Volume 10

December 2018, Volume 10, Number 6

Database Systems Performance Evaluation for IoT Applications
Christodoulos Asiminidis1, George Kokkonis2 and Sotirios Kontogiannis1, University of Ioannina, Greece and TEI of Western Macedonia, Greece

A Semantic Resource Based Approach for Star Schemas Matching
Elhaj Elamin1, Amer Alzaidi2 and Jamel Feki2, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan and University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

October 2018, Volume 10, Number 5

Affinity Clusters for Business Process Intelligence
Rajeev Kaula, Missouri State University, USA

August 2018, Volume 10, Number 4

Evaluation Criteria for Selecting NoSQL Databases in a Single Box Environment
Ryan D. L. Engle, Brent T. Langhals, Michael R. Grimaila and Douglas D. Hodson, Air Force Institute of Technology, USA

June 2018, Volume 10, Number 3

In Search of Actionable Patterns of Lowest Cost - A Scalable Graph Method
Angelina A. Tzacheva, Arunkumar Bagavathi and Aabir K. Datta, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

April 2018, Volume 10, Number 2

NoSQL Implementation of a Conceptual Data Model : UML Class Diagram to a Document Oriented Model
A. Benmakhlouf, University Hassan 1, Morocco

Top NewSQL Databases and Features Classification
Ahmed Almassabi1, Omar Bawazeer1 and Salahadin Adam2, 1Najran University, Saudi Arabia and 2King Fahad
University of Petroleum and Mineral, Saudi Arabia

February 2018, Volume 10, Number 1

Influence of the Event Rate on Discrimination Abilities of Bankruptcy Prediction Models
Lili Zhang, Jennifer Priestley and Xuelei Ni, Kennesaw State University, USA