Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 5, Number 2, January 2015

Fifth International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (CCSEA-2015) Dubai, UAE, January 23 ~ 24 - 2015
Volume Editors: Dhinaharan Nagamalai and Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan
ISBN: 978-1-921987-26-7                                                                                                                             Download full Proceedings

A Framework for Plagiarism Detection in Arabic Documents 
Imtiaz Hussain Khan, Muazzam Ahmed Siddiqui, Kamal Mansoor Jambi and Abobakr Ahmed Bagais,
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

A Web Content Analytics Architecture for Malicious JavaScript Detection 
JongHun Jung, Chae-tae Im, Soojin Yoon, hcbae, Korea Internet & Security Agency, Korea

Semantic Extraction of Arabic Multiword Expressions 
Samah Meghawry, Abeer Elkorany, Akram Salah and Tarek Elghazaly, Cairo University, Egypt

Analysis of Computational Complexity for HT-Based Fingerprint Alignment Algorithms on Java Card Environment 
Cynthia S. Mlambo1, Meshack B. Shabalala1 and Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo1,2, 1Council for Scientific and
Industrial Research, South Africa and 2University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Multiple User Interfaces and Crossplatform User Experience : Theoretical Foundations 
Khalid Majrashi, Margaret Hamilton and Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd, RMIT University, Australia

Quality Assessment for Online IRIS Images 
Sisanda Makinana, Tendani Malumedzha and Fulufhelo V Nelwamondo, CSIR, South Africa

Application of Rhetorical Relations Between Sentences to Cluster-Based Text Summarization 
N. Adilah Hanin Zahri1, Fumiyo Fukumoto2, Matsyoshi Suguru2 and Ong Bi Lynn1, 1University of Malaysia Perlis,
Malaysia and 2University of Yamanashi, Japan

An Empirical Evaluation of Cryptool in Teaching Computer Security 
Mabroka Maeref and Fatma Algali, Sebha University, Libya

Enterprise Data Protection : Meeting Requirements with Efficient and Cost Effective Methods 
Khaled Aldossari, EXPEC Computer Center, Saudi Arabia

E-Education with Facebook - A Social Network Service 
Mohammad Derawi, Gjovik University College, Norway

A New Hybrid Metric for Verifying Parallel Corpora of Arabic English 
Saad Alkahtani, Wei Liu and William J. Teahan, Bangor University, United Kingdom

Intra-Cluster Routing with Backup Path in Sensor Networks 
Turki Abdullah1, Hyeoncheol Zin1, Mary Wu2 and ChongGun Kim1, 1Yeungnam University, Korea and 2Yongnam
Theological University and Seminary, Korea

Recognizing Named Entities in Turkish Tweets 
Beyza Eken and A. Cuneyd Tantug, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Developing a Framework for Prediction of Human Performance Capability Using Ensemble Techniques 
Gaurav Singh Thakur1 and Anubhav Gupta2, 1Cisco Systems, India and 2Common Floor Technologies, India

Knowledge Management in Higher Education : Applicability of LKMC Model in Saudi Universities 
Farzana Shafique, Universityof Dammam, Saudi Arabia

An Approximate Possibilistic Graphical Model for Computing Optimistic Qualitative Decision 
BOUTOUHAMI Khaoula and KHELLAF Faiza, Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene,

Real Time Clustering of Time Series Using Triangular Potentials 
Aldo Pacchiano1 and Oliver J. Williams2, 1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States and 2Markham

A Novel Approach Based on Topic Modeling for Clone Group Mapping 
Ruixia Zhang, Liping Zhang, Huan Wang and Zhuo Chen, Inner Mongolia normal university, China