Volume 12

November 2023, Volume 12, Number 3/4

Deep Learning Meets Blockchain for Automated and Secure Access Control
Asma Jodeiri Akbarfam1, Sina Barazandeh2, Deepti Gupta3, and Hoda Maleki1, 1Augusta University, Augusta, USA,
2Bilkent University, Turkey, 3Texas A&M University Central Texas, USA

Object Capability Model for Tee: A Cheri Based Compartmentalization Approach
Bala Subramanyan, Verifoxx Ltd, UK

Guideline for the Production of Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Shannon Kathleen Coates and Hossein Abroshan, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

May 2023, Volume 12, Number 2

The Performance Comparison of a Brute-Force Password Cracking Algorithm using Regular Functions and
Generator Functions in Python

Berker Tasoluk1 and Zuhal Tanrikulu2, 1Istanbul University, Turkey, 2Bogazici University, Turkey

February 2023, Volume 12, Number 1

How Reversibility Differentiates Cyber from Kinetic Warfare: A Case Study in the Energy Sector
Tom Johansmeyer, University of Kent, UK

A Trust Management Framework for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Rezvi Shahariar and Chris Phillips, University of London, UK