Current Issue

December 2018, Volume 8, Number 4

Design and Implementation of IOT Based Smart Power Monitoring and Management System Using WSNS
Iman Mohammed Nayyef and Anas Ali Husein, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq

Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Logic and Back Propagation Neural Network for Hand Written Character Recognition
Heba M. Abduallah and Safaa S. Mahdi, Al- Nahrain University, Iraq

Fingerprint Classification Based on Orientation Field
Zahraa Hadi and Safaa S. Mahdi, Al- Nahrain University, Iraq

September 2018, Volume 8, Number 1/2/3

Design of an Autonomous Smart Shower With Sensors and Actuators
Tareq Khan Eastern Michigan University, USA

Dynamut: A Mutation Testing Tool for Industry-Level Embedded System Applications
Darin Weffenstette and Kristen R. Walcott University of Colorado, USA