Current Issue

August 2024, Volume 13, Number 4

      3rd International Conference on IOT, Cloud and Big Data (IOTCB 2024)
      July 13 ~ 14, 2024, Virtual Conference

Challenges with Securing Digital Identity   
Nikhil Ghadge, Okta.Inc, USA

Forecasting Network Capacity for Global Enterprise Backbone Networks using Machine Learning Techniques   
Kapil Patil1 and Bhavin Desai2, 1Principal Technical Program Manager, USA, 2Product Manager, USA

Internet of Things: Domesticated Toolsets for Solving Major Challenges Faced by Individuals with Health Problems   
Tunbosun Oyewale Oladoyinbo1 and Isiaka Akinkunmi Adeyemo2, 1University of Maryland Global Campus, USA, 2Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria

The TOE Theory and Cloud Computing: Exploring Factors Affecting the Adoption Of Cloud Computing   
Tunbosun Oyewale Oladoyinbo1, Isiaka Akinkunmi Adeyemo2 and Oluseun Babatunde Oladoyinbo3, 1University of Maryland Global Campus, USA, 2Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria, 3Oyo state College of Agriculture, Nigeria

Empowering Healthcare: A Blockchain-Based Secure and Decentralized Data Sharing Scheme with Searchable Encryption   
Seyedmohammad Nouraniboosjin1, Melika Yousefi2, Sadaf Meisami3, MelinaYousefi4 and Sajad Meisami2, 1Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, 2Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, 3Kharazmi University, Iran, 4Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps as a Bridge between Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence   
Maikel Leon, University of Miami, USA

An Approach to Demonstrate That a Cognitive System Does Not Have Subjective Consciousness   
Manuel Boissenin, France

Decoding AI and Human Authorship: Nuances Revealed through NLP and Statistical Analysis   
Mayowa Akinwande1, Oluwaseyi Adeliyi2 and Toyyibat Yussuph3, 1Austin Peay State University, USA, 2University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, 3American Express Company, USA

Transforming Everyday Environments: The Power of Ambient Intelligence   
Partha Sarathi Samal, USA

Peace Education in Africa: The Role of Games, Visual Arts and Crafts   
Dudziro Nhengu, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Reforming Biological/Biomedical Science Teaching and Education: A Reflection on Well-Developed Practices and Approaches in Large Class   
Ahmed HK El-Hashash, Texas A & M University, USA

AI-Powered Solutions for Missing Data in Pipeline Risk Assessments   
Syed Jehanzeb Adeel Haider, Enbridge Energy Inc., USA

Web-Based Automation Testing and Tools Leveraging AI and ML   
Narendar Kumar Ale and Rekha sivakolundhu, University Of Cumberlands, USA

A 63.74 DBΩ Gain 60.84 GHz Bandwidth Power-Efficient Transimpedance Amplifier in 130 Nm SiGe BiCMOS Technologys   
Lavakumar Navilipuri and Andy Heinig, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS/EAS, Germany

Exploring Transimpedance Amplifier Topologies: Design Considerations and Trade-Offs   
Lavakumar Navilipuri and Andy Heinig, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS/EAS, Germany

June 2024, Volume 13, Number 3

      2nd International Conference on Soft Computing, Data mining and Data Science (SCDD 2024)
      May 11 ~ 12, 2024, Virtual Conference

Steps and Challenges in Analyzing Real Sensor Data from a Productive Press Shop and its Value for Predictive
Maintenance Application
Safa Evirgen1 and Maylin Wartenberg2, 1Volkswagen AG, Germany, 2Hochschule Hannover, Germany

A Creativity Monitoring Device (CMD) for New Insight into the Brain Mechanisms of Artistic, Scientific and
Engineering Creative Acts
Nandor Ludvig, Translational Neuroscience Consultation, USA

Connectivity-Based Clustering for Mixed Discrete and Continuous Data   
Mahfuza Khatun1 and Sikandar Siddiqui2, 1Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh , 2Deloitte Audit Analytics
GmbH, Germany

Regular Issue

Advanced AI Solutions for Securities Trading: Building Scalable and Optimized Systems for Global
Financial Markets
Akinde Abdullah, Hassan Omolola, Samuel Olatunde and Oluwadare Aderibigbe, Austin Peay State
University, USA

April 2024, Volume 13, Number 2

      2nd International Conference on NLP & AI (NLPAI 2024)
      March 09 ~ 10, 2024, Virtual Conference

Direct Punjabi to English Speech Translation using Discrete Units   
Prabhjot Kaur1, L. Andrew M. Bush2 and Weisong Shi3, 1Wayne State University, USA, 2Utah State University, USA,
3University of Delaware, USA

Improving the Capabilities of Large Language Model based Marketing Analytics Copilots with Semantic Search
and Fine-Tuning
Yilin Gao1, Sai Kumar Arava2, Yancheng Li2 and James W Snyder Jr2, 1University of Southern California, USA,
2Adobe Inc., USA

The Evaluation of a Code-Switched Sepedi-English Automatic Speech Recognition System   
Amanda Phaladi and Thipe Modipa, University of Limpopo, South Africa

Ara--CANINE: Character-Based Pre-Trained Language Model for Arabic Language Understanding   
Abdulelah Alkesaiberi1, Ali Alkhathlan1 and Ahmed Abdelali2, 1King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia,
2National Center for AI, Saudi Arabia

Exploring Semantic Question Generation Methodology and a Case Study for Algorithmic Question Pool   
Sumayyah Alamoudi and Amany Alnahdi, King Abdulaziz University, KSA

On the Construction of Perfect Keyword Secure PEKS Scheme   
Indranil Ghosh Ray, Queen's University Belfast, UK

The Mathematics behind Cryptocurrencies "A Statistical Analysis of Cryptocurrencies"   
Masoud Eshaghinasrabadi, California State University, USA

The Covid Shock, The Rise of Defi, and Bitcoin's Increasing Market Risk   
Bruce D. McNevin1 and Joan Nix2, 1Chief Data Scientist, USA, 2Queens College (CUNY), USA

Efficient Storage of Heterogeneous IoT data in a Blockchain using an Indexing Method in Metric Space   
K. Khettabi, B. Farou, Z. Kouahla, and H. Seridi, STIC Laboratory, Algeria

Enhancing Time Series Anomaly Detection: A Hybrid Model Fusion Approach   
Paul Addai1, Pedro Pinto2, and Tauheed Khan Mohd3, 1Augustana College, USA, 2Instituto Politecnico de Viana
do Castelo (IPVC), Portugal, 3Eastern Michigan University, USA

Advancements and Hurdles in the Evolution of Automotive Wireless Interfaces: A Technical Exploration   
Nuha Sabek, Joseph Loftus, Kati Sneath, Spencer Ames, and Tauheed Khan Mohd, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Exploring Vulnerabilities and Attack Vectors Targeting Pacemaker Devices in Healthcare   
Brad Chardenet, Jaycen Jamssens, Richard Cummins, and Tauheed Khan Mohd,Eastern Michigan University, USA

February 2024, Volume 13, Number 1

      3rd International Conference on Education and Technology (EDUTEC 2024)
      January 13 ~ 14, 2024, Virtual Conference

Learning Analytics Dashboards for Advisors - A Systematic Literature Review   
Suchith Reddy Vemula and Marcia Moraes, Colorado State University, USA

Language Oriented Approach of Teaching Programming Skills   
Bauming Wood, Neijiang Normal University, China

Bridging the GAP: Selenium and RPA for Unparalleled Automation   
Rohit Khankhoje, Independent Researcher, USA

Scalable Action Mining Hybrid Method for Enhanced User Emotions in Education and Business Domain   
Sanchari Chatterjee1, Angelina A. Tzacheva2 and Zbigniew Ras2, 1University of North Carolina, USA, 2West
Cliff University Irvine, USA

Regular Issue

Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithm to Enable Access to Credit for Small Businesses in the United States of
Toyyibat T. Yussuph, American Express, USA

An Ethical Study of Generative AI from the Actor-Network Theory Perspective   
Yuying li And Jinchi zhu, Communication University of Zhejiang, China