Volume 3

November 2011, Volume 3, Number 4

Automatic Classification of X-Rated Videos Using Obscene Sound Analysis Based on a Repeated Curve-Like Spectrum Feature
JaeDeok Lim1, ByeongCheol Choi1, SeungWan Han1 and ChoelHoon Lee2, 1ETRI, Korea and 2Chung-Nam National University,

ECAKP: Encrypt Collect Authenticate Kill Play
Mahmoud Mohamed El-Khouly, Helwan University, Egypt

Modelling Gesture Based Ubiquitous Applications
Kurien Zacharia, Eldo P. Elias and Surekha Mariam Varghese, M. A. College of Engineering, India

Robust Secure and Blind Watermarking Based on DWT DCT Partial Multi Map Chaotic Encryption
Esam A. Hagras1, M. S. El-Mahallawy2, A. Zein Eldin2 and M. W. Fakhr2,1Alexandria University, Egypt and 2Arab Academy
for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt

Recent Trends and Research Issues in Video Association Mining
Vijayakumar.V1 and Nedunchezhian.R2, 1Bharathiar University, India and 2Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India

Statistically Quality Assured Streaming Architecture For Dynamic Peer To Peer Networks
A. Rajesh and S. Ravi, Padmasri B.V Raju Insitute of Technology, India

Lossless Digital Image Compression Method for Bitmap Images
T. Meyyappan1, SM.Thamarai1 and N.M.Jeya Nachiaban2, 1Alagappa University, India and 2Thiagarajar College of
Engineering, India

Impulse Noise Removal from Medical Images Using Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm
Anisha K K and M.Wilscy, University of Kerala, India

Fabrication of Message Digest to Authenticate Audio Signals with Alternation of Coefficients of Harmonics in Multi-Stages

Uttam Kr. Mondal1and J.K.Mandal2, 1College of Engg. & Management, India and 2University of Kalyani, India

Enhanced Hybrid Compound Image Compression Algorithm Combining Block and Layer-based Segmentation
D. Maheswari and V.Radha, Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women, India

Multiple Access Scheme for Multi-Symbol Encapsulated Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Biswajit Datta1, Anupam Karmakar2, Mrinal K. Naskar3, 1College of Engineering and Management, India, 2University of
Calcutta, India and 3Jadavpur University, India

Enhanced Nested Video Watermarking Using Wavelets and Geometric Warping
T.Jayamalar and V. Radha, Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women, India

Advanced Web Image Retrievel Using Clustering Algorithms
Umesh K K and Suresha, University of Mysore, India

Fast DOA estimation using wavelet denoising on MIMO fading channel
A.V. Meenakshi, V.Punitham, R.Kayalvizhi, S.Asha, Periyar Maniammai University, India

Statistical Information of the Increased Demand for Watch the VOD with the Increased Sophistication in the Mobile Devices,Communications and Internet Penetration in Asia
Saleh Ali Alomari and Putra Sumari, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

August 2011, Volume 3, Number 3

Color Texture Classification Approach Based on Combination of Primitive Pattern Units and Statistical Features
Shervan Fekri Ershad, Shiraz International University, Iran

A Prototype System for Controlling a Computer by Head Movements and Voice Commands
Anis Ismail, Abd El Salam AL HAJJAR and Mohammad HAJJAR, Lebanaise University, LIBAN

Real-Time Shadow Using a Combination of Stencil and the Z-Buffer
Hoshang Kolivand1,2, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar1, Normal Mat Jusoh1, Folorunso Olufemi A.1, 1Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Malaysia and 2Islamic Azad University, Iran

Apporach Geometry/Image for Rendering Forest in Real Time
Abbas Faycal1 and Med Chaouki Babahenini2, Mohamed Khider University, Algeria

Transmission of Successful Route Error Message(RERR) in Routing Aware Multiple Description Video Coding Over Mobile
Adhoc Network

Kinjal Shah, Gagan Dua, Dharmendar Sharma, Priyanka Mishra and Nitin Rakesh, Jaypee University, India

A Semi-Blind Reference Watermarking Scheme Using DWT-SVD for Copyright Protection
Satyanarayana Murty . P1, M.Uday Bhaskar2, P.Nanna Babu2, P. Rajesh Kumar3, 1GIITS, India, 2Sri Sai Aditya Institute of
Science & Technology, India and 3AU college of Engineering, India

A Survey on Web Multimedia Mining
Pravin M. Kamde1, Siddu. P. Algur2, 1Sinhgad College of Engineering, India and 2BVB College of Engineering & Technology,

Information Hiding Using Audio Steganography - A Survey
Jayaram P, Ranganatha H R and Anupama H S, R V College of Engineering, India

Multi-Objective Optimization of Multimedia Packet Scheduling for Adhoc Networks Through Hybridized Genetic Algorithm
R.Muthu Selvi and R.Rajaram, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India

May 2011, Volume 3, Number 2

Level of Presence in Team-Building Activities: Gaming Component in Virtual Environments
Gianluca De Leo1, Koren S. Goodman1, Elena Radici1 , Scott R. Secrhist1 and Thomas W. Mastaglio2, 1Old Dominion University,

Enabling Network Convergence Through Contextual Session Mobility With IMS
A.Dragoi1, N.Kara2 and S.Aissa3, 1University of Waterloo, CA, 2ETS University of Quebec, CA and 3INRS-EMT University of
Quebec, CA

High Quality of Service on Video Streaming in P2P Networks Using FST-MDC
Suresh Jaganathan and Jeevan Eranti, Sri Sivasubramania Nadar College of Engineering, India

A New Case for Image Compression Using Logic Function Minimization
Behrouz Zolfaghari and Hamed sheidaeian, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Developing Dynamic Virtual Environments Using Hierarchical, Tree-Structured Approach
Wan Mohd Rizhan Wan Idris1, Elissa Nadia Madi1, Md Yazid Mohd Saman2, 1Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia
and 2Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

A Frame work for improvising Service of Multimedia Applications in Mobile Networks
Bhuvaneswari Mariappan1 and Seethalakshmi Pandian2, Anna University of Technology - Tiruchirappalli, India

February 2011, Volume 3, Number 1

Multimedia Database Applications: Issues and Concerns for Classroom Teaching
Chien Yu and Teri Brandenburg, Mississippi State University, USA

A Robust Model for Gene Anlysis and Classification
Fatemeh Aminzadeh, Bita Shadgar and Alireza Osareh, Shahid Chamran University, Iran

Selection sorting Algorithm Visualization Using Flash
Hadi Sutopo, Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI, Indonesia

A Novel Robust Watermarking Technique Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and SVD
C.Venkata Narasimhulu1 and K.Satya Prasad2, 1Hasvita Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2JNTU Kakinada, India

Analytical Classification of Multimedia Index Structures by Using a Partitioning Method-Based Framework
Mohammadreza keyvanpour1 and Najva Izadpanah2, 1Alzahra University, Iran and 2Islamic Azad University, Iran

Ontology Based Approach for Video Transmission Over the Network
Rachit Mohan Garg, Yamini Sood and Neha Tyagi, Jaypee University of Information Technology, India

A Framework for Face Recognition Using Adaptive Binning and Adaboost Techniques
Srinivasan A, Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College, India

Edge Detection in Multispectral Images Based on Structural Elements
Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi1, Mahdi Koohi2 and Abbas Shakery2, 1Islamic Azad university, Iran and 2Azad University of South

Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Designing 3D Simulation Case Studies
Xin Bai and Dana Fusco, The City University of New York, USA

Wicket Fall Concept Mining From Cricket Video Using A-Priori Algorithm
Mahesh Goyani1, Shreyash Dutta2, Gunvatsinh Gohil3 and Sapan Naik4, 1Sardar Patel University, India, 3Gujarat University,
India and 4Gujarat Technological University, India

Contourlet Transform Based Watermarking for Colour Images
Dinesh Kumar1 and Vijay Kumar2, 1GJUS&T, India and 2JCDMCOE, India

Digital Video Broadcast Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Hub for Satellite Based E-Learning
N.G.Vasantha Kumar1, Mohanchur Sarkar1, Vishal Agarwal1, B.P. Chaniara1, S.V.Mehta1, V.S.Palsule1 and K.S.Dasgupta2,
1ISRO, India and 2Indian Institute of Space Technology, India