Volume 7

November 2017, Volume 7, Number 5/6

On Using Network Science in Mining Developers Collaboration in Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review
Mohammed Abufouda and Hadil Abukwaik, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Online Scalable SVM Ensemble Learning Method (OSSELM) for Spatio-Temporal Air Pollution Analysis
Shahid Ali and Simon Dacey, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

The Application of Extensive Feature Extraction as a Cost Strategy in Clinical Decision Support System
Odikwa, Henry1, Ugwu, Chidiebere1 and Inyiama Hycinth2, 1University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and 2Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria

Missing Data Classification of Chronic Kidney Disease
Wala Abedalkhader and Noora Abdulrahman, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates

Recurrent Feature Grouping and Classification Model for Action Model Prediction in CBMR
Vinoda Reddy1, P. Suresh Varma2 and A. Govardhan3, 1SIT, India, 2AdikaviNannaya University, India and 3JNTUH, India

Technical Review : Performance of Existing Imputation Methods for Missing Data in SVM Ensemble Creation
Shahid Ali and Simon Dacey, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Approach for Thickening Sentence Score for Automatic Text Summarization
Michael George, Dubai Municipality, UAE

July 2017, Volume 7, Number 4

Data Mining Attribute Selection Approach for Drought Modelling : A Case Study for Greater Horn of Africa
Getachew B. Demisse, Tsegaye Tadesse and Yared Bayissa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

A Comparative Analysis of Selected Studies in Student Performance Prediction
Michael Mogessie Ashenafi, University of Trento, Italy

Influence of Data Geometry in Random Subset Feature Selection
D.Lakshmi Padmaja1 and B.Vishnuvardhan2, 1Anurag Group of Institutions (CVSR), India and 2JNTUH, India

Predictive Modelling of Crime Dataset Using Data Mining
Prajakta Yerpude and Vaishnavi Gudur, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

May 2017, Volume 7, Number 3

A Semantic Metadata Enrichment Software Ecosystem Based on Topic Metadata Enrichments
Ronald Brisebois1, Alain Abran1, Apollinaire Nadembega2 and Philippe N'techobo3, 1University of Quebec, Canada,
2University of Montreal, Canada and 3Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada

A Comparative Study on Big Data Handling Using Relational and Non-Relational Data Model
Jannatul Maowa, A. H. M. Sajedul Hoque, Rashed Mustafa and Mohammad Osiur Rahman, University of Chittagong,

Two Party Hierarichal Clustering Over Horizontally Partitioned Data Set
Priya Kumari and Seema Maitrey, KIET Group of Institution, India

Link Mining Process
Zakea Il-Agure and Hicham Noureddine Itani, Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

March 2017, Volume 7, Number 2

Predicting Success : An Application of Data Mining Techniques to Student Outcomes
Noah Gilbert, California State University San Marcos, USA

Mining the Gift Receiver's Mind
Yi-Ning Tu1 and Fong-Ling Fu2, 1Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan and 2National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Scalable Local Community Detection with Mapreduce for Large Networks
Ren Wang, Andong Wang, Talat Iqbal Syed and Osmar R. Zaiane, University of Alberta, Canada

Building a Classifier Employing Prism Algorithm with Fuzzy Logic
Ishrat Nahar Farhana, A.H.M. Sajedul Hoque, Rashed Mustafa and Mohammad Sanaullah Chowdhury,
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

January 2017, Volume 7, Number 1

Terrorist Watcher : An Interactive Web Based Visual Analytical Tool of Terrorist's Personal Characteristics
Samah Mansoour, Grand Valley State University, USA

Integration of Machine Learning Techniques to Evaluate Dynamic Customer Segmentation Analysis for Mobile

Cormac Dullaghan and Eleni Rozaki, National College of Ireland, Ireland

Statistical Markovian Data Modeling for Natural Language Processing
Fawaz S. Al-Anzi and DiaAbuZeina, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Pattern Discovery for Multiple Data Sources Based on Item Rank
Arti Deshpande1, Anjali Mahajan2 and A Thomas1, 1G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering, India and 2Government
Polytechnic - Nagpur, India