Current Issue

December 2022, Volume 14, Number 6

Geocast Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey
Ritesh Yaduwanshi, Reena Kasana and Sushil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Laboratory Analysis on the Performance of 5G NSA Communication in a Suburban Scenario
Bruno S. da Silva and Iury da S. Batalha, Sidia Institute of Science and Technology, Brazil

October 2022, Volume 14, Number 5

Signal Detection in MIMO Communications System with Non-Gaussian Noises based on Deep Learning
and Maximum Correntropy Criterion

Mohammad Reza pourmir, Reza Monsefi and Ghosheh Abed Hodtani, Computer Department, Engineering Faculty Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Iran

August 2022, Volume 14, Number 4

QoS-based Packet Scheduling Algorithms for Heterogeneous LTE-Advanced Networks: Concepts and a Literature Survey
Najem N. Sirhan, Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA

Transmission Power and Quality of Service In MANET Routing Protocols
Ratna R. Sarkar and Mohammad Zahidur Rahman, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh

Prototyping a Serial Number based Authentication Model for a Computer in a Wireless Local Area Network
John C. Chebor, Simon M. Karume, Nelson B. Masese and Andrew Kipkebut, Kabarak University, Kenya

Radio Resource Management for Eicic, Comp, Relaying and Back-hauls Techniques in LTE-advanced Networks: Concepts
and a Literature Survey

Najem N. Sirhan and Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA

A Modified IEEE 802.15.6 Mac Scheme to Enhance Performance of Wireless Body Area Networks in E-Health Applications
Md. Abubakar Siddik, Most. Anju Ara Hasi, Jakia Akter Nitu, Sumonto Sarker, Nasrin Sultana and Emarn Ali,
Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh

June 2022, Volume 14, Number 3

Investigating Wireless and Internet of Things Technologies Security Threats and Attacks
Mathieu K. Kourouma, Ratana P. Warren, Deidra S. Atkins-Ball, Lynette Jackson, Nigel Gwee, Sudhir K. Trivedi, and Tania Breaux, Southern University and A&M College, USA

The Dynamics of the Ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) and Trailblazing Data Mining (DM)
Bongs Lainjo, Cybermatic International, Canada

KPI Deployment for Enhanced Rice Production in a Geo-Location Environment using a Wireless Sensor Network
Oyibo Uchechukwu Moses and Nosiri Onyebuchi Chikezie, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

State-of-the-Art Strategies and Research Challenges in Wireless Communication for Building Smart Systems
Mitrabinda Khuntia1, Satya Ranjan Das1, Koushik Sinha2 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India 2Southern Illinois University, USA

Energy Efficient Optimum Sampling Rate for Analogue Signals with Extremely Wide Bandwidth using Compressive Sensing
Sylvester Ajah, Ifenyiwa, E. Achumba, Nkwachukwu Chukwuchekwa, Nosiri Onyebuchi, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Nigeria

April 2022, Volume 14, Number 2

LTE Cellular Networks Packet Scheduling Algorithms in Downlink and Uplink Transmission: A Survey
Najem N. Sirhan and Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA

A Novel Spatio-Temporal Data Redundancy Elimination Approach for RFID Systems with Multiple Readers
Lucy Dash1, Sayan Sen Sarma2, Koushik Sinha3 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India, 2University of Calcutta, India, 3Southern Illinois University, USA

Vehicle Collision Detection & Prevention using VANET Based IoT With V2V
Shafin Talukder, SK. Tasnim Bari Ira, Aseya Khanom, Prantika Biswas Sneha and Wardah Saleh, American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB), Bangladesh

RANSlicing: Towards Multi-Tenancy in 5G Radio Access Networks
Wardah Saleh and Shahrin Chowdhury, American International University, Bangladesh

February 2022, Volume 14, Number 1

A Proactive Greedy Routing Protocol Precludes Sink-Hole Formation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mayada S. A. Mustafa1, Borhanuddin M Ali2, MFA Rasid 2, Shaiful J. Hashim2, I. A. Saeed3, 1Future University, Sudan, 2Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 3Prince Sattam Bin Abdalaziz University, Saudia Arabia