November 2010, Volume 2, Number 4

Turbo Detection in Rayleigh flat fading channel with unknown statistics [ pdf ]
Mohamed Lassaad AMMARI1, Paul Fortier2 and Huu Tue Huynh2, 17th November University at Carthage, Tunisia and 2Laval University, Canada
Performance Comparison Of Link, Node and Zone Disjoint Multi-Path Routing Strategies and Minimum Hop Single Path Routing For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA
Adapting Mac 802.11 For Performance Optmization Of Manet Using Cross Layer Interaction [ pdf ]
Gaurav Bhatia and Vivek Kumar, Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalya, India
Improving QoS-based Routing by Limiting Interference in Lossy Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Shuang Li1, Alvin Lim2 and Cong Liu3, 1The Ohio State University, USA, 2Auburn, Alabama, USA and 3The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
A Tunnel Compress Scheme for Multi-Tunneling in PMIPv6-based Nested NEMO [ pdf ]
Min-Soo Woo1, Hyo-Beom Lee1, Youn-Hee Han2 and Sung-Gi Min1, 1Korea University, South Korea and 2Korea University of Technology and Education, South Korea
A New Combination Approach To Secure MANETS Against Attacks [ pdf ]
G.S. Mamatha1 and S.C. Sharma2, 1R.V. College of Engineering, India and 2Tumkur University, India
VOIP Performance Over Broadband Wireless Networks Under Static and Mobile Environments [ pdf ]
Anindita Kundu, Iti Saha Misra, Salil K. Sanyal and Suman Bhunia, Jadavpur University, India
Energy Efficient Military Mobile Base Station Placement [ pdf ]
Thabet Mismar, Khaled Elleithy and Saikat Ray, University of Bridgeport, USA
Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network [ pdf ]
Getsy S Sara, Kalaiarasi.R, Neelavathy Pari.S and Sridharan.D, Anna University - Chennai, India
Performance Evaluation of TCP with Adaptive Pacing and LRED in Multihop Wireless Networks [ pdf ]
G. Sankara Malliga1 and Dharmishtan K Varughese2, 1RVS College of Enginnering & Technology, India and 2karpagam College of Engineering, India
Channel Estimation and Multiuser Detection in Asynchronous Satellite Communications [ pdf ]
Helmi Chaouech1,2and Ridha Bouallegue1,2, 1University 7th November at Carthage, Tunisia and 2National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia
Performance Evaluation of Different Network Topologies Based On Ant Colony Optimization [ pdf ]
Saiteja Perumbuduru and Joydip Dhar, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Gwalior, India
ADHOCFTSIM: A Simulator of Fault Tolerence In the AD-HOC Networks [ pdf ]
Ghalem Belalem, Ali Cherif Brakeche, Abderahmann Benaissa and Esma Insaf Djebbar, University of Oran, Algeria
Horizontal and Vertical Zone Based Location Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
M. Bala Krishna1 and M.N. Doja2, 1G G S Indraprastha University, India and 2Jamia Millia Islamia, India
A self-managing fault management mechanism for wireless sensor networks [ pdf ]
Muhammad Asim, Hala Mokhtar and Madjid Merabti, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

August 2010, Volume 2, Number 3

Network Evolution and QOS Provisioning For Integrated Femtocell/Macrocell Networks [ pdf ]
Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury1, Yeong Min Jang2 and Zygmunt J. Haas3, 1,2Kookmin University, Korea and 3Cornell University, USA
ACDMCP:An Adaptive and Completely Distributed Multi-Hop Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Khalid Nawaz and Alejandro P. Buchmann, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
Browser Games for Online Communities [ pdf ]
Juha-Matti Vanhatupa, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Energy Efficient Homogenous Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Shio Kumar Singh 1, M P Singh 2 and D K Singh 3, 1Tata Steel Limited, India, 2National Institute of Technology, India and 3Birsa Institute of Technology, India
Parameterized Affect of Transmission-Range on Lost of Network Connectivity (LNC) of Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Amer A. Al-Rahayfeh, Muder M. Almi'ani and Abdelshakour A. Abuzneid, University Of Bridgeport, USA
Analyzing the Performance of Probabilistic Algorithm in Noisy MANETs [ pdf ]
Hussein Al-Bahadili and Khalid Kaabneh, The Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences, Jordan
Using Fuzzy Logic in Hybrid Multihop Wireless Networks [ pdf ]
A.J. Yuste1, Alicia Trivino2, F.D. Trujillo2 and E. Casilari2, 1Jaen University, Spain and 2Malaga University, Spain
Algorithm Driven System Selection with Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio in Mobile Devices [ pdf ]
Preetida Vinayakray Jani, MPSTME-NMIMS, India
Throughput Improvement of Mobile Multi-Hop Wireless Networks [ pdf ]
Barbaros Preveze1 and Aysel Şafak2, 1Cankaya University, Turkey and 2Başkent University, Turkey
Characterization of User-Perceived Quality of Service (QOS) in Mobile Devices Using Network Pairwise Comparisons [ pdf ]
Carlos E. Otero1, Ivica Kostanic2, Luis D. Otero2 and Scott L. Meredith2, 1University of Virginia's College at Wise, USA and 2Florida Institute of Technology, USA
Channel estimation for LTE Uplink system by Perceptron neural network [ pdf ]
A. Omri1, R. Bouallegue2, R. Hamila1 and M. Hasna1, 1Qatar University and 2Laboratory 6'Tel @ Higher School of Telecommunication of Tunis
E2XLRADR ( Energy Efficient Cross Layer Routing Algorithm with Dynamic Retransmission for Wireless Sensor Networks ) [ pdf ]
Kanojia Sindhuben Babulal and Rajiv Ranjan Tewari, University of Allahabad, India
Routeless Routing Protocols Over MASNETs: More Energy Saving Approaches [ pdf ]
Mohammad AlOtaibi and Hamdy Soliman, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA
Cooperative MIMO Transmissions in WSN Using Threshold Based MAC Protocol [ pdf ]
J. Vidhya1 and P. Dananjayan2, 1Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Pondicherry Engineering College, India
EVM as Generic QOS Trigger for Heterogeneous Wireless Overlay Networks [ pdf ]
Rajender Kumar and Brahmjit Singh, NIT - Kurukshetra, India

May 2010, Volume 2, Number 2

Advanced Radio Resource Management for Multi Antenna Packet Radio Systems [ pdf ]
Stanislav Nonchev and Mikko Valkama, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
A Lightweight and Attack Resistant Authenticated Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks [ pdf ]
M.Rajesh Babu1, S.Selvan2, 1PSG College of Technology, India and 2Francis Xavier Engineering College, India
A Wireless Sensor Network Air Pollution Monitoring System [ pdf ]
Kavi K. Khedo, Rajiv Perseedoss and Avinash Mungur, University of Mauritius, Mauritius
Energy and Link Quality Based Routing for Data Gathering Tree in Wireless Sensor Networks Under TINYOS - 2.X [ pdf ]
A. Sivagami1, K. Pavai1, D. Sridharan1 and S.A.V. Satya Murty2, 1Anna University - Chennai, India and 2Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India
Adaptive and Secure Routing Protocol for Emergency Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Emmanouil A. Panaousis, Tipu A. Ramrekha, Grant P. Millar and Christos Politis, Kingston University London, United Kingdom
Selfish Avoidance Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network [ pdf ]
T.V.P.Sundararajan and A.Shanmugam, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, India
Implementation of NEWPRED and UEP for Video Quality Improvements for MPEG-4 Over Simulated UMTS Channel Propagation Environments [ pdf ]
Bhumin H. Pathak1, Geoff Childs2 and Maaruf Ali2, 1Airvana Inc - Chelmsford, USA and 2School of Technology at Oxford Brooks University, UK
Impact of Mobility on the Performance of Multicast Routing Protocols in MANET [ pdf ]
R. Manoharan, E. Ilavarasan, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
Adaptation of ASTC in a Correlated Rayleigh Frequency-Selective Fading Channels in OFDM systems with PAPR Reduction [ pdf ]
Ahmed BANNOUR1, Mohamed Lassaad AMMARI2 and Ridha BOUALLEGUE3, 1High Institute of Computer Science - Mahdia, Tunisia, 2Ecole Nationale dIngenieurs de Sousse, Tunisia and 3Higher engineering school of Tunis
Constructing Path Efficient and Energy Aware Virtual Multicast Backbones in Static Ad Hoc Wireless Networks [ pdf ]
Tamaghna Acharya1, Samiran Chattopadhyay2 and Rajarshi Roy3, 1BESU, India, 2Jadavpur University, India and 3Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, India
Probabilistic verification and evaluation of Backoff procedure of the WSN ECo-MAC protocol [ pdf ]
Hafedh ZAYANI1 and Kamel BARKAOUI2 and Rahma BEN AYED1, 1National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT), Tunisia and 2CNAM - CEDRIC, France
A Real Time Optimistic Strategy to achieve Concurrency Control in Mobile Environments Using On-demand Multicasting [ pdf ]
Salman Abdul Moiz1 and Lakshmi Rajamani2, 1Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India and 2Osmania University, India
Energy Efficient Global Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Vinod Namboodiri and Suresh Ramamoorthy, Wichita State University, U.S.A

February 2010, Volume 2, Number 1

Efficient Decision Handoff Mechanism for Heterogeneous Networks [ pdf ]
A. Dvir, R. Giladi, I.Kitroser and M. Segal, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
A Power Efficient Back-off Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
S. Mehta and K.S. Kwak , Inha University, Korea
A simple Method to Calculate the Error Probability of Multiuser Multi-Antenna receivers over Frequency Rayleigh Channel [ pdf ]
Rim Haddad and Ridha Bouallegue,Tel in High School of Communication of Tunis, Tunisia
Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11 MAC layer in supporting delay sensitive services [ pdf ]
Jyotsna Sengupta1 and Er. Gurpreet Singh Grewal2, 1Punjabi University,India and 2GNDEC, India
Multi-paths Routing with Load Balancing for Internet Access in Wireless Mesh Networks [ pdf ]
Vinh Dien HOANG1, Maode MA2, Hiroshi HARADA1, 1National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Singapore and 2Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Energy Constraint Node Cache Based Routing Protocol For Adhoc Network [ pdf ]
Dhiraj Nitnaware and Ajay Verma, Institute of Engineering & Technology,India.
Design and Development of Magical Mobile Updater for Automatic Information Synchronization [ pdf ]
Ximei Liao and Hao Shi, Victoria University, Australia
Cluster-based and cellular approach to fault detection and recovery in wireless sensor network [ pdf ]
Abolfazl Akbari1 , Neda Beikmahdavi2 and Bahman Shahamat Naderi3, 1,2Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Iran and 3Khatam University, Iran.
Efficient Multi-Path Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks [ pdf ]
Shuang Li1, Raghu Kisore Neelisetti2, Cong Liu3, and Alvin Lim2 , 1The Ohio State University, USA, 2University of Auburn, USA and 3The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.
Channel Allocation and Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks: A survey and qualitative comparison between schemes [ pdf ]
F. Kaabi1, S. Ghannay2, and F. Filali1,1Eurecom,France and 2National School of Computer Sciences, Tunisia
Interference Tolerant Multiuser OFDMA for Femto Cells [ pdf ]
Hadi Alasti, University of North Carolina at Charlotte,USA
Enhanced Antenna Position Implementation Over Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VNET) In 3D Space [ pdf ]
Soumen Kanrar and Mohammad Siraj, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Shared Information Based Security Solution for Mobile Ad hoc Networks [ pdf ]
Shailender Gupta and Chander Kumar, YMCA Institute of Engineering, India