Volume 6

December 2016, Volume 6, Number 4/5/6

Journey of Mobile Generation and Cognitive Radio Technology in 5G
Parnika De and Shailendra Singh, National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research - Bhopal, India

June 2016, Volume 6, Number 3

An Overview of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for OFDM Signals
Zhuo Wang, Enchang Sun, Yanhua Zhang, Beijing University of Technology, China

April 2016, Volume 6, Number 2

Design and Implementation a New Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm Using the Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm
for Wireless Sensor Networks

Sayyed Hedayat Tarighinejad and Reza Alinaghian and Mehdi Sadeghzadeh, Islamic Azad University, Iran

February 2016, Volume 6, Number 1

Trust Based Security Model to Withstand Against Black Hole and Grey Hole Attacks In Military Based Mobile Ad Hoc

S.Sivagurunathan and K.Prathapchandran, Gandhigram Rural Institute, India