Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 4

November 2012, Volume 4, Number 4

Extending UTAUT to Explain Social Media Adoption by Microbusinesses
Debashish Mandal and Robert J McQueen, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Corporate Social Responsibility and Professional Training for Immigrant : The Business Case
Dario A. Schirone and Germano Torkan, University of Bari, Italy
E-Commerce Mobile Marketing Model Resolving Users Acceptance Criteria
Veronica S. Moertini and Criswanto D. Nugroho, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia
Designing a Recommender System Based on Social Networks and Location Based Services
Fatemeh Khoshnood, Mehregan Mahdavi and Maedeh Kiani sarkaleh, University of Guilan, Iran

August 2012, Volume 4, Number 3

Sociotechnical Management Model for Governance of an Ecosystem
Antonio J. Balloni1, Adalberto Mantovani Martiniano de Azevedo2 and Marco Antonio Silveira1, 1Center for Information
Technology Renato Archer – CTI/Br, Brazil and 2Federal University of ABC, Brazil
Defining ICT in a Boundaryless World : The Development of a Working Hierarchy
Colrain M. Zuppo, Marion Technical College (MTC), USA
Efficient Indicators to Evaluate the Status of Software Development Effort Estimation inside the Organizations
Elham Khatibi and Roliana Ibrahim, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
A Design Science Approach to Develop a New Comprehensive SOA Governance Framework
Fazilat Hojaji and Mohammad Reza Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
The Impact of Mobile Nodes Arrival Patterns in MANETS Using Poisson Models
John Tengviel1, K. A. Dotche2 and K. Diawuo2, 1Sunyani Polytechnic, Ghana and 2KNUST, Ghana
OLAP based Scaffolding to support Personalized Synchronous e-Learning
Souvik Sengupta1, Bulbul Mukherjee1, Sudipta Bhattacharya1 and Ranajan Dasgupta2, 1Bengal Institute of Technology, India and 2National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, India
Performance Analysis of Hybrid Forecasting Model in Stock Market Forecasting
Mahesh S. Khadka, K. M. George, N. Park and J.B. Kim, Oklahoma State University, USA
A Connected Enterprise - Transformation Through Mobility and Social Networks
Jitendra Maan, Tata Consultancy Services - Haryana, India

May 2012, Volume 4, Number 2

ETC Assisted Traffic Light Control Scheme for Reducing Vehicles CO2 Emissions
Chunxiao LI and Shigeru Shimamoto, Waseda University, Japan
Designing a Tourism Recommender System Based on Location, Mobile Device and User Features in Museum
Maede Kiani Sarkaleh, Mehregan Mahdavi and Mahsa Baniardalan, University of Guilan, Iran

February 2012, Volume 4, Number 1

Classify Participants in Online Communities
Xuequn Wang1 and Yanjun Yu2, 1Washington State University, USA and 2Southern University at New Orleans, USA
GIS Driven Urban Traffic Analysis Based on Ontology
Tazin Malgundkar1,Madhuri Rao1 and S.S. Mantha2, 1Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, India and 2VeerMata JijaBai Technological Institute, India
Apply On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)With Data Mining For Clinical Decision Support
Walid Qassim Qwaider, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia