December 2010, Volume 2, Number 6

Manipulating Multistage Interconnection Networks Using Fundamental Arrangements [ pdf ]
E. Gur1 and Z. Zalevsky2, 1Shenkar College of Eng. & Design, Israel and 2Bar Ilan University, Isreal
Inheritance Metrics for Object-Oriented Design [ pdf ]
Kumar Rajnish, Arbind Kumar Choudhary and Anand Mohan Agrawal, BITIC - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Comparison of Class Inheritance and Interface Usage in Object Oriented Programming through Complexity Measures [ pdf ]
V. Krishnapriya1 and K. Ramar2, 1Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science for Women, India and 2Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology, India
Adaptive Block Pinning Based: Dynamic Cache Partitioning for Multi-core Architectures [ pdf ]
Nitin Chaturvedi, Jithin Thomas and S Gurunarayanan, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
Use of Smart Antennas In Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Mohammed Ali Hussain1, P.Suresh Varma2, K. Satya Rajesh3, Hussain Basha Pathan3 and Leela Madhav Sarraju4 1Sri Sai Madhavi Institute of Science & Technology, India, 2Adikavi Nannaya University, 3Rayalaseema University, India and 4Dravidian University, India
A Novel Embedded Statistical Scheduler for Realising High System-QoS [ pdf ]
Suman Paul, A. K. Jana and M. K. Pandit, Haldia Institute of Technology (HIT), India
Security Enhencement & Solution for Authentication Frame work in IEEE 802.16 [ pdf ]
A.K.M. Nazmus Sakib, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh
Security In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Key Management Schemes [ pdf ]
Soundarya.P and Varalakshmi .L.M, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, India
Pattern Recognition Using Neural Networks [ pdf ]
Santaji Ghorpade, Jayshree Ghorpade and Shamla Mantri, Pune University, India
Dynamic Scheduling of Skippable Periodic Tasks With Energy Efficiency In Weakly Hard Real-Time System [ pdf ]
Santhi Baskaran and P. Thambidurai, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
Some Observations On Open Source Software Development On Software Engineering Perspectives [ pdf ]
Vinay Tiwari, R.D. University - Jabalpur, India
Data Mining Algorithms And Medical Sciences [ pdf ]
Irshad Ullah, City university of Science and information Technology, Pakistan
Network Intrusion Detection System Based On Machine Learning Algorithms [ pdf ]
Vipin Das, Vijaya Pathak, Sattvik Sharma, Sreevathsan, MVVNS.Srikanth, Gireesh Kumar T, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India
Segmentation And Object Recognition Using Edge Detection Techniques [ pdf ]
Y.Ramadevi, T.Sridevi, B.Poornima and B.Kalyani, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, India
Automatic Induction of Rule Based Text Categorization [ pdf ]
D.Maghesh Kumar, AVC Polytechnic College, India

October 2010, Volume 2, Number 5

Performance Analysis of Multimedia Compression Algorithms [ pdf ]
Eman Abdelfattah and Asif Mohiuddin, University of Bridgeport, USA
Ontology-Based Quality Attributes Prediction in Component-Based Development [ pdf ]
Chengpu Li1, Rob Pooley2 and Xiaodong Liu1, 1Edinburgh Napier University, UK and 2Heriot-Watt University, UK
Performance Analysis of Contention Window Cheating Misbehaviors in Mobile Adhoc Networks [ pdf ]
R. Kalaiarasi, Getsy S. Sara, S. Neelavathy Pari and D. Sridharan, Anna university - Chennai, India
A New Email Retrivel Ranking Approach [ pdf ]
Samir AbdelRahman1, Basma Hassan2 and Reem Bahgat1, 1Cairo University, Egypt and 2Fayoum University, Egypt
Design and Evaluation of XACML Conflict Policies Detection Mechanism [ pdf ]
Kamalbir Singh and Sarbjeet Singh, Panjab University, India
Potential Security Attacks on Wireless Networks and their Countermeasure [ pdf ]
Sreedhar. C1, S. Madhusudhana Verma2 and N. Kasiviswanath1, 1G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, India and 2Rayalaseema University, India
A New DCT-Based Watermarking Method for Copyright Protection of Digital Audio [ pdf ]
Pranab Kumar Dhar, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan and Saif Ahmad, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh
A Multi -Perspective Evaluation of MA and GA for Collaborative Filtering Recommender System [ pdf ]
Hema Banati and Shikha Mehta, University of Delhi, India
Level Shifter Design for Low Power Applications [ pdf ]
Manoj Kumar1, Sandeep K. Arya1 and Sujata Pandey2, 1Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, India and 2Amity University, India
A Plant Documentation Information System Design [ pdf ]
Bing Wang1 and Ma Feicheng2, 1University of Hull, UK and 2Wuhan University, China
Energy Efficient Data Processing in Visual Sensor Network [ pdf ]
Harish. H. Kenchannavar1, Sushma. S. Kudtarkar2 and U. P. Kulkarni2, 1Gogte Institute of Technology, India and 2SDMCET, India
Identifying Bank Frauds Using CRISP-DM and Decision Trees [ pdf ]
Bruno Carneiro da Rocha1,2 and Rafael Timoteo de Sousa Junior2, 1Bank of Brazil, Brazil and 2University of Brasilia (UnB), Brazil
A Clustering Heuristic for Multiprocessor Environments Using Computation and Communication Loads of Modules [ pdf ]
Pramod Kumar Mishra1, Kamal Sheel Mishra2, and Abhishek Mishra1, 1Banaras Hindu University, India and 2School of Management Sciences, India
Soil Classification Using GATREE [ pdf ]
P.Bhargavi1 and S.Jyothi2, 1Madanapalli Institue of Tecnology and Science, India and 2Sri Padmavathi Mahila VisvaVidyalayam, India
A Performance Comparison Study of the Location Prediction Based Routing Protocol with Position Based Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA

August 2010, Volume 2, Number 4

An Empirical Study on the Procedure to Derive Software Quality Estimation Models [ pdf ]
Jie Xu1, Danny Ho2 and Luiz Fernando Capretz1, 1University of Western Ontario, Canada and 2NFA Estimation Inc., Canada
Diphone Speech Synthesis System for Arabic Using MARY TTS [ pdf ]
M. Z. Rashad, Hazem M. El-Bakry and Islam R. Isma'il, Mansoura University, Egypt
Discovering Potential User Browsing Behaviors Using Custom-Built Apriori Algorithm [ pdf ]
Sandeep Singh Rawat1 and Lakshmi Rajamani2, 1Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, India and 2Osmania University, India
Improvement in Delay of Information flow in Energy Efficiency Organization [ pdf ]
Elham Hasanzadeh and Reza Askari moghadam, Payam Noor University faculty of engineering, Iran
An Applied Study on Educational Use of Facebook as a Web 2.0 Tool: The Sample Lesson of Computer Networks and Communication [ pdf ]
Murat Kayri1 and Ozlem cakır2, 1Yuzuncu Yil University, Turkey and 2Ankara University, Turkey
Efficient Web Log Mining Using Enhanced Apriori Algorithm with Hash Tree and Fuzzy [ pdf ]
S.Veeramalai, N.Jaisankar and A.Kannan, Anna University - Chennai, India
M-Learning: A New Paradigm of Learning Mathematics in Malaysia [ pdf ]
Saipunidzam Mahamad, Mohammad Noor Ibrahim and Shakirah Mohd Taib, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia
Utilizing Diagnosing Problems in a Probabilistic Domain to Build Student Models [ pdf ]
Nabila Khodeir1, Nayer Wanas1,2, Nevin Darwish3 and Nadia Hegazy1, 1Electronics Research Institute, Egypt, 2Cairo Microsoft Innovation Lab, Egypt and 3Cairo University, Egypt
Clustering and Feature Specific Sentence Extraction Based Summarization of Multiple Documents [ pdf ]
A.Kogilavani and P.Balasubramani, Kongu Engineering College, India
Mining Target-Oriented Sequential Patterns With Time-Intervals [ pdf ]
Hao-En Chueh, Yuanpei University, Taiwan
A Survey of QOS Routing Protocols For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
G. Santhi and Alamelu Nachiappan, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
Spiking Neurons With ASNN Based-Methods for the Neural Block Cipher [ pdf ]
Saleh Ali K. Al-Omari and Putra Sumari, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
A Modified Structure for Feed Forward Active Noise Control Systems With Improved Performa [ pdf ]
P.Babu and A.Krishnan, K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, India
Clustering High Dimensional Data Using Subspace and Projected Clustering Algorithms [ pdf ]
Rahmat Widia Sembiring, Jasni Mohamad Zain and Abdullah Embong, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
A Generalized Hybrid Real-Coded Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Theory With Arithmetic Crossover [ pdf ]
Md. Amjad Hossain, Md. Kowsar Hossain and M.M.A Hashem, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh

June 2010, Volume 2, Number 3

Efficient Resource Matching in Heterogeneous Grid Using Resource Vector [ pdf ]
Srirangam V Addepallil1, Per Andersen1and George L Barnes2,1Texas Tech University - Texas, USA and 2 University of Oregon, USA
Low Power Shift and Add Multiplier Design [ pdf ]
C. N.Marimuthu1,P. Thangaraj2and Aswathy Ramesan1,1Maharaja Engineering College,India and 2Kongu Engineering College,India
Implementing and Evaluating A Wireless Body Sensor System For Automated Physiological Data Acquisition At Home [ pdf ]
Chao Chen and Carlos Pomalaza-Raez,Indiana University - Purdue University, USA
A Parsing Scheme for Finding the Design Pattern and Reducing the Development Cost of Reusable Object Oriented Software [ pdf ]
K. M. Azharul Hasan and Mohammad Sabbir Hasan, Khulna University Of Engineering and Technology(KUET), Bangladesh
Hybrid Scenario based Performance Analysis of DSDV and DSR [ pdf ]
Koushik Majumder 1 and Subir Kumar Sarkar2, 1West Bengal University of Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University, India
Interoperability, Trust Based Information Sharing Protocal and Security: Digital Government Key Issues [ pdf ]
Md.Headayetullah and G.K. Pradhan, SOAU - Bhubaneswar, India
An Algorithm To Self - Extract Secondary Keywords and Their Combinations Based On Abstracts Collcted Using Primary Keywords From Online Digital Libraries [ pdf ]
Natarajan Meghanathan, Nataliya Kostyuk, Raphael Isokpehi and Hari Cohly, Jackson State University, USA
A novel technique for image steganography based on Block-DCT and Huffman Encoding [ pdf ]
A.Nag1, S. Biswas2, D. Sarkar2 and P.P. Sarkar2, 1Academy of Technology - Hoogly, India and 2University of Kalyani, India
Biometric Authentication Using Nonparametric Methods [ pdf ]
S V Sheela and K R Radhika, B M S College of Engineering - Bangalore, India
Game Information System [ pdf ]
Spits Warnars, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
Survey on the Event Orderings Semantics Used for Distributed System [ pdf ]
Yaser Miaji Osman Gazali and Suhaidi Hassan, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Secret Sharing and Proactive Renewal of Shares in Hierarchical Groups [ pdf ]
Ruchira Naskar and Indranil Sengupta, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Genbit Compress Tool(GBC): A Java-Based Tool To Compress DNA Sequences and Compute Compression Ratio(BITS/BASE) Of Genomes [ pdf ]
P.RAJA RAJESWARI 1 and ALLAM APPARAO2 , 1Acharya Nagarjuna University, India and 2Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

April 2010, Volume 2, Number 2

Performance Model for a Conservative Distributed Simulation Environment Using Null Messages to Avoid Deadlock [ pdf ]
Hemen Patel1, Syed S. Rizvi1, Laiali Almazaydeh1 and Aasia Riasat2, 1University of Bridgeport, USA and 2Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
High Performance and Energy Efficient Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Mobile Computing System [ pdf ]
E. Ilavarasan and R. Manoharan, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
Identification of connection in spacecraft images and classifying them for Weather Monitoring [ pdf ]
Ramya S Gowda, Sikkim Manipal University, India
Phenol Degradation: Numerical Simulation in a Stirred Tank Electrochemical Reactor [ pdf ]
Regalado-Mendez Alejandro1, Peralta-Reyes Ever1 and Velazquez-Manzanares Miguel2, 1Universidad del Mar, Mexico and 2Universidad del Papaoloapan, Mexico
An Efficient Statistical Multiplexing Method for H.264 VBR Video Sources for Improved Traffic Smoothing [ pdf ]
T.Raghuveera and K.S.Easwarakumar , Anna University, India
Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Laiali Almazaydeh, Eman Abdelfattah, Manal Al-Bzoor, and Amer Al-Rahayfeh, University Of Bridgeport, USA
Improved Lossless Embedding and Extraction - A Data Hiding Mechanism [ pdf ]
T. Venkat Narayana Rao1, A.Govardhan2 and Syed Jahangir Badashah3, 1Tirumala Engineering College, 2Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and 3Sathyabama University, India
An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm in Parallel and Distributed Data Mining with XML Data for Improved Response Time [ pdf ]
Sujni Paul, Karunya University, India
CRM System Using PA-AKD Approach of D3M [ pdf ]
Ajay kumar1, A.Tejaswi2, Lakshmi Prasad Koyi3, G.Narasinga Rao4 and S.Srinivasa Rao Illapu5 , 1Dronacharya College of Engg, India, 2GITAM University, India, 3CMR Institute Of Technology, India, 4GMRIT, India and 5Chaitanya Engineering College, India
Enhanced-DSR: A New Approach to Improve Performance of DSR Algorithm [ pdf ]
Sharmin Sultana, Salma Begum, Nazma Tara and Ahsan Raja Chowdhury, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Wrapper Generator using Java Native Interface [ pdf ]
V.S.Vairale1 and K.N.Honwadkar2, 1AISSMS College of Engineering - Pune University, India and 2D.Y.Patil College of Engineering - Pune University, India
Memory Management Technique for Paging on Distributed Shared Memory Framework [ pdf ]
Bal Gopal1, Rizwan Beg1 and Pankaj Kumar2, 1Integral University, India and 2Sahara Arts & Management Academy, India
Ontology Based Model For The ITU-T Recommendation G.805: Towards The Self-Management Of Transport Networks [ pdf ]
Maxwell E. Monteiro, Anilton Salles Garcia, Pedro Paulo F. Barcelos, and Giancarlo Guizzardi, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

February 2010, Volume 2, Number 1

A Model for Semantic Integration of Business Components [ pdf ]
Larbi KZAZ1 , Hicham Elasri2 and Abderrahim.Sekkaki2, 1Groupe ISCAE, Morocco and 2University Hassan II Ain-chok, Morocco
Agent Based Trust Management in Distributed E-Business Environment [ pdf ]
E.Sathiyamoorthy1, N.Ch.Sriman Narayana Iyenger1 and V.Ramachandran2, 1VIT University, India and 2Anna University,India.
Multi Dimensional CTL and Stratified Datalog [ pdf ]
Theodore Andronikos1 and Vassia Pavlaki2, 1Ionian University, Greece,2 and National Technical University of Athens, Greece
An Efficient Gait Recognition System For Human Identification Using Modified ICA [ pdf ]
M.Pushpa Rani1 and G.Arumugam2, 1Mother Teresa Womens University, India and 2Madurai Kamaraj University, India.
Cartographic Generalization (Selection) For 2D Map of Urban Area [ pdf ]
Jagdish Lal Raheja, Umesh Kumar and K.C. Saravanan, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI)/ Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India.
A BPT Application: Semi-automatic Image Retrieval Tool [ pdf ]
Shirin Ghanbari1, John C. Woods1, Simon M. Lucas1 and Hamid R. Rabiee2, 1University of Essex, United Kingdom and 2Sharif University of Technology, Iran.
Analyzing the P2P Traffic Using Probability Schemes [ pdf ]
M. Sadish Sendil1 and Dr. N. Nagarajan2, 1SNS College of Technology,India and 2Coimbatore Institute of Information and Engineering Technology,India
Low Power VLSI Design with Resistive Feedback Logic [ pdf ]
1C.Ashok Kumar, 2B.K.Madhavi and 3K.Lal Kishore, 1TRR Engineering College, India, 2SNIST, Hyderabad,India and 3JNTU college of Engineering,India.
Dynamic Probe Window Based Optimization for Surveillance in Home Security System [ pdf ]
Bhaskar Kapoor and Anamika Chhabra, MAIT,India.
Human Facial Expression Detection From Detected in Captured Image using Back Propagation Neural Network [ pdf ]
Jagdish Lal Raheja and Umesh Kumar Digital Systems Group, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI)/ Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR),India.
Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Using Gabor Filter, Log Gabor filter and Discrete Wavelet Transform [ pdf ]
D Murugan1, S Arumugam2, K Rajalakshmi3 and Manish T I1,1Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India , 2Nandha College of Engineering & Technology, India and 3Francis Xavier Engineering College, India.
A Mobility-Based CheckPointing Protocol for Mobile Computing System [ pdf ]
Suparna Biswas1 and Sarmistha Neogy2, 1West Bengal University of Technology, India and 2 Jadavpur University, India.