Current Issue

February 2024, Volume 13, Number 1

Evaluation of Medium-Sized Language Models in German and English Language
Rene Peinl and Johannes Wirth, Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Performance, Energy Consumption and Costs: A Comparative Analysis of Automatic Text Classification Approaches
in the Legal Domain

Leonardo Rigutini1, Achille Globo1, Marco Stefanelli2, Andrea Zugarini1, Sinan Gultekin1, Marco Ernandes1,
spa, Italy, 2University of Siena, Italy

Rag-Fusion: A New Take on Retrieval Augmented Generation
Zackary Rackauckas, Infineon Technologies, California

Document Author Classification using Parsed Language Structure
Todd K. Moon and Jacob H. Gunther, Utah State University, USA

Improving Dialogue Management Through Data Optimization
Miguel Ángel Medina-Ramírez, Cayetano Guerra-Artal and Mario HernándezTejera, University of Las Palmas de Gran
Canarias, Spain