Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 5, Number 12, June 2015

Third International Conference of Advanced Computer Science & Information Technology (ACSIT 2015) June 13~14, 2015, Zurich, Switzerland
Volume Editors: Natarajan Meghanathan, Jan Zizka
ISBN: 978-1-921987-40-3                                                                                                                             Download full Proceedings

Efficient Failure Processing Architecture in Regular Expression Processor 
SangKyun Yun, Yonsei University, Korea

Time-Optimal Heuristic Algorithms for Finding Closest-Pair of Points in 2D and 3D 
Mashilamani Sambasivam, Texas A&M University, USA

Gradual-Randomized Model of Powered Roof Supports Working Cycle 
Marcin Michalak, University of Technology, Poland

Neural Networks with Technical Indicators Identify Best Timing to Invest in the Selected Stocks 
Asif Ullah Khan and Bhupesh Gour, TIT - Bhopal, India

Microwave Imaging of Multiple Dielectric Objects by FDTD and APSO 
Chung-Hsin Huang, Chien-Hung Chen, Jau-Je Wu and Dar-Sun Liu, Taipei College of Maritime Technology,
Taiwan, R.O.C.

Evaluating the Capability of New Distribution Centers Using Simulation Techniques 
Kingkan Puansurin and Jinli Cao, La Trobe University, Australia

Energy Efficient Hierarchical Cluster-Based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks 
Shideh Sadat Shirazi and Aboulfazl Torqi Haqiqat, Islamic Azad University, Iran