Volume 14

October 2023, Volume 14, Number 4/5

Omni-Modeler: Rapid Adaptive Visual Recognition with Dynamic Learning
Michael Karnes and Alper Yilmaz, The Ohio State University, US

June 2023, Volume 14, Number 2/3

Spectral Estimate for Stable Signals with P-Adic Time and Optimal Selection of Smoothing Parameter
Rachid SABRE1 and Walid HORRIGUE2, 1University of Burgundy/ Institut Agro, France, 2Univ. Bourgogne
FrancheComté, France

Enhancing Non-native Accent Recognition Through a Combination of Speaker Embeddings, Prosodic and Vocal
Speech Features

Anup Bera and Aanchal Agarwal, Accenture, India

February 2023, Volume 14, Number 1

Patch-Based Image Learned Codec using Overlapping
Marwa Tarchouli1,2, Marc Riviere1, Thomas Guionnet1, Wassim Hamidouche2, Meriem Outtas2, and Olivier Deforges2,
1Ateme, France, 2Univ. Rennes, France

Evaluating the Accuracy of a Linear Regression Model in Predicting the Dissolution of Tablets Based on Raman Maps
Gábor Knyihár, Kristóf Csorba and Hassan Charaf, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, Hungary