Current Issue

September 2023, Volume 14, Number 3

The Future of Dining Out: The Implications of Food Service Employment Trends on the Restaurant Industry
David C. Wyld and Juliana White, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA

June 2023, Volume 14, Number 2

Overview of Smart Logistics and Blockchain Technologies
AbdulrahmanAlseqyani1, Abdullah Almutairi1 and Mohammed Albogami2, 1Zulfi Technical College, Saudi Arabia,
2Turbah Technical College, Saudi Arabia

Tribal Entrepreneurship, in Forested Hinterland of Jharkhand. A Solution for Lwe Region
H.S Gupta, Institute Of Forest Productivity, India

March 2023, Volume 14, Number 1

Value Chain Analysis of Tomato: A Case Study in Anis District - Dhamar Governorate, Yemen
Amira Qassem, Sana’a University, Republic of Yemen

Blockchain Technology Adoption Effect Onknowledge Management State of the Art Survey
Alshawy Rawan1 and Alrwais Omer2, 1Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia, 2King Saud University, Saudi Arabia