Current Issue

April 2023, Volume 12, Number 2

      International Conference on Data Mining, Big Data and Machine Learning (DBML 2023)
      March 11 ~ 12, 2023, Virtual Conference

Improving CNN-Based Stock Trading by Considering Data Heterogeneity and Burst   
Keer Yang1, Guanqun Zhang2, Chuan Bi3, Qiang Guan4, Hailu Xu5, Shuai Xu1, 1Case Western Reserve University,
USA, 2Nankai University, USA, 3National Institute of Health, USA, 4Kent State University, USA, 5California State
University Long Beach, USA

The Stock Market Volatility Research between China and ASEAN based on Complex Networks   
Wangke Yu1, Shuhua Liu2, Ruoqi Pan1, Ke Huang1, Linyun Deng1, 1Nanning University, China, 2Guangxi Academy of
Social Sciences, China

Review of Class Imbalance Dataset Handling Techniques for Depression Prediction and Detection   
Simisani Ndaba, University of Botswana, Botswana

Math Function Recognition with Fine-Tuning Pre-Trained Models   
Fatimah Alshamari1,2 and Abdou Youssef1, 1The George Washington University, USA, 2Taibah University, KSA

Natural Language Processing   
Arvind Chandrasekaran, Colorado Technical University, USA

Barracuda, an Open Source Framework for Parallelizing Divide and Conquer Algorithm   
Abdourahmane Senghor, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Senegal

Chatbots in a Botnet World   
Forrest McKee and David Noever, PeopleTec, USA

Using Blockchain to Achieve Decentralized Privacy in IoT Healthcare   
Sajad Meisami1, Mohammad Beheshti-Atashgah2 and Mohammad Reza Aref2, 1Illinois Institute of Technology, USA,
2Sharif University of Technology, Iran

Security Attacks and Countermeasures in Smart Homes   
Hasibul Alam and Emmett Tomai, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

A Blockchain-Based Consensus Slicing Mechanism for Distributed SDN Control Plane   
Shanqing Jiang1,2 Lin Yang2, 1Southeast University, Nanjing, China, 2Institude of System Engineering AMS PLA, China

No Child is Left Behind? --Left-Behind Children and Drop-Out Rates in China   
Yaoyu Zhang, Xiamen University, China

How Online Learning, during Covid-19, has Affected Compassion in Teaching and Subsequently Impacted Student
Lucy Mackintosh, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Exploring the Impact ofAI-powered Collaborative and Interactive NLP Apps on EFL Teaching in the Post-COVID-19
Coffi Martinien ZOUNHIN TOBOULA, University of Abomey Calavi (UAC), Benin

Use of Barnes-Hut Algorithm to Attack COVID-19 Virus   
Radhouane Boughammoura, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Exploring the Influence of Classroom Interaction on Academic Communication Skills in Secondary Schools: A Case
Study of Selected Senior High Schools in the Tahoua Region
Dekande Sylvestre Tchangnonhou1, Coffi Martinien Zounhin Toboula2 and Claude Hounyetin2, 1Djibo Hamani
University of Tahoua, Niger, 2University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC), Benin

The Role of English in Sino-Thai Cooperation: A Case Study of the People-to-People Exchange Jingshi Project at a
University in Thailand
Shasha Luo and Tawatchai Chaisiri, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand

X-RECOSA: Multi-Scale Context Aggregation for Multi-Turn Dialogue Generation   
Danqin Wu, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, China

Features Matching using Natural Language Processing   
Muhammad Danial Khilji, Department of Data Science, choreograph, United Kingdom

Abbreviation Dictionary for Twitter Hate Speech   
Zainab Mansur1, Nazlia Omar2 and Sabrina Tiun2, 1Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Libya, 2Universiti
Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Tuning Dari Speech Classification Employing Deep Neural Networks   
Mursal Dawodi, Jawid Ahmad Baktash, University Avignon, France

Explaining the Performance of Collaborative Filtering Methods with Optimal Data Characteristics   
Samin Poudel and Marwan Bikdash, North Carolina A & T University, USA

Tuning Language Processing Approaches for Pashto Texts Classification   
Jawid Ahmad Baktash, Mursal Dawodi, University Avignon, France

Sentiment Analysis Classification for Text in Social Media: Application to Tunisian Dialect   
Asma BelHadj Braiek, Zouhour Neji Ben Salem, Carthage University, Tunisia

The Relativity of Energy and the Reversal of Time is a Shift in Perspective   
Vinyasi, Independent Research at Home - Southern, California, USA

February 2023, Volume 12, Number 1

      2nd International Conference on NLP, Data Mining and Machine Learning (NLDML 2023)
      January 21 ~ 22, 2023, Virtual Conference

Stock Market Prediction using Reinforcement Learning with Sentiment Analysis   
Xuemei Li and Hua Ming, Oakland University, USA

Size and Fit Recommendations for Cold Start Customers in Fashion E-Commerce   
Jaidam Ram Tej, Jyotirmoy Banerjee and Narendra Varma Dasararaju, Flipkart Internet Private Limited, India

Using Artificial Intelligence to Filter out Barking, Typing, and other Noise from Video Calls in Microsoft Teams   
Pawankumar Sharma, Bibhu Dash, University of the Cumberlands, USA

Automated Identification of Disaster News for Crisis Management using Machine Learning   
Lord Christian Carl H. Regacho, Ai Matsushita Angie M. Ceniza-Canillo, University of San Carlos, Philippines

A Review of the Intersection Techniques on Humint and Osint   
Alcides Macedo, Laerte Peotta and Flavio Gomes, University of Brasilia, Brasilia

Bullying Tweets Detection using CNN- Attention   
Alghafiqe Alhloul and Abu Alam, Gloucestershire University, UK

Modeling and Design of Longitudinal and Lateral Control System with a Feedforward Controller for A 4
Wheeled Robot
Younes El koudia, Jarou Tarik, Abdouni Jawad, Sofia El Idrissi and Elmahdi Nasri, National School of Applied
Sciences, Morocco

The Turing Deception   
David Noever and Matt Ciolino, PeopleTec, Inc., USA

Machine Learning Applications in Malware Classification: A Meta-Analysis Literature Review   
Tjada Nelson, Austin O'Brien and Cherie Noteboom, Dakota State University, South Dakota

Concept of Delivery System in the Smart City Environment   
Zuzana Spitalova, Oliver Leontiev and Patrik Harmanos, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia

Computer Vision For a Camel-Vehicle Collision Mitigation System   
Khalid AlNujaidi and Ghadah AlHabib, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Motion and Memory in VR: The Influence of VR Control Method on Memorization of Foreign Language Orthography   
Noel H. Vincent, Zhen Liang, and Yosuke Sasao, Kyoto University, Japan

Challenges of Integrating Virtual Learning Practice in Zimbabwe Secondary Schools during Covid-19   
Dudziro Nhengu, Africa University, Zimbabwe

The Perceptions of Teachers on Communication with Students in a Remote Setting   
Wally T. Luckeydoo, Independent Researcher, Tennessee

Online Education in the Perception of Hungarian Students - Results of Online Focus Groups   
Nagy, Adam1, Fekete, Mariann2, Szabo, Andrea3, Bocskei, Balazs4, 1Obuda University, 2SZTE University, 3Institute of
Political Sciences, 4Milton Friedman University, Hungary

A Cyber-Physical Methodology to Automate Robotized Finishing Processes   
Angel Dacal-Nieto1, Ruben Paz-Cibeira1, Carmen Fernandez-Gonzalez1, Juan Jose Areal2, Pablo Lopez-Beiras2 and Victor Alonso-Ramos1, 1CTAG, Spain, 2 PCAE, Spain