International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

Current Issue

November 2023, Volume 15, Number 6

Exploring Critical Vulnerabilities in SIEM Implementation and SOC Service Procurement: An In-Depth Analysis of
High-Risk Scenarios

Ertuğrul AKBAŞ, Istanbul Esenyurt University, Turkey
A Framework for Securing Email Entrances and Mitigating Phishing Impersonation Attacks
Wosah Peace Nmachi, University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
A Systematic Review on Machine Learning Insider Threat Detection Models, Datasets and Evaluation Metrics
Everleen Nekesa Wanyonyi1,2, Silvance Abeka2 and Newton Masinde2, 1Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya,
2Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, Kenya

September 2023, Volume 15, Number 5

Invertible Neural Network for Inference Pipeline Anomaly Detection
Malgorzata Schwab and Ashis Biswas, University of Colorado at Denver, USA
SPDZ-Based Optimistic Fair Multi-Party Computation Detection
Chung-Li Wang, Alibaba Inc., USA
Exploring the Effectiveness of VPN Architecture in Enhancing Network Security for Mobile Networks: An Investigation

Khawla Azwee1, Mokhtar Alkhattali1 and Mostafa Dow2, 1High Institute of Science and Technology, Libya,
2College of Science and Technology, Libya

July 2023, Volume 15, Number 4

Building a Continuously Integrating System with High Safety
Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Ha Nguyen Hoang2 and Vy Huynh Trieu3, 1Duy Tan University, Viet Nam, 2Hue University, Vietnam,
3Phạm Van Dong University, Viet Nam

May 2023, Volume 15, Number 3

Near Ultrasonic Attack and Defensive Countermeasures
Forrest McKee and David Noever, PeopleTec, USA
Pseudo Random Key Generator using Fractal based Trellis Coded Genetic Algorithm for Image Encryption
Anusha .T and Venkatesan R, PSG College of Technology, India
A Novel Alert Correlation Technique for Filtering Network Attacks
Jane Kinanu Kiruki1,2, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha1 and Gabriel Kamau1, 1Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya,
2Chuka University, Kenya
The Relationship Between the Characteristics of Software Developers and Security Behavior Intention
Wisdom Umeugo, Independent Researcher, Canada
An Extended K-Means Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for Efficient Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Peter Maina Mwangi, John Gichuki Ndia and Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha, Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya
The Evolving Threat Landscape: An Overview of Attacks and Response Strategies Against Cybercrime in Saudi Arabia
Homam El-Taj, Dar Al-Hekma University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Advancements in Crowd-Monitoring System: A Comprehensive Analysis of Systematic Approaches and Automation
Algorithms: State-of-the-Art

Mohammed Ameen and Richard Stone, Iowa State University, USA

March 2023, Volume 15, Number 2

Mechanisms for Digital Transformation in the Education and Healthcare Sectors Utilizing Decentralized Self-Sovereign

Gregory H. Jackson1 and Karaitiana Taiuru2, 1Adayge Inc., Utah, U.S.A, 2University of Auckland, New Zealand
Cybercrime Awareness on Social Media: A Comparison Study
Wisdom Umeugo, Independent researcher, Canada
A Countermeasure for Double Spending Attacks on Blockchain Technology in Smart Grid
Lanqin Sang and Henry Hexmoor, Southern Illinois University, USA

January 2023, Volume 15, Number 1

Analyzing Network Performance Parameters using Wireshark
Ruchi Tuli, Jubail Industrial College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Metrics for Evaluating Alerts in Intrusion Detection Systems
Jane Kinanu Kiruki1,2, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha1 and Gabriel Kamau1, 1Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya,
2Chuka University, Kenya
Optimizing Congestion Control by using Devices Authentication in Software-Defined Networks
Tamer Barakat, Hanan Eljawhri, Mohamed Merzban and Mahmoud Elbayoumi, Fayoum University, Egypt