International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA)

Current Issue

December 2021, Volume 11, Number 6

Analysis of Topic Modeling with Unpooled and Pooled Tweets and Exploration of Trends during Covid
Jaishree Ranganathan and Tsega Tsahai, Middle Tennessee State University, USA

October 2021, Volume 11, Number 5

IoT based Smart Irrigation System by Exploiting Distributed Sensorial Network
Md. Omar Faruk and Tarun Debnath, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
Dealing Crisis Management using AI
Yew Kee Wong, HuangHuai University, China

August 2021, Volume 11, Number 2/3/4

Using Voice Recognition in E-Learning System to Reduce Educational Inequality During Covid-19
Vladimir Tregubov, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Russia
Anomaly Detection in Arabic Texts using Ngrams and Self Organizing Maps
Abdulwahed Almarimi and Asmaa Salem, Bani Waleed University, Libya

February 2021, Volume 11, Number 1

Unlimited Length Random Passwords for Exponentially Increased Security
Cheman Shaik, VISH Consulting Services Inc, USA
Preventing Forged and Fabricated Academic Credentials using Cryptography and QR Codes
Cheman Shaik, VISH Consulting Services Inc, USA
Using Image Processing Techniques to Increase Safety in Shooting Ranges
Ufuk Asil and Efendi Nasibov, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey