Current Issue

October 2019, Volume 9, Number 4/5

Investigating the Performance of Various Channel Estimation Techniques for MIMO-OFDM Systems using Matlab
Woud M. Abed and Raghad K. Mohammed, College of Dentistry University of Baghdad, Iraq

June 2019, Volume 9, Number 3

Solving Optimal Components Assignment Problem for A Multistate Network Using Fuzzy Optimization
H. Hamdy1, M. R. Hassan1, M. Eid1 and M. Khalifa2, 1Aswan University, Egypt and 2South Valley University, Egypt

April 2019, Volume 9, Number 2

Coding Schemes for Energy Constrained Iotdevices
Mais Sami Ali and AbdulkareemAbdulrahmanKadhim , Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq

February 2019, Volume 9, Number 1

Extended Linear Multicommodity Multi cost Network And maximal Concurent Flow Problems
Ho Van Hung1 and Tran Quoc Chien2, 1Quangnam University, Vietnam and 2University of Danang, Vietnam