Current Issue

August 2022, Volume 11, Number 4

      International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Advances (AIAD 2022)
      August 27-28, 2022, Virtual Conference

A Qualitative Approach to the Public Perception of AI   
Alexander Hick and Martina Ziefle, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

GesSure: A Robust Face-Authentic Enabled Dynamic Gesture Recognition GUI Application   
Ankit Jha, Ishita, Pratham G. Shenwai, Ayush Batra, Siddharth Kotian and Piyush Modi, Manipal Institute
of Technology, MAHE, India

Introduction of a Novel Anomalous Sound Detection Methodology   
Xiao Tan and Prof. S M Yiu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

ZQBA: A Zero-Query, Boosted Ambush Adversarial Attack on Image Retrieval   
Aarnav Sawant1 and Tyler Giallanza2, 1Bellarmine College Preparatory, USA, 2Princeton University, USA

A Systematic Review of Research on the use and Impact of Technology for Learning Chinese   
Angelina Maksimova, Peking University, China

Impressions of the Remote Learning: Appropriation of the Technologies   
Pamela de Bortoli Machado, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Construction and Application of Project Driven "One Body, Two Wings and Three Stages" Teaching Mode Based
on OBE Concept
Hongmei Xing and Zhiwei Xu, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China

Global Issues in Education and Research   
Essardi Omar and Ben Hemza Asmaa, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

Exploiting Post-Click Behaviors for Recommender System   
Hai-bin Zhai, CNCERT/CC

Hold my Hand Application for Disabilities   
Rania Aboalela, Shmokh Sebaa, Atheer Almohamadi, Rahaf Almohammadi and Ghozlan alzebali,
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Teleconsultation for Medical Doctors   
Paul P. Castelltort, Reign Luis S. Oliver, Jarred Bryan A. Opulencia and Jerron Matthew O. Tesoro, FEU Alabang,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines

An Improved Trust-Free Approach for Preserving Privacy in Internet of Things   
Sangwoo Park, Soowoong Lee and Jooseok Song, Yonsei University, Korea

A Comparative Study on Three Selective Cloud Providers   
Rehnuma Tasnim, Afrin Akter Mim, Salman Hasan Mim, Md. Ismail Jabiullah, Daffodil
International University, Bangladesh

June 2022, Volume 11, Number 3

Some Insights from Alan Turing's Artificial Cognition Research   
Tunc Guven Kaya, Cognitive Science METU, Turkey

April 2022, Volume 11, Number 1/2

      International Conference on NLP, Data Mining and Machine Learning (NLDML 2022)
      March 12~13, 2022, Virtual Conference

Perspectives Generation via Multi-Head Attention Mechanism and Common-Sense Knowledge   
Fatima Alkhawaldeh, Tommy Yuan and Dimitar Kazakov, University of York, UK

Application of Emotional Voice user Interface in Securities Industry   
Ma Xueming, Chen Yao, Zhang Qian and Jiang Yun, Orient Securities Co., Ltd, China

Identifying Exoplanets with Machine Learning Methods: A Preliminary Study   
Yucheng Jin, Lanyi Yang and Chia-En Chiang, University of California-Berkeley, USA

Research on White-Box Counter-Attack Method based on Convolution Neural Network Face Recognition   
Shuya Tian and Xiangwei Lai, Southwest University, China

User Experience Evaluation for Automation Tools: An Industrial Experience   
Thiago Medeiros de Menezes, Sidia, Brazil

Regular Issue

Design and Testing Ways for Mechatronic Systems   
Liviu Mihai Sima, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania