Current Issue

September 2023, Volume 13, Number 4/5

When Should They Buy? Surviving Machine Learning Models for Purchase Timing
Diego Vallarino, Independent Researcher, Spain

May 2023, Volume 13, Number 3

Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Dinesh Kalla and Arvind Chandrasekaran, Colorado Technical University, USA

March 2023, Volume 13, Number 1/2

The Stock Market Volatility between China and Asean Countries Association Studies based on Complex Networks
Wangke Yu, Shuhua Liu, Ruoqi Pan, Ke Huang, Linyun Deng, Nanning University, China

Class Imbalance Handling Techniques used in Depression Prediction and Detection
Simisani Ndaba, University of Botswana, Botswana

Demand Forecasting of a Perishable Dairy Drink: An ARIMA Approach
T. Musora, Z. Chazuka, A. Jaison, J. Mapurisa, and J. Kamusha, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe