Current Issue

May 2024, Volume 16, Number 3

Improved MPR Selection Algorithm-Based WS-OLSR Routing Protocol
Waleed Khalid Ahmed, Mohd Nazri bin Mohd Warip, Mohamed Elshaikh Elobaid Said Ahmed and Phaklen
Ehkan, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

Rendezvous Sequence Generation Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks in Post-Disaster Scenario
Junhyung Kim, Yeungnam University College, Korea

Enhanced Traffic Congestion Management with Fog Computing - A Simulation-Based Investigation using

Alzahraa Elsayed, Khalil Mohamed and Hany Harb, Al Azhar University, Egypt

An Hybrid Framework OTFS-OFDM Based on Mobile Speed Estimation
Amina Darghouthi1, Abdelhakim Khlifi2, Hmaied Shaiek3, Fatma Ben Salah1 and Belgacem Chibani1, 1University
of Gabes, Tunisia, 2Sup’COM, University of Carthage, Tunisia, 3CEDRIC/LAETITIA Laboratory, France

Optimizing CNN-BiGRU Performance: Mish Activation and Comparative Analysis
Asmaa BENCHAMA and Khalid ZEBBARA, Ibn zohr University, Morocco

Analysis and Evolution of SHA-1 Algorithm - Analytical Technique
Malek M. Al-Nawashi, Obaida M. Al-hazaimeh, Isra S. Al-Qasrawi, Ashraf A. Abu-Ein and Monther H. Al-Bsool
Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

EECRPSID: Energy-Efficient Cluster-Based Routing Protocol with a Secure Intrusion Detection for WSN-Assisted IoT
Darshan B D and Prashanth C R, S J B Institute of Technology, India

Blockchain Enforced Attribute based Access Control with ZKP for Healthcare Service
Dongju Lee1 and Hyunsung Kim1,2, 1Kyungil University, Korea, 2University of Malawi, Malawi

March 2024, Volume 16, Number 2

Enhancing Traffic Routing Inside a Network through IoT Technology & Network Clustering by Selecting Smart
Leader Nodes

Radwan S.Abujassar, Arab Open University Kuwait, Kuwait

IoT Guardian: A Novel Feature Discovery and Cooperative Game Theory Empowered Feature Selection with ML Model
for IoT Threats & Attack Detection

J. I. Christy Eunaicy1, C. Jayapratha2 and H.Salome Hemachitra3, 1Thiagarajar College, India, 2Karpaga Vinayaga College
of Engineering and Technology, India, 3Sri Meenakshi Government College of Arts for Women, India

High Performance NMF based Intrusion Detection System for Big Data IoT Traffic
Abderezak Touzene, Ahmed Al Farsi and Nasser Al Zeidi, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

DEF: Deep Ensemble Neural Network Classifier for Android Malware Detection
P Sumalatha and G.S. Mahalakshmi, Anna University, India

Advanced Privacy Scheme to Improve Road Safety in Smart Transportation Systems
Ali Muayed Fadhil1,2, Norashidah Md Din1, Norazizah Binti Mohd Aripin1 and Ali Ahmed Abed2, 1University Tenaga
Nasional, Malaysia, 2University of Basrah, Iraq

Multi-Server user Authentication Scheme for Privacy Preservation with Fuzzy Commitment
Stanley Mlato1,Yesaya Gabriel1, Prince Chirwa1 and Hyunsung Kim1,2, 1University of Malawi, Malawi, 2Kyungil
University, Korea

A Topology Control Algorithm Taking into Account Energy and Quality of Transmission for Software-Defined Wireless
Sensor Network

Hong Thi Chu Hai1, Le Huu Binh2 and Le Duc Huy3, 1Banking Academy of Vietnam, Vietnam, 2Hue University, Vietnam,
3Ha Noi University of Business and Technology, Vietnam

A Novel Medium Access Control Strategy for Heterogeneous Traffic in Wireless Body Area Networks
Nabila Azdad and Mohamed Elboukhari, Mohammed First University, Morocco

January 2024, Volume 16, Number 1

Secure Supervised Learning-Based Smart Home Authentication Framework
K. Swapna Sudha1, N. Jeyanthi1, and Celestine Iwendi2, 1Vellore Institute of Technology, India 2University of Bolton, UK

Effective Multi-Stage Training Model for Edge Computing Devices in Intrusion Detection
Trong Thua Huynh, Hoang Thanh Nguyen, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Q-Learning Model for Blockchain Security in Internet of Medical Things Networks
Kanneboina Ashok and Gopikrishnan S, VIT-AP University, India

Feature Selection using the Concept of Peafowl Mating in IDS
Partha Ghosh, Joy Sharma and Nilesh Pandey, Netaji Subhash Engineering College, India

Sensing Time Improvement using Two Stage Detectors for Cognitive Radio System
Mohamed Khalaf1, Ahmed Fawzi1 and Ahmed Yahya2, 1Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Maadi, Egypt,
2Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Comparative Study of Orchestration using gRPC API and REST API in Server Creation Time: An Openstack Case
Hari Krishna S M and Rinki Sharma, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, India

Adaptive Multi-Criteria-Based Load Balancing Technique for Resource Allocation in Fog-Cloud Environments
Ahmed A. A. Gad-Elrab1,2, Almohammady S. Alsharkawy1, Mahmoud E. Embabi1, Ahmed Sobhi1,3, Farouk A. Emara1,
1Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, 2King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 3AlRyada University for Science and
Technology (RST), Egypt

Multipoint Relay Path for Efficient Topology Maintenance Algorithm in Optimized Link State Routing-Based for VANET
Waleed Khalid Ahmed, Mohd Nazri bin Mohd Warip, Mohamed Elshaikh Elobaid Said Ahmed and Phaklen Ehkan,
Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia