International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

Volume 8

November 2016, Volume 8, Number 6

Steganalysis Algorithm for PNG Images Based on Fuzzy Logic Technique
Jawaher alqahtani1, Daniyal Alghazzawi1 and Li Cheng2, 1King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia and 2Chinese Academy
of Sciences, China
A Mechanism for Early Detecting DDOS Attacks Based on M/G/R PS Queue
Nguyen Hong Son, Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology, Vietnam
A Bastion Mobile ID-Based Authentication Technique (BMBAT)
Abdelmunem Abuhasan and Adwan Yasin, Arab American University, Palestine

September 2016, Volume 8, Number 5

A Hybrid Approach Combining Rule-Based and Anomaly-Based Detection Against DDoS Attacks
Chin-Ling Chen1 and Hsin-Chiao Chen2, 1National Pingtung University, Taiwan and 2National Pingtung Institute
of Commerce, Taiwan
Enhance RFID Security Against Brute Force Attack Based on Password Strength and Markov Model
Adwan Yasin and Fadi AbuAlrub, Arab American University, Palestine
Color Image Encryption Based on Multiple Chaotic Systems
Yuting Xi, Xing Zhang and Ruisong Ye, Shantou University, P. R. China

July 2016, Volume 8, Number 4

Proactive Detection of DDOS Attacks in Publish-Subscribe Networks
Bander Alzahrani1, Vassilios Vassilakis2, Mohammed Alreshoodi3, Fawaz Alarfaj4 and Ahmed Alhindi5, 1King Abdulaziz
University, Saudi Arabia, 2University of Brighton, United Kingdom, 3Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, 4Al Imam
Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), Saudi Arabia and 5Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
Email Spam Classification Using Hybrid Approach of RBF Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization
Mohammed Awad and Monir Foqaha, Arab American University, Palestine
Performance Analysis of the Neighbor Weight Trust Determination Algorithm in MANETs
Ali Abu Romman1 and Hussein Al-Bahadili2, 1Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan and 2University of Petra,
A Benchmark for Designing Usable and Secure Text-Based Captchas
Suliman A. Alsuhibany, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
An Intelligent Classification Model for Phishing Email Detection
Adwan Yasin and Abdelmunem Abuhasan, Arab American University, Palestine

May 2016, Volume 8, Number 3

Using a Deep Understanding of Network Activities for Security Event Management
Mona Lange1, Felix Kuhr2 and Ralf Moller1, 1Universitat zu Lubeck, Germany and 2Technical Universitat Hamburg-Harburg,
Wearable Technology Devices Security and Privacy Vulnerability Analysis
Ke Wan Ching and Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh, University Sains Malaysia Penang, Malaysia
Y-Hamiltonian Layers Broadcast Algorithm
Amnah El-Obaid and Nagham_Al-Madi, Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan
Authentication Using Trust to Detect Misbehaving Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Using Q-Learning
S.Sivagurunathan1, K.Prathapchandran1 and A.Thirumavalavan2, 1Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed University, India
and 2Arignar Anna Government Arts College, India

March 2016, Volume 8, Number 2

Trends Toward Real-Time Network Data Steganography
James Collins, Sos Agaian, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Intrusion Detection System Using Discrete Fourier Transform with Window Function
Yusuke Tsuge and HidemaTanaka, National Defense Academy of Japan, Japan
A Novel Charging and Accounting Scheme in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Inna Kofman1 and Nurul Huda2, 1University of Duesseldorf, Germany and 2Ryerson University, Canada
A Security Evaluation Framework for U.K. E-Government Services Agile Software Development
Steve Harrison1,Antonis Tzounis2, Leandros Maglaras1, Francois Siewe1, Richard Smith1 and Helge Janicke1,
1De Montfort University, United Kingdom and 2University of Thessaly, Greece
Cascade Block Cipher Using Braiding/Entanglement of Spin Matrices and Bit Rotation
D.Sravana Kumar1, P.Sirisha2 and CH. Suneetha3, 1Dr. V.S. Krishna Government Degree College, India,
2Indian Maritime University, India and 3GITAM University, India
The Internet of Things : New Interoperability, Management and Security Challenges
Mahmoud Elkhodr, Seyed Shahrestani and Hon Cheung, Western Sydney University, Australia
Design and Implementation of the Advanced Cloud Privacy Threat Modeling
Ali Gholami1, Anna-Sara Lind2, Jane Reichel2, Jan-Eric Litton3, Ake Edlund1, Erwin Laure1, 1KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
Sweden, 2Uppsala University, Sweden and 3Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

January 2016, Volume 8, Number 1

Limiting Self-Propagating Malware Based On Connection Failure Behavior Through Hyper-Compact Estimators
You Zhou1, Yian Zhou1, Shigang Chen1 and O. Patrick Kreidl2, 1University of Florida, USA and 2University of North Florida, USA
Employee Trust Based Industrial Device Deployment and Initial Key Establishment
Apala Ray1,2 and Johan Akerberg2,3and Mats Bjorkman3 and Mikael Gidlund4, 1ABB Corporate Research- Bangalore, India,
2Malardalen University, Sweden, 3ABB Corporate Research-Vasteras, Sweden and 4Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden
A Security Strategy against STEAL-AND-PASS Credential Attacks
Juan Ceballos, Security Consulting & Engineering, T-Systems International, Germany
Big Data Security and Privacy Issues in the CLOUD
Ali Gholami and Erwin Laure, KTH- Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden