Volume 8

December 2016, Volume 8, Number 6

An SDN Approach for an Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Communication Network in Disaster Scenarios
Toan Nguyen-Duc and Eiji Kamioka, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Hybrid Cryptosystem with DNA Based Key for Wireless Sensor Networks
Monika Poriye and Shuchita Upadhyaya, Kurukshetra University, India

Optimal Power Allocation for Multiple Access Channel
Zouhair Al-qudah, AL-Hussein bin Talal University, Jordan

Big Data Networking : Requirements, Architecture and Issues
Mohammed S. Al-kahtani, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

October 2016, Volume 8, Number 5

Energy-Efficient Data Collection in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks employing Distributed DCT
Minh T. Nguyen1,2 and Keith A. Teague2, 1Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Vietnam and 2Oklahoma State University,

Increase the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Hierarchical Clustering with Cluster Topology Preservation
Javad Baqeri, Ali Sedighimanesh and Mohammad Sedighimanesh, Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, Iran

Efficient Analysis of the Ergodic Capacity of Cooperative Non-Regenerative Relay Networks Over Generalized Fading Channels
Bhuvan Modi, O. Olabiyi and A. Annamalai, Prairie View A & M University, United States of America

SCTP-MANET New Extension of SCTP Protocol for the Optimization of MANET Performances
SADOUNI Salheddine1, Benslama Malek1 and Beylot André-Luc2, 1University of Constantine, Algeria and 2Université de
Toulouse, France

Emerging Wireless Technologies in the Internet of Things : A Comparative Study
Mahmoud Elkhodr, Seyed Shahrestani and Hon Cheung, Western Sydney University, Australia

August 2016, Volume 8, Number 4

Multi-Stages Co-Operative/Non-Cooperative Schemes of Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Systems
Anwar Mousa and Tara Javidi, University of California, United States

Cutting Down Energy Usage in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Duty Cycle Technique and Multi-Hop Routing
Ali Sedighimanesh, Mohammad Sedighimanesh and Javad Baqeri, Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, Iran

Semantic Techniques for IOT Data and Service Management on to Smart System
L. Nachabe3, M. Girod-Genet1 and B. ElHassan2, 1Telecom SudParis University, France, 2Lebanese University, Lebanon and
3American University of Culture & Education, Lebanon

Increasing Wireless Sensor Networks Lifetime with New Method
Mohammad Sedighimanesh, Javad Baqeri and Ali Sedighimanesh, Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, Iran

Practical Partial Decode and Forward Encoding Scheme for Relay Channel
Zouhair Al-qudah, Al-Hussein bin Talal University, Jordan

Mobility Load Balancing Based Adaptive Handover in Downlink LTE Self-Organizing Networks
Hana Jouini1, Mohamed Escheikh1, Kamel Barkaoui2 and Tahar Ezzedine1, 1University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia and
2Cedric-Cnam, France

Efficiency Enhancement Based on Allocating Bizarre Peaks
Q. J. Hamarsheh, O. R. Daoud, M. M. Ali and A. A. Damati, Philadelphia University, Jordan

June 2016, Volume 8, Number 3

Performance Improvement of Non-Regerative Cooperative Relay Networks with Optimal Power Allocation and Adaptive
M-QAM/M-PSK Modulation Over Generalized Fading Channels

Bhuvan Modi, A. Annamalai, O. Olabiyi and O.Odejide, Prairie View A & M University, USA

Message Routing in Wireless and Mobile Networks Using TDMA Technology
Timotheos Aslanidis and Leonidas Tsepenekas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Link-Level Performance Evaluation of Relay-Based Wimax Network
James D. Gadze, Griffith S. Klogo and Theophilus Anafo, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST),

An Advanced QOS Analysis and Evaluation Method for Mobile Internet Access
F. Beritelli1, C. Rametta1, A. Raspanti2, M. Russo3, F. Scaglione3 and G. Spallina2, 1University of Catania, Italy, 2Heli Lab, Italy
and 3Vicosystems, Italy

A Semi Blind Channel Estimation Method Based on Hybrid Neural Networks for Uplink LTE-A
Lassaad SMIRANI1,2,Jihane BOULAHIA2 and Ridha BOUALLEGUE1, 1University of Carthage,Tunisia and 2Umm Al-Qura
University, KSA

Modified LLL Algorithm with Shifted Start Column for Complexity Reduction
Nizar OUNI1,2 and Ridha BOUALLEGUE2, 1National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia and 2SUP’COM, InnovCom laboratory,

April 2016, Volume 8, Number 2

Analyse Performance of Fractional Fourier Transform on Timing and Carrier Frequency Offsets Estimation
Cherif Rezgui, National School of Engineers of Tunis (ENIT), Tunisia

Effective Road Model for Congestion Control in VANETS
Dongre Manoj M1 and Bawane Narendra G2, 1Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, India and 2S.B.Jain Institute of
Management & Technology, India

February 2016, Volume 8, Number 1

A Cognitive Radio Scheme for Dynamic Resource Allocation Based on QOE
Jamal Raiyn, Al-Qasemi Academic College, Israel

Device-To-Device (D2D) Communication Under LTE-Advanced Networks
Magri Hicham1, Noreddine Abghour2 and Mohammed Ouzzif1, 1Hassan II University, Morocco and 2Hassan II University,

Behaviour of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Investigated for Emergency and Rescue Situation in India
S.Sivagurunathan and K.Prathapchandran, Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed University, India

Selection of Spectrum Sensing Method to Enhance Qos in Cognitive Radio Networks
Nabil Giweli, Seyed Shahrestani, Hon Cheung,Western Sydney University, Australia