashinsky and M. A. Mech, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio electronics (TUSUR), Russia

January 2018, Volume 10, Number 1

Spectrum Sensing Strategy to Enhance the QoS in White-Fi Networks
Nabil Giweli, Seyed Shahrestani and Hon Cheung, Western Sydney University, Australia

Trust Factor and Fuzzy Firefly Integrated Particle Swarm Optimization Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for
Secure Routing of MANET

Ramireddy Kondaiah1 and Bachala Sathyanarayana2, 1Rayalaseema University, India and 2Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India

Virtual Routing Function Deployment in NFV Based Networks Under Network Delay Constraints
Shin-ichi Kuribayashi, Seikei University, Japan

Response Surface Methodology for Performance Analysis and Modeling of MANET Routing Protocols
Mohamed Skander Daas and Salim Chikhi, Abdelhamid Mehri Constantine 2 University, Algeria

Quad Tree Based Static Multi Hop Leach Energy Efficient Routing Protocol : A Novel Approach
Abdulmalek Maresh Hasan Ali1 and Hanumanthappa J2, 1Visvesvaraya Technological University, India and 2University of Mysuru, India

Extended Linear Multi-Commodity Multicost Network and Maximal Flow Limited Cost Problems
Tran Quoc Chien1 and Ho Van Hung2, 1University of Danang, Vietnam and 2Quangnam University, Vietnam

Imperative Programs Behavior Simulation in Terms of Compositional Petri Nets
Leontyev Denis Vasilevich, Kharitonov Dmitry Ivanovich and Tarasov Georgiy Vitalievich, Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Russia

On the Transmission of Asynchronous Data Streams Over Packet Switched Networks with Random Multiple Access
Yuriy Anatolievich Kropotov and Aleksander Anatolievich Kolpakov, Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nicholay Stoletovs, Russia