Volume 9

December 2017, Volume 9, Number 6

Riverbed Based Network Modeling for Multi Beam Concurrent Transmissions
Ji Qi1, Xin Li1, Shivam Garg2, Fei Hu1, Sunil Kumar2, 1University of Alabama, USA and 2San Diego State University, USA

Proposing Web Based Emergency Application ( Case Study in Egypt )
Nermin Khalifa, Marwa Abd Elghany and Nermine Essawi, College of Management & Technology, Egypt

A Dynamic Addressing Protocol on Code Messages for an Underwater Wireless Half Duplex Networks of Autonomous Sensors
Alexander Dikarev, Stanislav Dmitriev, Vitaliy Kubkin and Arthur Abelentsev, Underwater Communication and Navigation Laboratory, Russia

Certificateless Scheme Based NTRU Cryptosystem for Ad-Hoc UWB-IR Network
Jamel Miri, Bechir Nsiri and Ridha Bouallegue, Innov'Com Laboratory, Tunisia

Performance Evaluation of Selected E2E TCP Congestion Control Mechanism Over 4G Networks
Mohanad Al-Hasanat, Abduallah Al-Hasanat, Saud Althunibat and Ali AlSbou, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

October 2017, Volume 9, Number 5

Specification Based Testing of on Android Systems
Yujian Fu and Wichien Choosilp, Alabama A&M University, USA

Fariness Access in the IEEE 802.11P- Based Dual- Radio/Single-Radio Vehicular Networks
Guilu Wu and Pingping Xu, Southeast University, China

Multi-Antenna Localization Method
John R Rankin, Federation University, Australia

Analysis of the Saturation Throughput in an IEEE 802.11 Network Using Cognitive Radio
Jun Peng, University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, USA

Performance Analysis of Carrier Aggregation for Various Mobile Network Implementations Scenario Based on Spectrum

Liston Kiwoli1, Anael Sam1 and Emmanuel Manasseh2, 1The Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, Tanzania and 2Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, Tanzania

Performance Analysis of Local Anchor Based 5G Hetnets Using Stochastic Geometry
Eren Balevi and Richard D. Gitlin , University of South Florida, USA

Virtual Architecture and Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for 3D Wireless Sensor Networks
Vianney Kengne Tchendji1,Jean Frederic Myoupo2, Pauline Laure Fotso3 and Ulrich Kenfack Zeukeng1, 1University of Dschang, Cameroon, 2University of Picardie Jules Verne, France and 3University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon

August 2017, Volume 9, Number 4

Classification of Scenarios with a Human-Wearable-Environment by the kind of Interaction and Reaction of the Smart

Kristof Friess and H.C. Volker Herwig, University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany

Performance of Fading Channels on Asynchronous OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks
Sonia BEN AISSA, Moez HIZEM and Ridha BOUALLEGUE, SUP’COM, Innovcom Laboratory, Tunisia

Source Signal Strength Independent Localization
John R Rankin, Federation University, Australia

Modelling and Performance Analysis for Video on Demand Prior Storing Server
Tony Tsang and Ho Fong Fun, Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong

A Cluster Based Routing Algorithm Minimizing Energy Consumption in WSN
Alaa Aadri and Najlae Idrissi, University of Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco

June 2017, Volume 9, Number 3

Comparison Between Divergence Measures for Anomaly Detection of Mobile Agents in IP Networks
Jean Tajer, Mo Adda and Benjamin Aziz, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

On the Design of an Energy Efficient Data Collection Scheme for Body Area Nano Networks
Bo Liu1, 2, Jia Liu3, Zhenqiang Wu2 and Xiaohong Jiang1, 1Future University Hakodate, Japan, 2Shaanxi Normal University, China and 3National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Optimal Data Collection for a 2-Level Balanced WSN
John R Rankin, Charles Sturt University Study Group Melbourne, Australia

Multi Metric Performance for OLSR Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Abdelkabir Sahnoun, Jamal El Abbadi and AhmedHabbani, Mohammed V University, Morocco

Channel Maximization in Wireless Backhaul Based HETNETs
Mostafa Hefnawi, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada

New Access Technique in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Abdel-Mehsen Ahmad, Zouhair Bazzal and Rola Sabra, Lebanese International University, Lebanon

Comparison of Some Inter-Cell Interference Models for Cellualar Networks
Olav N. Østerbø and Ole Grøndalen, Telenor Research, Norway

April 2017, Volume 9, Number 2

New Technology for Machine to Machine Communication in Softnet Towards 5G
Rakshith K and Mahesh Rao, Maharaja Institute of Technology, India

February 2017, Volume 9, Number 1

On Demand Channel Assignment Method for Channel Diversity (ODCAM)
Sidi Ould CHEIKH, Nouackchott University, Mauritania

Network Performance Enhancement with Optimization Sensor Placement in Wireless Sensor Network
Gholamreza Farahani, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Iran

A Study on Quantitative Parameters of Spectrum Handoff in Cognitive Radio Networks
J.Josephine Dhivya and Ramaswami Murugesh, Madurai Kamaraj University, India