Volume 1

November 2010, Volume 1, Number 2

The Interactive Zoooz Guide
Thang Nguyen and Hao Shi, Victoria University, Australia

Scalable and Robust Location Aware Multicast Algorithm (SRLAMA) for MANET
Pariza Kamboj1 and Ashok. K. Sharma2, 1ITM University, India and 2YMCA Institute of Engineering - Haryana, India

A Proximity based Retransmission Scheme for Power Line Ad-hoc LAN
Chitta Ranjan Singha, Assam Engineering Institute, India

A Novel Approach for Allocating Network and IT Resources Offered By Different Service Providers
Marina Bitsaki1 and Manos Dramitinos2, 1University of Crete, Greece and 2Athens University of Economics and Business,

Forwarding of Multiple Messages to Multiple Destinations By Using Mobile Agents
G.V. Shivani and M.Dinakaran, VIT University, India.

Performance Evaluation of QoS parameters in UMTS Network Using Qualnet
Amandeep Singh Thethi and R.S. Sawhney, Guru Nanak Dev University, India

On Linear Complexity of Binary Sequences Generated Using Matrix Recurrence Relation Defined Over Z4
Ramesh S1,3, K N Haribhat 2 and R Murali3, 1Dr MGR University, India, 2Nagarjuna College of Engineering &
Technology, India and 3Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology - Bangalore, India

Detection Of Control Flow Errors In Parallel Programs At Compile Time
Bruce P. Lester, Maharishi University of Management, USA

Investigation Of Fwm Effect On Ber In Wdm Optical Communication System With Binary And Duobinary Modulation

Laxman Tawade, Shantanu Jagdale, Premanand Kadbe and Shankar Deosarkar, Vidya Pratishthan's College of
Engineering, India

An Implementation Possibilities For Aodv Routing Protocol In Real World
Nitiket N Mhala1 and N K Choudhari 2, 1BDCOE - Sevagram, India and 2Bhagwati Chadurvedi COE - Nagpur, India

Fine Grain Parallel Construction of Neighbour-joining Phylogenetic Trees with Reduced Redundancy Using

Biswajit Sahoo1, Ashutosh Behura1 and Sudarsan Padhy2, 1KIIT University, India and 2Utkal University, India

Reducing Handover Delay By Pre-Selective Scanning Using GPS
Debabrata Sarddar1, Joydeep Banerjee1, Jaydeep Ghosh Chowdhury1, Ramesh Jana1, Kaushik Kumar Nundy2, Utpal
Biswas3 and M.K.Naskar1, 1Jadavpur University, India, 2Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China and
3University of Kalyani, India

September 2010, Volume 1, Number 1

HERF:A Hybrid Energy Efficient Routing using a Fuzzy Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zohre. Arabi and Yaghoub Khodaei, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Loss Differentiation Algorithms Vs Congestion Control Schemes: Dynamics and Performance
Aleksandar Milenkoski and Biljana Stojcevska, University American College, Republic of Macedonia

Data Mining System and Applications: A Review
S. P. Deshpande1 and V. M. Thakare2, 1H.V.P.Mandal, India and 2Amravati University, India

A Bandwidth Efficient Scheduling Framework for Non Real Time Applications in Wireless Networks
G.Indumathi and K.Murugesan, Anna University - Chennai, India

Design and Performance Analysis of Coordinated Checkpointing Algorithms for Distributed Mobile Systems
Surender Kumar1,R.K. Chauhan2 and Parveen Kumar3, 1Haryana College of Tech. & Mgmt., India, 2Kurukshetra
University, India and 3MIET, India

Network Reliability Computation by using Different Binary Decision Diagrams
Manoj Singhal1, R. K. Chauhan2 and Girish Sharma3, 1Academy of Business and Engineering Sciences, India,
2Kurukshetra University, India and 3Bhai Parmanand Institute Of Business Studies, India

Generation of Large Set of Binary Sequences Derived From Chaotic Functions Defined Over Finite Field GF(28) with
Good Linear Complexity and Pairwise Cross Correlation Properties

Mahalinga V. Mandi1, K. N. Haribhat2 and R. Murali3, 1Dr. MGR University, India, 2Nagarjuna College of Engineering
& Technology, India and 3Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India