Volume 13

October 2023, Volume 13, Number 5

      International Conference on Computer Graphics, Animation & Signal Processing (CGASP 2023)
      September 09-10, 2023, Virtual Conference

Piecewise Reconstruction of 3D Euler Spirals From Planar Polygonal Curves
Ali Fakih, Frederic Cordier and Yvan Maillot, Université de Haute Alsace, France

Fuzzy Preprocessing of Viola-Jones Algorithm for Face Recognition in Thermal Images
Edwyn Martínez, Edmundo Bonilla, Eduardo Sánchez, Crispín Hernández and Roberto Morales, Tecnológico Nacional
de México, México

Block-AD: Blockchain Attack-Defense CTF Competition for Next-Web3 Security
Inas Hasnaoui, Maria Zrikem and Rajaa Elassali, Smart Systems and Applications (SSA) & National School of
Applied Sciences (ENSA), Morocco

August 2023, Volume 13, Number 4

An Efficient Online Offline Data Collection Software Solution for Creating Reference Population to Established
Genomic Selection Under Small Holders’ Dairy System in India

Y S Gaundare, S A Joshi, N K Punde, K G Bhave, T V Shirsath, V V Potdar, V Dhanikachalam, S Jadhav, A S Joshi
and M Swaminathan, BAIF Development Research Foundation, India

An Overview of Various Techniques Involved in Detection of Anomalies from Surveillance Cameras
Vasanth Kumar N.T and Geetha Kiran .A, Malnad College of Engineering, India

June 2023, Volume 13, Number 1/2/3

Incorporating a Web-Based System to Implement Services and Recommendation System for International Students in Northeastern University (NEU)
Kometa Denis Mbowoh, University of Buea, Cameroon