Current Issue

December 2022, Volume 11, Number 6

Streaming Punctuation: A Novel Punctuation Technique Leveraging Bidirectional Context for Continuous Speech Recognition
Piyush Behre, Sharman Tan, Padma Varadharajan and Shuangyu Chang, Microsoft Corporation

Stress Test for Bert and Deep Models: Predicting Words from Italian Poetry
Rodolfo Delmonte, Nicolò Busetto, Ca Foscari University, Venice (Italy)

Unscrambling Codes: from Hieroglyphs to Market News
Emilio Barone1 and Gaia Barone2, 1Department of Economics and Finance, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, Italy,
2School of Business, National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

October 2022, Volume 11, Number 5

Learning Chess and NIM with Transformers
Michael DeLeo and Erhan Guven, Johns Hopkins University, USA

A Grammatically and Structurally Based Part of Speech (POS) Tagger for Arabic Language
Mohamed Taybe Elhadi and Ramadan Sayad Alfared, Zawia University, Libya

Hierarchical Topics in Texts Generated by a Stream
Achraf Lassoued, University of Paris II and IRIF-CNRS, France

A Contrastive Study of the Negation Morphemes ( English, Kurdish and Arabic)
Safia Zivingi, Damascus University (2), Syria

August 2022, Volume 11, Number 4

Comparative Analysis of Existing and a Novel Approach to Topic Detection on Conversational Dialogue Data
Haider Khalid and Vincent Wade, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Adversarial Grammatical Error Generation: Application to Persian Language
Nassibeh Golizadeh1, Mahdi Golizadeh1 and Mohamad Forouzanfar2, 1University of Tabriz, Iran, 2K.N. Toosi University
of Technology, Iran

June 2022, Volume 11, Number 3

LARQS: An Analogical Reasoning Evaluation Dataset for Legal Word Embedding
Chun-Hsien Lin and Pu-Jen Cheng, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Machine-Readable Entailments with the Italian Prendere Construction Expressing Hitting and Insulting Events
Ignazio Mauro Mirto, Università di Palermo, Italy

Developing Smart Web-Search using Regex
Ikechukwu Onyenwe1, Stanley Ogbonna1, Ebele Onyedimma1, Onyedikachukwu Ikechukwu-Onyenwe1
and Chidinma Nwafor2, 1Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria, 2Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science
and Technology, Nigeria

Prototyping NLP Non-Word Detection System for Dinka using Dictionary Lookup Approach
Manyok Chol David1 and Robert Balagadde Ssali2, 1University of Juba, South Sudan, 2Kampala International University, Uganda

Evaluation of Semantic Answer Similarity Metrics
Farida Mustafazade1 and Peter F. Ebbinghaus2, 1GAM Systematic, 2Teufel Audio

April 2022, Volume 11, Number 2

Text Data Labelling using Transformer based Sentence Embeddings and Text Similarity for Text Classification
Amiya Amitabh Chakrabarty, Broadridge financial solutions, India

February 2022, Volume 11, Number 1

Extracting Linguistic Speech Patterns of Japanese Fictional Characters using Subword Units
Mika Kishino1 and Kanako Komiya2, 1Ibaraki University, Japan, 2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Integration of Phonotactic Features for Language Identification on Code-Switched Speech
Koena Mabokela, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Morphological Analyzer using the BILSTM Model only for Japanese Hiragana Sentences
Jun Izutsu1 and Kanako Komiya2, 1Ibaraki University, Japan, 2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

A Robust Three-Stage Hybrid Framework for English to Bangla Transliteration
Redwan Ahmed Rizvee, Asif Mahmood, Shakur Shams Mullick and Sajjadul Hakim,
Tiger IT Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh