Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 4, Number 11, November 2014

Third International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies & Applications (ICAITA-2014) November 7~8,
Dubai, UAE
Volume Editors: David C. Wyld, Jan Zizka
ISBN: 978-1-921987-17-5                                                                                                                             Download full Proceedings

An Immune Agents System for Network Intrusions Detection 
Noria Benyettou1, Abdelkader Benyettou1 and Vincent Rodin2, 1University of Science and Technology of Oran
Mohamed Boudiaf (USTOMB), Algeria and 2European University of Brittany, France

An Investigation on Switching Behaviours of Vector Controlled Induction Motors 
Yilmaz Korkmaz1, Ismail Topaloglu2, Hayati Mamur2 and Fatih Korkmaz2, 1Gazi University, Turkey and
2Cankiri Karatekin University, Turkey

Performance Analysis of the Recent Role of OMSA Approaches in Online Social Networks 
J. Ashok Kumar1, S. Abirami1 and S. Murugappan2, 1Anna University, India and 2Tamil Nadu Open University,

Optimal Buffer Allocation in Tandem Closed Queing Network with Multi Servers Using PSO 
K.L.Narasimhamu1, V.Venugopal Reddy2 and C.S.P.Rao3, 1AITS, India, 2JNTUCE, India and 3NIT-Warangal, India

An Improved Teaching-Learning Based Optimization Approach for Fuzzy Clustering 
Parastou Shahsamandi E. and Soheil Sadi-nezhad, Islamic Azad University, Iran

A Modified Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for MultiObjective Flexible Jobe Shop Scheduling Problems 
Souad Mekni and Besma Chaar Fayech, National School of Engineering of Tunis, Tunisia

Iranian Cashes Recognition Using Mobile 
Ismail Nojavani, Amir Hassan Monadjemi and Azade Rezaeezade, Isfahan University, Iran

Qubit Data Structures for Analyzing Computing Systems 
Vladimir Hahanov1, Wajeb Gharibi2, Svetlana Chumachenko1 and Eugenia Litvinova1, 1Kharkov National
University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine and 2Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Arabic Tweets Categorization Based on Rough Set Theory 
Mohammed Bekkali and Abdelmonaime Lachkar, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA), Morocco

Variable Length Key Based Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image 
Akhil Anjikar, Prashant Dahiwale and Suchita Tarare, Rajiv Gandhi college of Engineering & Research, India

A Boolean Modeling for Improving the Algorithm Apriori 
Abdelhak Mansoul1 and Baghdad Atmani2, 1University of Skikda, Algeria and 2University of Oran ES-Senia,

Combining Decision Trees and K-NN for Case-Based Planning 
Sofia Benbelkacem, Baghdad Atmani and Mohamed Benamina, University of Oran, Algeria

Competency Model for Information Systems' Specialization Track Utilizing RIASEC and Values Search Models 
Risty Moyo-Acerado, Lorena W. Rabago, and Bartolome T. Tanguilig, Technological Institute of
the Philippines, Philippines

Effects of GOP on Multiview Video Coding Over Error Prone Channels 
A.B Ibrahim and A.H Sadka, Brunel University, United Kingdom

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Model of AFM-Based NanoMachining 
Rapeepan Promyoo, Hazim El-Mounayri and Kody Varahramyan, Indiana University Purdue University
Indianapolis, USA

Factors Influencing Actual Use of Mobile Learning Connected with E-Learning 
Young Ju Joo1, Sunyoung Joung2,Eui Kyoung Shin1, Eugene Lim1 and Miran Choi1, 1Ewha Womans University,
South Korea and 2Kookmin University, South Korea

Distance's Quantification Algorithm in AODV Protocol 
Meryem Saadoune, Abdelmajid Hajami and Hakim Allali, Hassan 1st University, Morocco

Dual Band Semi Circular Disk Patch Antenna Loaded with L-Shaped Slot 
Amel Boufrioua, University Constantine 1, Algeria

Low Altitude Airships for Seamless Mobile Communication in Air Travel 
Madhu D1, Santhoshkumar M K1, Swarnalatha Srinivas2 and Narendra Kumar G1, 1Bangalore University, India
and 2Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

On the Modeling of Open Flowbased SDNS: The Single Node Case 
Kashif Mahmood1, Ameen Chilwan2, Olav N. sterb1 and Michael Jarschel3, 1Telenor Research, Norway,
2NTNU, Norway and 3Nokia, Germany

Enhancing an ATL Transformation with Traceability 
Laura Felice, Marcela Ridao, Maria Carmen Leonardi and Maria Virginia Mauco, INTIA, Argentina

Solution of Unsteady Rolling Motion of Spheres Equation in Inclined Tubes Filled with Incompressible
Newtonian Fluids by Differential Transformation Method
Y. Rostamiyan1, S.D.Farahani2 , M.R.Davoodabadi3, 1Islamic azad university, Iran, 2Tehran University, Iran
and 3Semnan University, Iran

PDD Crawler : A Focused Web Crawler Using Link and Content Analysis for Relevence Prediction 
Prashant Dahiwale1,2, M M Raghuwanshi1 and Latesh Malik2, 1RGCER, India and 2GHRCE, India

Policy Overlap Analysis to Avoid Policy Conflict in Policy-Based Management Systems 
Abdehamid Abdelhadi Mansor1,Wan Mohd Nasir Wan Kadir2 and Ahmed Mohammed Elsawi2,
1University of Khartoum, Sudan and 2University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Control of Linear Systems Using Dynamic Output Controllers 
Anna Filasova and Dusan Krokavec, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

On Observer Design Methods for a Class of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems 
Dusan Krokavec and Anna Filasova, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Cooperating Adaptive Devices Applied in General Game Playing 
Jose Maria Novaes dos Santos and Joao Jose Neto, Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil

Performance Evaluation of VANETS Routing Protocols 
Abduladhim Ashtaiwi1,Abdusadik Saoud2 and Ibrahim Almerhag1, 1University of Tripoli, Libya and
2Libyan Academy, Libya

Analog Signal Processing Solution for Image Alignment 
Nihar Athreyas1, Zhiguo Lai2, Jai Gupta2 and Dev Gupta2 1University of Massachusetts, USA and
2Newlans Inc., USA

SOC Nanobased Integrated Wireless Sensor System 
Penghua Sun, Maher Rizkalla and Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, USA

Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Detection of DVBT Signals in Gaussian and Fading Channels 
Ireyuwa Igbinosa1, Olutayo Oyerinde2 and Stanley Mneney1, 1University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
and 2University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Comparison of Filtering and Clustering Techniques in Diagnosis of Infants Retinopathy Risk 
Niousha Hormozi, Seyed Amirhassan Monadjemi and Gholamali Naderian, University of Isfahan, Iran